Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


All vehicles explode with 2 bullets. You just have to know where to shoot it. :slight_smile:


Was going so well. Killed target perfectly. Blew up 3 of those vehicles. Then when aiming at another, damn Girl Target from story came out from house and spotted me aiming. Got shot and killed. Doh!!!


Anyone know if breaching charges are good enough to blow up a car? I doubt it, but I’m curious


Two charges will blow up a car.


I “think” 1 will work. But you need 1 bullet.


Yeah, a breach charge does the same amount of damage as a silverballer bullet afaik.


Looks like nobody completed this. So what happens in this situation?


I’m actually surprised nobody completed it. I was going to ask people to destroy seven cars or ALL the cars because I thought it was a bit easy. lol

In this situation it’s up to me to choose the next contract creator, but I’ll say that anyone who sees this message first and has a contract he really wants to post can go ahead and do that. :slight_smile:


Can i post??


Sure! :stuck_out_tongue:

(20 Awesome Characters!)


Here’s your new assignments :wink:
Name: Night Accidents
ID: 2-07-3599004-57
Restrictions: Suit Only
You have 7 minutes to complete the mission - Use the Mission Timer


Wait isn’t the thing if no one completed it, it gets extended by another 48 hrs?


That only happens if nobody played.


I just noticed the special conditions. 7 minutes to completes the mission, and suit-only.

This is going to be tricky. My power comes from patience. lol


Don’t worry, the contract is relatively easy :wink:


That’s how I would have described my last contract, too … until everyone failed it. :smile:


I failed for stupidness :wink:


Ah, ok thanks.

2020 vision


@Bending_Cheese67. Failed. Killed two targets cleanly, but ran out of time. Couldn’t get the third into position before the clock ran out because a crowd had formed around my second kill. :blush:

And I spent a bit too long taking out the first target.


Once I saw accidents, I knew this was an easy SA/SO run only cuz I know that I don’t know much about PT laying around so I brought all 3 rubber ducks with me. So in doing so, took out the first target perfectly by dropping the duck right beside the motorbike and perfect distance kills him as an accident. The female target I was thinking to take her out with the oil drum but when I had my gun out, I was being spotted slowly so I said no way. Then I realized that the third target was right there all along. I had to wait for her cycle again to come back and then I dropped the second duck beside the bike but it was too close and blew them up together with the explosion of the duck so it wasn’t an accident. Luckily I didn’t get hunted. Escaped in time.

And that’s what happened to me. :slight_smile: