Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


Forget it. I’m not trying again. It’s like cheating. Here is the link to my DVR:
I’m tired of this game at this point. Can’t even get my fucking gameplay registered.


I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be. Always online is a b*tch.

Edit: and you got the disguise and everything instead of being lazy like me and starting in the lab. Well you are winning at the moment, if that’s any consolation.



After the success of the special conditions in the PS4 thread, I am just posting a reminder that special conditions may be in the next contract (which goes live in 2 hours), most likely posted by @scm97tl. PM me if you are confused about any of the new conditions.


Well, the servers decided to cooperate and here is a nice piece of puzzle. Enjoy, or find tedious. The one that comes first.


This looks like fun. Any restrictions, or just a normal contract? Anyhow, ‘Come Back to Us’ will expire on the 13th January at the usual time.


Read the intel and you’ll find out why I said it can be tedious but pretty possible with the right timing by either a situational distraction or a well placed emetic syringe. :bear::+1::wink:


So the restriction is you can’t harm Orlando.

Who is Orlando, just do we know in advance?


The companion of the female target. White linen blazer and khaki pants.


Ok. Can you put that in the main contract post? Just so we don’t get any Fixer incidents.


All righty. Nice I took a pic:

Don’t harm Orlando or tha will deduct some points!!!


Are we saying 20,000 points? Just in case the tension gets to me.

Of course, it could be a fail condition.


Just 20,000 points. It isn’t about ruining all the run for this.


All right. Am starting it up now.


Failed again. Onio was an easy kill. Lured Maria into a secluded area, but I punched her instead of garrotting here, so lost 20,000 there. Then Orlando walked in and saw me dragging his captor’s dead body. 21,312 in the end. Good contract, but Orlando was annoying.


All righty. There are lots of ways of distracting Orlando and him being out of sight when you kill the lady. It’s hard to time but possible.


Yeah, think I could have done it had it been no restarts, but I didn’t anticipate he would follow her after she died.


That’s why I used the part of mentally handicapped for being honest :bear::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


The two images have different kill conditions. Which is correct?

One states suit-only with fiber wire/folding knife. The other says any weapon, any disguise

EDIT: Never mind, I guess one image is the contract, the other is just the contract set-up screen showing off what Orlando looks like.


The first photo is a the contract, the second is just showing who Orlando is.


Come Back To Us (7:14) [167,765 points]

There were a lot of surprises in there.

I got lucky at the start. I knew that the first target was the guy by the boat and I didn’t really have a plan how I was going to lure him away then he wanders into that shop! Is that normal? The second target was right pain - and I got caught on CCTV, so I had to delete it. In a previous contract I remember her being in the toilets and coming to investigate the sink being turned on when I didn’t want her to. This time I was too late, but Orlando responded and gave me a split second opportunity to take her out. Fortunately it worked out well, but it could have gone horribly wrong!