Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


Another great, fun contract. I’m not really participating in the little contest you guys have (too many restrictions, and I don’t speedrun so wouldn’t ever be in contention), but this has become my go-to for interesting, cool contracts to try. Thanks guys - keep on keeping on!


Well, that one went badly. I punched the second to last target instead of garrotting him, so I thought ‘screw it’ and just rampaged through the main lab where the girl is. It was kinda cool, felt like that scene in the Bourne Legacy where the guy goes around shooting all the people in the lab.


You should give it a try @GorillaDust. It can be a little annoying having to change settings (and even remembering to do so seems impossible for some of us :blush:), but you could just treat your first attempt as an entry for this, then play it more with no restrictions as some of us already do.

Could be wrong, but if you were to look back I think some of the previous winning scores weren’t even that fast; and it would be good to have a few more participating. Either way, thanks for playing them. :slight_smile:


I once won one of these with a score of 21,000. You don’t have to be a speedrunner.


Alright, I’ll submit an attempt on the next one, even if the score is horrific because I walk everywhere and only use suit starting locations to maximize the feeling of immersion. In that same immersion vein, I actually already play with most of the settings off (NPC icons, instinct, etc). But I use my mini-map religiously (with the immersion excuse that it’s my peripheral vision).

I’ll flick it off on the next one and give it a go.


Nice! Don’t worry, I don’t do very well either, so you aren’t alone. I think you’ll enjoy it. And as a side note, NPC icons are allowed.


Nice contract Euler!

Knowing Valeria, I assumed it was a mission to clear the lab crew (despite the briefing :pensive:), so was thrown off by the target locations at first.

Took it steady from there, and everything was fine until I got ruined by this head turn/not hiding responsibly:



That is what happened to me too. Sadly I lost my temper. Then I shot everyone and poisoned myself by accident (in the game of course)


:laughing: I can imagine. I was tempted to go on a spree as well tbf.


Jeez. Forgot about this. Gonna try it in a while.


@Ed_ll3: That is cruel! If you don’t hide in the crate or go outside then he always spots you. After watching your video I can feel your fury after all that hard work.

@Silverballer: I’m curious. How did you poison yourself? Did you run into the virus containment room?

@scm97tl: Good luck, my bear buddy.


Yes I did. It felt like when I electrocuted myself during the broker.


Well, I did it, @Euler13. Still, I have aq blank score because the servers are shit but I have every single objective completed. I’m sure it’s SA. Will try something to fix it. You can see the pics and recording of my DVrRto verify what I’m saying. Give me a time to try and fix this.


I like this contract @Euler13 . Interesting one to play, would like to see some cool speedruns (sadly I fail on the speedrun front myself).

A reminder to all that the next contract will have SPECIAL CONDITIONS ALLOWED. I am putting the rules of these into the first post, so scroll up to find them.


I’m fucking stuck in the loading screen of the contract. It isn’t showing nothing of the score and it doesn’t allows me to do anything else. It’s frozen. I’ll upload pics and lets see if you can evaluate them or something. ALready restarted my Internet 4 times and nothing.


Sorry to hear that :confused:. If your internet fails I will allow you to duplicate your strat (do everything the same as you did before) to get a new score.


Some parts were too precise and lucky to actually replicate. I have every pic of kill and showing at the end that all were unnoticed and without bodies found because all were placed in containers.


Well we can say you are winning for now. If you don’t get back your connection I will give you a score of 150,000, does that sound about right?


Dude: the fucking game has the contract like if I didn’t completed it either. It’s with a fucking x marking like uncompleted. My name isn’t even on the leaderboards. I won’t bother. Check it.


Yeah I’m sorry, did you get SA? I’m just trying to get an approximate score, as I can’t access my Xbox right now.