Playing Hitman: Codename 47 For The First Time

I got into the series round about 2011, before Absolution came out, and bought Hitman: Blood Money in a Steam sale, really getting into it, even if I wasn’t that good at it, although I did get silent assassin on the Vineyard level. Played Absolution, thought it was alright but just wasn’t a Hitman game. Got Hitman 2016, and really loved it, even if I am still not bowled over by the episodic format, but at this point would probably say Hitman 2016 is my favourite thus far.

Thing is, I’ve never played Hitman 1-3, and with the recent Hitman sale, it has let me get the first 3 games very cheaply, and as I consider myself a fan of Hitman: Blood Money and the newest title, I think it is fair I do give the earlier games a shot.

So I’ve started playing Hitman: Codename 47. Gotten up to the chapter “Say Hello To My Little Friend” thus far, and for the most part, I have enjoyed the game, if not exactly wowed by it. I have read in a couple places that it takes until Hitman 2 for the series to really solidfy itself, and I think I can see why people would say that, C47 does seem a bit confused as to what kind of game it wants to be.

I like how you have to do smaller missions which eventually leads to the big proper level, although for a game that only has 12 levels + tutorial, basically the same amount as Blood Money, a few of them feel very small and limited, like the first one about sniping a diplomat, or the jungle mission which has you find an exit, and that is it.

It is interesting how it does feel like the game, while having an open structure, feels more about trying to figure out how to complete the objective, rather than there being lots of ways to complete an objective, even if there is some wiggle room.

Will post more thoughts later, hopefully it won’t take me too long to finish it, but thought it would be interesting to talk about it as a first timer to the game.


I wish I could play Codename 47 for the first time. It was my very first game.
I still play it now. I have so much memories.
Regarding your review, well those were the times. It was after all 2000. You can’t aspect a huge map with plenty of things to do. But I loved it how it started with a small mission then went to a bigger one. It was actually preparing you gradually.
The jungle mission I still hate it till now. My favorite missions are Tradition of the Trade and The Setup.
There isn’t much to explore in game. Most of us love it because its our childhood


Completed the last jungle mission, so the next one is Traditions of the Trade. Yeah, to be rather honest, I’m definetly not a fan of the 3 jungle missions, the first one of which especially makes me really wonder what kind of game the developers thought they were making.

You start in a jungle, you have to find an idol, but then when you give it to the villagers, they tell you to go rescue the chief’s brother, who is being held by half a dozen guards who you have no choice but to murder. Plus with all the random soldiers patrolling the jungle, and the sheer size of the jungle, it just feels like alot of surviving depends on luck, although there is a sniper rifle that does help. It really does feel like a level designed to be a 3rd person shooter, not a stealth title.

The 2nd jungle level I really can’t help but get the impression was intended to be the last part of the 1st jungle level, but whether due to size limitations, or the fact that you’re health is almost certainly going to be quite low by the end of the 1st level, it was split into two. It is sortof daft that there really is a Hitman level decidated to just avoiding or distracting a big jaguar, and if you attack it, you get sniped to death by the villagers. I’d love that level to be brought up in the Hitman Legacy trailer.

The 3rd jungle level is weird to me too, mainly regarding the target being Scarface on both steroids and cocaine. Hell, he is basically more like a boss than a target, what with him needing several clips to be fully taken out. It is weird how it is designed too, since the implication does seem to be that you’re meant to quietly take out everyone in the mansion, as they stand in convenient places to be garroted. But it doesn’t seem that well implimented, since you need to use an AK or an M60 to take out Scarface, and it is inevitable for guards to come in to investigate, or for you to be shot at by the sniper after the shootout who can see you through the window near the bomb you need.

Saying all that though, I do like the design of the 4 Hong Kong levels. Like I said before, I do find it interesting how they are designed in such a way where it feels almost like a little puzzle for each level, as you try to figure out how to take complete the objective. Like for example blowing up the limo and timing the blast so it takes out the other gangsters on the street corner, or how you’re meant to take out the negotiator and chief of police, with one objective even specifying that you hide the negotiator’s body, a bit of a gentle hint as to what you’re meant to do.

I do really like how it culminates in the Lee Hong assassination, as you are given a far larger level, and likewise, a far longer chain of things you need to do to pull off the mission, from saving the prostitute, to rescuing Smith, to finding and opening the correct safe which is randomised, to receiving the poison, to taking out the head guard and then finally, getting to Lee Hong and assassinating him.

My only big gripe is that there is no save system, and instead are given a couple of lives, which while fine for the smaller levels, for a big one like the Lee Hong Assassination, it really does require alot of trial and error.


I think “traditions of the trade” is the best level in C47, especially after Columbia.
It’ like a huge reward after not-so-great-designed levels. Man, I wish I had that jaw could play this again for the first time.


On eof my desires too

I really start to think i’m the only one who likes the Jungle Missions…I like them because of their atmosphere, especially of their Soundtrack and because they were so different from the rest of rhe Game. I only dont like the Rotterdam Missions…

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You aren’t the one. I love them

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I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not such a long-time fan as you. And Codename 47 is way too dated for me to enjoy. However I can say that at the time, C47 was revolutionary in gaming. Just like Contracts and Blood Money. Wish I could go back to then to experience all them Hitman games : /

I liked SHTMLF, and U’wa tribe was ok, but jungle god was a filler mission.

Did Traditions of the Trade, and yes, I gotta agree, definetly the best level so far, and from the sounds of it, perhaps the best level in the game. It is actually a level I want to go back and try again, since it does feel like I missed some stuff, with so many hotel rooms, and the fact I have no idea what I’m trying to get out of the florist whenever 47 talks to him. I also like the slightly easter eggy thing of talking to the receptionist while dressed as a bellboy, who tells you to get back to work and 47 insults him back in a different accent.

