#player support hitman 2 access pass not available on PS4

i have already purchased the hitman 3 deluxe version on ps store Hongkong. i found that i can’t get access to the hitman 2 access pass as i have bought the game in disc version. I’m curious that the Hongkong ps store may be the reason, the hitman 2 access pass is unavailable in the in-game store of hitman 2. Also, as the hitman 2 expansion pass is always unavailable in the Hongkong ps store, i purchased the expansion pass in Australian ps store. Therefore, I would like to ask if it is possible for me to grant a free access to the hitman 2 access pass and the expansion in hitman 3?

There is region locking on PlayStation games.
If you purchased HITMAN 3 from HongKong PS Store,you cannot access ANY H3 Access Pass redeemed from Australia PS Store.

PlayStation 平台存在游戏软件的区域访问限制,很遗憾,澳洲商店购买的 Expansion Pass 即使被兑换成 Access Pass,它也无法被香港区商店的 HITMAN 3 识别和运行。
请先确认你拥有的 HITMAN 2 光碟是欧版还是美版,再进入适宜地区的 PS 商店兑换 Access Pass,例如,美版和港版 HITMAN 2 光碟都能利用美国区 PSN 账号兑换 Access Pass。