Player-Made Escalations


Hi everyone, your first question is probably:
what is a player-made escalation??
-each level is a contract
-the conditions are in the briefing
Post your escalations here :wink:

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I have a couple of these:

The Percival Damnation
The Holden Recreation
The Silverballer Sacramento (that ones a bit too hard to be honest lol)


I was really into making escalations for a while. Iā€™m pretty pleased with them. They were partly an experiment to investigate how to make escalations fun. I only use the standard contract creation tools; no extra requirements are stipulated. The Quine Delicacy is probably the least successful as an escalation, but it was instructive. The Quine Folio is probably the most surprising from level to level.

  • The Quine Folio (Colorado):
    Level 1: 1-09-4284095-68
    Level 2: 1-09-3495075-68
    Level 3: 1-09-6863710-68
    Level 4: 1-09-9694080-68
    Level 5: 1-09-7697387-68

  • The Quine Delicacy (Colorado):
    Level 1: 1-09-8751376-68
    Level 2: 1-09-0566835-68
    Level 3: 1-09-0611100-68
    Level 4: 1-09-9916075-68
    Level 5: 1-09-6202390-68

  • The Quine Subordination (Bangkok):
    Level 1: 1-08-0681928-68
    Level 2: 1-08-1536039-68
    Level 3: 1-08-1360086-68
    Level 4: 1-08-8055253-68
    Level 5: 1-08-0577696-68

  • The Quine Farrago (Marrakesh):
    Level 1: 1-06-7703343-68
    Level 2: 1-06-0931884-68
    Level 3: 1-06-5166458-68
    Level 4: 1-06-1543241-68
    Level 5: 1-06-7588057-68


If you can give me the target/s and conditions, Iā€™d like to try that and make it on ps4.


Hi, hereā€™s my new Escalation - The Motorcycle Interception
Level 1:

ID: 2-10-5219946-57
You canā€™t pacify or kill any non-targets.
You can only use the motorcyclist disguise once.

Level 2:

ID: 2-10-8743091-57
You canā€™t pacify or kill any non-targets.
You can only use the motorcyclist disguise once.
Complete the mission under 5 minutes.
Level 3:

ID: 2-10-7108149-57
You canā€™t pacify or kill any non-targets.
You can only use the motorcyclist disguise once and once you equip it you canā€™t change disguise.
Complete the mission under 5 minutes.

Hope you guys enjoy my first escalation, feel free to recreate on other platforms. SA is possible in every levels.

@JDMHatch_G @D1NGdong @Danger_dog_guy_7 @Silverballer @David47 @hitwoman47 @Mvp-Machiavelli @AGENT4T7 @CHAOS_AGENT_45


The Raskovich Allegation

Escalation, 5 levels, XB1, Sapienza Night


I posted this in contracts already, but I guess this really should go here:

Location: Marakesh
Escalation IDs:

  1. 1-10-1066652-10
  2. 1-06-3585838-10
  3. 1-06-4565261-10
  4. 1-06-8062417-10
  5. 1-06-5668432-10

If you would like to re-create on another platform, the levels are:

Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)

First try at doing an escalation

The Scorpio Directive

Level 1
Contract ID 2-02-0367219-50

Forgot to put The in the title on this level

Level 2
Contract ID 2-02-7133871-50

Level 3
Contract ID 2-02-8772195-50

Level 4
Contract ID 2-02-1012838-50

Conditions: You cannot pacify or kill non targets

Level 5
Contract ID 2-02-6580808-50

Conditions: You cannot pacify or kill non targets

Platform PS4


Kind of want to revive this due to the new updates adding complications into contracts.

Welcome to:
The Ivonyna Interference
Level 1 is simple. One target, one complication.

Level 2 adds an actual complication, nothing to fret about.

Level 3 adds an additional target. Oddly placed and an oddly specific kill method.

Level 4 adds an additional and your final target. Donā€™t fret, there are multiple ways to eliminate this target.

Level 5 changes the elimination restrictions. Sorry if you had a route going!

Iā€™m currently working on one in Sapienza. Iā€™ll be posting it here soon. This is for Xbox users so maybe some people want to try it out?
@Ed_ll3 @Euler13 @scm97tl


looks good! I made one too that I havenā€™t posted yet, but when I did it I made absolutely sure that each level would change the route. Level 2 of your escalationā€™s complication seems rather arbitrary if you already go for SA in level 1, which I imagine most people will do.

Looks like a fun challenge though, Iā€™ll see about trying it later on :stuck_out_tongue:


I can recreate for pc, where are the targets?


Roger Dupont is outside and near the helicopter. He is sitting on a chair, near a propane canister. We all know where Kurtā€™s brother, Charles Le Gars is. :wink: Outside the balcony. And I believe Cedric Gendron is outside the shed near the helicopter or patrolling around the helicopter.


Only did the first and final level because Iā€™m busy but here is the 5th levelā€™s score.


I could try to create this on ps4, if you wish.


The Ivonyna Interference re-created on ps4.

Level 1 Id: 2-02-9202310-69
Level 2 id: 2-02-7702445-69
Level 3 id: 2-02-9259131-69
Level 4 id: 2-02-5300252-69
Level 5 id: 2-02-3406804-69

Credit to @Remedy for the original concept.


Roger Dupont (Target #1) is outside, sitting alone.

Cedric Gendron (Target #2) is the patrolling guard near the shed area. He conveniently stands near the hatchet.

Charles Le Gars (Target #3) is on the auction balcony.


Much appreciated.



Hereā€™s my run of your escalation, @Remedy. Level 2 was pointless, so I skipped it, but otherwise it was really well designed and it felt like it escalated nicely.

0:00 Level 1 (0.35)
(Level 2 skipped because it was the same as level 1, except for the ā€œinstant fail if spottedā€ complication.)
1:12 Level 3 (1.02)
2:48 Level 4 (1.05)
4:30 Level 5 (1.26)

I know that others and I have shared this observation numerous times, but IOI insist on putting five levels in every escalation. Sometimes it works really well, but other times it feels like they ran out of ideas and had to come up with something just to fill the slots. Iā€™m not saying that every escalation should have three levels, but one of the best escalations (in my opinion) was The Kotti Paradigm.

If weā€™re going to do this, then can we resist feeling the need to make five levels. Unless there is good reason. Personally I think that the best escalations could, and should, be made in three or four levels.

With that in mind, Iā€™ve put together one. I hope you enjoyā€¦

Level 1

Level 2

The Alderton Sacrifices - Level 2

Level 3

The Alderton Sacrifices - Level 3


Taken ages to get around to playing this: my bad.

The Ivonyna Interference

Not checked Eulerā€™s, but with the times and target specifics Iā€™d imagine these are fairly similar. I did a couple of different routes for 1+2, and 5 might be worth a watch.

And just had a quick run through of The Alderton Sacrifices.

Slightly fluffed getting the PD outfit, but thought Iā€™d keep this rather than re-run as it kind of helped with the timing in the end(!).
@Remedy @Euler13


Great job on both! :clap:

In theory, do you think that these player made escalations could be made to work? Admittedly Iā€™d only just found it myself, but the up-take hasnā€™t been great; @Bending_Cheese67 started the thread in April 2017.

Will the new complications help?
Did I manage to get a good balance between increasing challenge, accessibility, and an interest to move from one level to next in my attempt?

Another reason I think that 3-4 are enough levels is the tedium of trying to find them. Unlike real escalations, where you can just click to go to the next level, you need to search for them. When I played @Remedyā€™s fun escalation I searched for the title and added all five to favourites so theyā€™d be easy to find after I finished one. It certainly helped when I did it.