Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I can’t remeber the last time I completed one of these contracts without massive score reduction :grin:

In my defence, the sun reflected in my screen and with the low lighting in Marrakesh at night made it very hard to play.

One of the targets saw me shooting a motorcycle so I had to kill him with my pistol and someone saw that so I had to kill a guard that came running.
My score was around 16.000 :slight_smile:

But it was a very good contract, could be fun for speedruns!


hey dudes! just wanted to pop in and say I was sorry for not participating lately. I know how feared I am in this competition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: my life has gotten unexpectedly busy the last little bit so I haven’t been able to play. But, I’m coming back soon I miss you guys!


Wasn’t the new contract suppost to be poster yesterday??


I guess. Who won? Nobody is keeping track it seems. Lol.


I think you did. Nobody else completed it.


Looks like I won, so I’ll post a new contract in 10 minutes.


Can you not make it a Hokkaido contract? Just because I’m playing this one and I don’t have any loadout in Hokkaido.


No problemo!!

I thought I’d throw up a fairly simple one and see what ppl do with it.

Location: Paris
Title: Goons at the Pavilion
ID: 2-02-6848889-99
Targets: 5
Disguise: Suit Only
Kill condition: Explosion-Accident
Expires: Wednesday march 15 @1pm EST

GL, Agents.


Looks fun, will play tomorrow.


No players yet?


I think this competition is pretty much done. :frowning:

It’s been slowly down drastically.


@D1NGdong When @David47 said he was leaving, everyone agreed in continuing and I posted a new contract, but he was right, it is slowly dying.
However, I think it is happening because 48 hours is a too small amount of time, does any of you think we could extend it to 72 hours??? (just a suggention)


Urgh, I join, and the competition fails. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ve still got 24 hours. Hopefully some others can play (@David47 @Chillyschrimp @xstraightedgedavex @TheChicken )?


I will play it later today


Xbox and PS don’t mix. You cursed us. :rofl:


I’m playing now. Could go wrong due to my lack of unlocks hehe


Well, looks like a i can’t play. It’s updating and it says it will take 99+ hours (wtf?)


@Silverballer That’s PS4 for you :wink:
(it will probably stop, don’t worry)


I never had that before so I don’t know what that is or why. Hmmm.