Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Oh, and I changed disguises in my run. There’s a lot of hidden routes through the mansion that really speed this one up.


I followed all the rules.


Great contract. That was one of my best Hitman experiences ever, because I approached it exactly how we’re supposed to approach elusive targets, and it paid off.

45 minutes of pure patience and suspense. I was terrified my computer was going to shut off towards the end because it’s been crashing for no reason lately, but I kept my cool and, thankfully, so did my PS4.

I’ll probably make a highlights video when I’ve had some time to relax. lol

P.S. I liked the condition that forbade 47 from changing his suit. Playing that way made my (47’s) success feel more pure and realistic; quickly changing in and out of the suit can feel artificial and gamey.


I’m glad you enjoyed it! I tried to focus on hard-to-reach places within the mansion on this one. Slow and steady wins the race :+1:


I really had to think hard about how to take out both of the mansion-based targets.

I was forced to use routes that felt totally fresh because of the suit-only restriction.

(They weren’t fresh, but they sure felt it in the heat of the moment. lol)


@Silverballer Wasn’t WhiteCap Black Hat’s friend?? :smiley:


Maybe next time :wink:


Yeah, you got the reference :smile:


Here are the highlights of my official SA run. :slight_smile:

(As usual, for fairness reasons, please don’t watch this yet if you intend to take part in the contest.)


Thanks for that very interesting and challenging contract, @Silverballer.

Your next assignment:

Special conditions:

  1. Destroy at least FIVE of the black vehicles shown in the images above.


I’d advise taking as many explosives as you can carry, 47. And, should your supply be insufficient to the task, I have it on good information that Sean Rose recently received a consignment of highly volatile nitro-glycerine. I’m sure he won’t mind if you help yourself to a vial or two.

This contract expires in 48 hours, on Friday, March 10, at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).

Please read and abide by the rules stated in the original post if you’re a new player. :slight_smile:


Sooo, shooting the vehicles would be a insta-fail?


No, you can damage the vehicles in any way. Just make sure they’re properly destroyed.

A few bullet holes in the windscreen isn’t good enough.

Explosives are the quickest and easiest way to destroy them; that’s the only reason I kept mentioning them.


Yeah I didn’t mean shooting out the tires or keying the cars :smile:
So long as they blow up it’s ok, I got it!


@David47 How can I make te nytroglitherine explode??


You just have to throw it.


@Silverballer I’m always learning new things about this game :smiley:


Or shoot it if you place it down.

(In case you want to be a bit further from the kaboom)


Hmm my plan didn’t work out as I, eh planned…
Apperently shooting cars only sets off the alarm :blush:

So I ran around looking for stuff that can go boom and at one point someone got suspicious, one thing lead to another and I became swish cheese :upside_down_face:

Fun and creative contract @David47 sorry that I failed you (again)


lol. You didn’t fail me. If you had some fun, then you succeeded, IMO.

I’m curious, though. Why didn’t you use explosives?


I did bring explosives, duck and remote explosive, but I thought that I could save time by shooting some of the cars :stuck_out_tongue:


:smile: Yeah, cars aren’t as squishy in HItman as they are in GTA and similar games.