Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I think that’s a very interesting detail, and it makes me want to hear more of your story, but there’s no way of squeezing all that info. into your briefing, unfortunately. Like you said: Damn those measly 500 characters. We need at least 1000 to tell an interesting tale. lol

But, as I said, your contract still fits the theme, so don’t worry about it.


Thanks, David. I have just submitted it. Yes, I totally agree with you, 1000 characters would be really great! Hopefully it will work this time.


What would you say to a thread specifically for Contracts based around a good story? Right now we have this thread for ET style ones based around offering a one-time challenge, and the forum members contracts thread for literally anything, but nothing for those who want very story based, immersive Contracts, to be played without excessive restrictions.

Could look like:

Overview of backstory from the author, basically a short story in of itself to set up the Contract.

Diana’s mission briefing in full.

The Contract info and code.

Maybe even followed by a conclusion to the story to read after the Contract has been completed.


Yeah, sounds good.

I wouldn’t expect the thread to receive a huge number of submissions, because most Hitman players can’t be bothered writing detailed backstories/briefings, but it’d be great for players like myself who like to write, like to roleplay, and like to know who we’re killing and why.

I’d definitely make something for it, or put my ET contracts there once they’d expired here, assuming the stories were interesting enough.


If you have never been in the secret room in the empty house and have never seen this bizarre statue, can I tell you how to trigger this easter egg and recommend one of my Easter egg contract…?!


I haven’t.

Sure. Go ahead. :slight_smile:


Yeah for sure. But I’d be interested in it too. Just a handful of members submitting a quality story contract every so often would be enough for me. :blush: I’ll see about making one to kick things off, though will probably be some time next week as I’m very busy until Sunday.


I could never get the door to open either so I’d like to do that too lol.


Ok, you have to open the vault door of the empty house (the key card is in the basement directly opposite this door). Then you open the garage and ring 5-10 times. Now the secret door in the vault should open and you will see the mysterious statue and find a unique battle axe there. You need this to eliminate the two targets. However, the contract is quite difficult because unfortunately I added too many complications back then.
Name of the contract: Golden Axe & Easter Egg


Yeah, I probably never would have figured that out. It’s better that you told me. lol

Cool. I’ll check it out some time.


A bit of Hitman anime this time. Well done, @Kardibask.


Did you use a proximity tazer or a remote one?
Either way, it shouldn’t have gone off on its own without some sort of input (Person walking by/Remote Activation)

But, yes, once the tazer goes off it keeps buzzing until it “runs out of power” or kills someone. Once this occurs it can’t be picked up and reused (I think it also disappears or disintegrates after a while. I know some other utility items do that like the EMP.)


Awesome. It’s a great challlenging contract that fits the theme of unfortunate luck (and accidents).


Oh great, thank you so much! :blush:


I only have one type of taser unlocked, so it must be proximity.

I walked near it. Can I set it off myself once it’s set?


Yup. Tazers, Explosives, Ducks… 47 is not immune to his own proximity sensors.


Thank you! Here is the new contract:


Alright I’m back…

Next destination: Mumbai


First target went pretty well, second target was a little hairier. Edited the video a bit to trim out all of the map-checking and failed distractions.


Oook. Another super great run :joy: I wasn’t prepared for this with the equipment so I had to improvise and this is the result.