Playing Hitman: Codename 47 For The First Time

Like I say though, the Asylum isn’t a bad level though, it just takes a while to figure out what you’re meant to do, but yeah, I don’t really blame you.

Personally, I don’t think Codename 47 is that bad. I think it does have flashes of greatness in it, the Lee Hong Assassination and Traditions of the Trade are 2 genuinely great levels, but it does seem like Hitman 2 is where the series is meant to solidfy itself. To me, Codename 47 hasn’t quite worked out what it wants to be, how much of a third person shooter and how much of a stealth title it wants to blend, and as such, doesn’t really do either aspect that well.

That and considering that Hitman Contracts would later remake Codename 47’s levels, bar the jungle and final asylum levels, it does make Codename 47 seem a little… quaint. That’s not to diss anyone who has fun nostalgia of the game, and who remembers it on release, I’m sure at the time Codename 47 was pushing boundaries.

But as someone playing it now, having played the most recent Hitman titles, Codename 47 is just outclassed by them. So yeah, unless I somehow have a terrible time with Silent Assassin or Contracts, I think Codename 47 is the series weakest title. And really, I think that is a good thing actually, it means that the series has just gotten better and better in recent years, with Absolution being the only real mis-step.

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Plutonium runs loose is the worst level I’ve played. I used a tutorial to get through the gates (whose idea was that) but from then it was ok. But the first bit is just senseless. The rest of the missions (besides the jungle god and gunrunners paradise) were good.

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So since my last post I watched the ending on youtube, installed Hitman 2 and Contracts and had a go. Hitman 2 is very difficult, but unlike code name 47 it isn’t frustratingly so. I’m part way through the first level still as I figure out the disguise system. But the gameplay improvements are obvious and I’m actually having fun this time around. So yay

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Some of the C47 missions were horrendously hard
Eg: PRL and GP
The Lee Hong string of missions, SHTMLF all were challenging.
But C47 brings back memories and takes us back to the root of Hitman​:innocent::expressionless:


Bizzarely enough, I can’t get Hitman 2 to run no my PC, havn’t found a solution for it yet, although I have managed to get Contracts working. TBH I was going to make an individual thread for 2 and Contracts when I got around to them, but I guess we could just keep using this thread as well.

Are you running it on Windows 10?

Yes, I am using Windows 10.

@HHCHunter What was that file fix for H2SA in windows 10? I think this might be the same problem.

I could run it fine, it just had a myriad of problems.

The games just really need a Q.O.L patch at this point. Wouldn’t even take much for them to fix most of the major problems either.