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To be fair, if Say Hello To My Little Friend didn’t have a bullet sponge boss fight in it, I would probably be a lot more favourable about it. The other 2 though, I genuinely am not sure what to make of them, I really do get the impression that C47 was intended as being part third person shooter as well as stealth game, which I don’t think quite works out.

Funnily enough though, the Columbia missions do give me flashbacks of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snakeeater, a game that ofcourses comes out several years after C47. And you are right, the Jasper Kyd score is pretty great, the jungle stuff is definetly a bit different from the rest of the soundtrack.

Hey dude, You know you can just run in the room and garrote or knife the guy from behind right?

Or you can snipe him from the tower behind the room, which is the easiest solution.

Now everytime i play that mission i mostly snipe him… Unless i want to experiment otherwise.

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Ah, that never occured to me. Isn’t knifing/garroting him kinda luck driven though? The sniping solution makes sense though.

If you get him just as he turns then you can garrotte/knife pretty easily.

Yeah it kind of is, I just usually like to get more up close and personal, it just makes it feel more like a Hitman game to me in that way.

So, I just finished the game, although not exactly legitimatly if I may be honest. Basically, I did the last 4 missions after Traditions of the Trade.

The first one was the first of the two Rotterdam missions, and I liked it. It’s a bit like the Hong Kong missions, in that you figure out what you’re meant to do, as you figure out the path designed for you. The shootout is fun too, perfect number of enemies and has noone nearby so that you don’t risk causing half an army to rush to your location. Plus it has a train you can play around with, any game with a train you can switch rails with is always fun though.

The second Rotterdam mission though… Christ. This is where I reach my wits end. So first of all, the mission has you starting on one pier, and needs you to get to another pier to the boat where all the mission objectives are. This involves going through 3 security checkpoints. So I think, OK, I just need a disguise to waltz on through, and I start the level next to 2 convenient guards who can be taken out. Try the disguise, doesn’t work.

So OK I think, I need to use the grey disguise the guards use, not the green one. Try it, doesn’t work. I then try massacring everyone with my sniper rifle, but while I do make it surpisingly far, I run out of ammo and eventually get killed. At this point, I’m not having fun and decide, screw it, I’m looking up a walkthrough.

Transpires I need to walk right behind one of the patroling guards as he goes through a checkpoint while in disguise. Not really sure how I was meant to figure that out, unless there is something in the instruction manual about it, or I just missed something in the tutorial. Regardless, it is something you never need to do at any point in the rest of the game as far as I know, and it is just tedious in this level when you have to do it for 3 checkpoints.

Honestly, I’m not even really sure what the point of the harbour in this level is. Again, all the actual objectives are on the boat, and aside from when Boris decides to bail, it’s not like you can snipe him from outside. It just feels like filler, really, a bunch of boring extra obstacles, which is even more frustrating since without a save system, it means if you fail with Boris being alerted and escaping, you just have to start at the beginning, and work your way through the checkpoints all over again.

I actually did manage to reach near where Boris is, but one aspect that kept screwing me over was that a sniper on the boat kept spotting the sailor’s body I needed to get on board, which meant Boris got alert, started escaping and I got overwelmed by his armed guards, especially since my 2 checkpoint respawns respawned on the top of the boat and I got instakilled.

So I gave up.

Looked up cheatcodes for the game, enabled them, shoved on god mode, invisible mode and all weapons mode and… lost the level because I couldn’t find the nuke when it blew up. Found it the second time though!

Yeah, not a fan of the level. Granted, I would easily be far more easy on the level if the game had a save system, but without it, this level especially out of all them really is frustrating.

Played the last 2 missions, at this point I’m fed up, and already aware that the last level is just a big shoot out, so attempt the asylum a couple times, die, look up the walkthrough, basically follow it word for word, finish it. Attempt the final shootout a couple times, die, shove on cheat codes and just blast my way through while invulnerable.

I will say actually the asylum level isn’t bad, I think if I was in a better mood I probably would of given it a far better attempt, although I think the confusing design of the asylum makes it a bit annoying still.

The final shootout though, really comes across as being about how quickly the 48s are ready to shoot you. Amusingly, even the walkthrough I read basically said to hide behind a doorway, and shoot while leaning, noting that the door doesn’t block the bullets.

So yeah, people are free to call me whatever because I didn’t finish the game legitimately, and that because I didn’t play fair, my opinion on the game is perhaps skewered. I think that is fair, but at the end of the day, the reason I wanted to play Hitman 1-3 is because, I wanted to see if they were any good, and if there was anything I was missing out on.

I’ll maybe write a proper review later on, but for the most part, I am glad I played Codename 47. I do think it is the weakest game in the series, including Absolution, blasphemous as that may be, but I am glad to of played it just to see where Hitman started from. Hopefully however, I will have a bit of a better time with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.



Yes thank you, this is exactly what I think of this game. Traditions of the trade is alright but the overall package is pretty weak. I’m going through my first playthrough as well still just like you, I’m up to where you got to before you gave up (assassinate Boris on the boat with the nuke). Although after reading your impressions of the later levels I think I’ll give up as well and jump to Hitman 2 instead.

I’ve played BM, Absolution and HITMAN S1 thus far and enjoyed those ones. Codename 47 has aged terribly though, I’m sure it’s great for it’s time and those with nostalgia for it, but it’s aged horribly for anyone wanting to play it today.