Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Here ya go, people. Enjoy… I guess.

notable timestamps:

  • 3:22 (Preparing an electrocution kill on the wrong target)
  • 6:05 (The first kill)
  • 9:30 (The taser that rolled too far)
  • 10:52 (Come one, come all, to see the unconscious target!)
  • 11:55 (Combat time)
  • 14:50 (Come one, come all, Part 2)
  • 15:45 (Come one, come all, Part 3)
  • 17:12 (Come one, come all, Parts 5, 6 and 7)
  • 20:18 (Finally, a car battery)
  • 21:20 (the one that got away)


You mixed the cozy people in their quiet, idyllic place and celebrated the briefcase. :smiley:
Until then, I often laughed. But when you searched so desperately for the car battery, I became very restless, because I wanted to call you when it was so close to grabbing. :sleepy: :joy:
Great that you have nevertheless held out so long, that was in view of the difficult situation already a mature performance! :+1:


I gotta do a better job with reading these things. I didn’t start in my suit. Killed 2 targets and thinking “yaaaaa, doing pretty good.” Then I notice the kill disguise is Suit. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@David47 since you said you put a lot of effort into it, I thought I’d try it out on a more serious side and did a real run. I like how the contract turned out.


Cool. Thanks.

I’ll watch your video the next time I grab a snack. :slight_smile:

lol. I found this funny, since you missed a special condition in the last contract, too. (Which I know you were referring to.) :smile:

Edit: I just saw your video of my contract. Excellently done. Obviously I never conceived that anyone would do it that way under this contest’s rules. I’m glad the contract was still interesting and challenging under regular conditions.


I finished just a little while ago. I had a lot of fun with it, even though it took me a while. I messed up with the Nurse so I had to spend some time figuring out an alternate method.

I have a video but it’s very long and in two pieces, so I’ll have to get around to uploading later


Here is the video


3.30 first unsuccessful attempt
8.30 first successful kill

9.40 Unsuccessful attempt on Lafayette begins here. I wanted to try to isolate him in the bathroom he goes to with Janus, but the area was too hot (and my plan wasn’t very good tbh). On top of that, I would have had to go looking for a car battery since I used my emp charge for my first kill.

16.23 had a connection issue I had to deal with

19.55 I decided to knock out Lafayette and try to drag him to a water source somewhere.

22.35 I thought there might be one in janus basement, but I was wrong.

23.30 I was spitballing here. Hoping I could electrocute him by getting him close enough to the sparks.

25.58 trying anything at this point

30.50 I finally figured out I could just drag him to the backyard for the kill, so I start clearing it out.

38.0 Second successful kill

40.5 Setting up a close exit

41.30 I’ve found my third target, but I’m realizing at this point that he’s probably not going to move.

43.30 Start luring him away. I’m hesitant because of the guy with binoculars.

45.0 Final kill (I love how he slid right in)

I’m glad I gave myself time to finish this one. It was a lot fun adapting to the mission and working around some of my mistakes


Whoa. That’s a lotta contract.


Thank you for playing and sharing your video. I’ll watch it later. I am very glad that you liked the contract. I wanted to make something more challenging this time :blush:


Here we are guys… i’m Back. I see a lot of new people in the competition here and i’m Very glad for this. I’ll upload a video for the contract soon even if I messed up all. I’m sorry to everyone for my disappearance but i’ve Had a very busy time at work and I haven’t had the time even for simply play the game. However I feel ever close to this forum :heart:


Oook here is the video of my run with all the best moments :joy: I think that here can be clearly seen that I haven’t touched the game for long time.


OK, I’m playing now. I just wasted my electrocution device. I’ve never really known how those things work because I never use them. lol

Is there another way to electrocute this guy or should I just go for the direct approach now?

Anybody? Diana? Report! :sweat_smile:


Yes, there is another way with a car battery, but you still have to find it. Good luck!


I followed the rules.

Nice contract, Akira. Very thought-provoking, and I liked the briefing. I’m curious about the supernatural statue. I wanted to go all Lara Croft and investigate that to figure out if it’s real or not, maybe fight a few ancient evil spirits in the old man’s basement. lol

Unfortunately, I messed up with the car battery. The guy didn’t pick it up (I guess they don’t?), so I threw it at his head while he was sitting on a bench, thinking it might fry him on contact – but nope. He just sat there asleep, with a bruise swelling on his noggin’, while women screamed, and I was forced to shoot him and hightail it outta there. :upside_down_face:

Well done, Kardibask. I’m impressed with your skills. Looks like you’ve got this.

And welcome back, @SquillyV!

No need to apologize for your absence. Play as little or as often as you like.

(I’m glad you played this week, though, because you made my score and @immadummee47’s look a little bit better. :yum: lol)


Actually, that’s not how this works.
Car batteries work as makeshift spark makers, perfect for puddle accidents.
Alone, they do nothing. Toss it at something, it’ll start sparking (if you pick it back up then it’ll fix itself). But they can’t kill anyone. You’re going to need a puddle. Once you toss it in there, it’s the perfect accident hazard.

Tazers work a bit differently. NPCs (or guards) will try to pick it up. You can either activate it before or after they do this and they’ll get electrocuted to death on contact. But, they don’t count as an accident. Once you activate it, you can’t pick it back up. It’ll just spark up until someone else picks it up or until it runs out of power. Either way, it’ll disappear once it’s been depleted.


Thanks for the info. Not my finest performance, but a good learning experience.

Because I’ve never used batteries, I assumed they operated similarly to tasers


My taser just seemed to go off on its own once it’d been on the ground for a few seconds, and I couldn’t pick it up after that. Is that right?

Did it “run out of power”?


Cool, thank you, I am very pleased that you liked the contract. Hehe, my idea went a bit further, but this damn limit of 500 characters unfortunately omitted the part: these three people believed that they had “discovered” access to a dimension portal based on certain coordinates. Who knows if they were right? :wink:

I think all the time whether this contract would fit the new theme/featured contracts? What do you think?


Yeah, everyone knows I’m a fan of story; I really liked the suggestion of strange and supernatural things happening in this quiet suburban neighbourhood. (Maybe the portal led to a parallel dimension in which 47 looks different, like he did in Hitman 1. lol)

Yeah. The theme is “Murphy’s Luck” – which I assume is a reference to Murphy’s Law.

So an accident contract fits that theme, definitely; and yours is challenging. Submit it.


Alright, I’ll submit it, thank you for your feedback. The other theme is St. Patrick’s Day. The coordinates refer not only to a specific location, but also to a specific time (planet conjunction) that “coincidentally” falls on the St. Patrick’s Day. Or is it no coincidence?
What do you think?