Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Ok, it’s good again. Can play now.


I was just about to play, actually. :slight_smile:

But I’ve been replaying Mass Effect 3 in preparation for Andromeda, so if I die, it’s because I’m now used to being a badass space marine who doesn’t do stealth and has kinetic shields to deflect bullets.

As cool as 47 is, he’s more squishy than a hanar (that’s a space jellyfish for non ME fans). lol


Failed. I’m ill today, was not in the right mindset, shot up the palace.


Failed miserably :frowning: :frowning:


Playing now. I’m crouched at the back of the garden, behind the helicopter. Nearly got spotted by the two patrolling guards because my brain got confused and I tried to use my Commander Shepard adrenaline-rush ability. lol

Not sure what to do now. This is a tough one.

P.S. These graphics look extra-impressive after playing an original Xbox game for the past few days.


Oh, yeah!

Commander Shepard who? 47 is the man.

I did it. SA. That was really tense, sneaking around those hedges, but extreme patience pays off again. :relieved:


I’m not in charge anymore, so I’ll go along with whatever the majority decides. :slight_smile:

I’d advise against changing things too much, however. I think part of the reason the contest has lasted as long as it has is because the rules have been so consistent since the beginning.


What do you guys think about changing the contracts to 72 hours??[poll public=true]

  • Yes, we should change it to 72 hours
  • No, I’m fine with 48 hours


I suppose I’m being a bit selfish with m vote, the currently version means I get to play more contracts hehe


@Silverballer It kinda makes sense :wink:


Agreed. I’m always waiting for the next one. Lol.


I going to give it a shot tomorrow after work, mondays and tuesdays are usually quite busy for me…


Awesome, man. Nice setup on the second and third guy. Really liked that one.

So thats a pass. Let’s see what chilly does (if he’s able to get to it tomorrow).

Here’s what I did originally:

my approach was to ko all 5 guys, then drag them into the centre of the pavilion meet and blow up both gas lamps with breaching charges attached to them. And with the boom, the guards all rush in leaving the helicopter unattended. :slight_smile:


Yay did it! But not in first…

How it went down: I brought the coins, remote distraction, and stashed the breaching charges in the shed. I started in the Garden. I initially had a plan to knock out all the guards, and then run around the mansion, looking for different accidental explosion items. When I went to retrieve the charges, I found a propane tank ready for me. Easy grab. I made my way into the terrace area and proceeded to knock out the guards. I distracted one group with a coin, went to knock out the person further back, but he saw me juuust outside his cone of vision. He was knocked out, but his friend was alerted, so I quickly knocked out him as well. That’s when I lost my Spotted and Bodies found bonus as well. It was at this point that I figured I could knockout all the guards, and simply pile up their bodies and use the singular propane tank with me. I got all of them, put 'em in a pile, and shot the tank, letting me quickly escape on the chopper, no hassle.


Hahah. Nice, @TheChicken. Did they go flying with that explosion?


I know I’n cutting it close on the deadline but I just about to attempt this! Whish me luck :slight_smile:


Damn, I was hoping to be able to eBay @David47 but I didn’t know the routes of the guards so I keeps running back and forth not knowing when to lure someone since they seemed to walk all over the place.

When I knocked out the guy by the water I had to drag his ass around the area for two minutes trying to make out where the two patrolling guards went. After I got all of the guards knocked out and started dragging them to the pavillion one security guard saw a body and came rushing in. I had to knock him out as well and since he woke one of the targets up I had to re-subdue him before continuing :smile:

I enjoyed the contract even if I was rushing since I didn’t have much time to complete it (even if I very rarely spend more than 5-10 minutes on a contract which usually means a fail is coming…)

Edit: I just re-read the conditions, “Suit only” is that only for the kills or for the whole play through? Because I changed to the guard disguise once so perhaps that means I failed?


Been away from my ps4 for about a week. (I miss you shiny red mgs v ps4) but back today so will miss the deadline for this one but will be back for the next.
Also I voted for 72 hours but meant to vote for 48. As these are constant anyway I don’t see much point extending the deadline as if I miss one I’ll just try & play the next :slight_smile:


If you took it as to being with nondiguise changes, then I apologize for the confusion. My bad. It’s just for the kills so you’re fine. :slight_smile:

But dragging the guy around? Lololol. Would love to see a video with that.

Even with 30+ minutes, @David47 wins. Good job!!!
Looks like slow and steady wins these races mostly.


Nice contract, @D1NGdong. Running around those hedges was tense and confusing. It made me want an actual hedge maze to play in. lol

I’ll post the next elusive, ASAP…