Playing Hitman Contracts For The First Time

I made another thread a while ago about playing Hitman Codename 47 for the first time, since I got into the series originally with Blood Money and would play Absolution and Hitman 2016 on release, I want to go back and play the first 3 games. With Codename 47 done, I was going to go and play Silent Assassin, but I’m actually having alot of issues trying to get Silent Assassin to run properly, so while I work on that (and any tips are greatly appreciated by the by), I figured I would give Contracts a playthrough.

So far, on the third level, the Blargy Bomb, and enjoying myself so far. Making the leap from C47 to Contracts definetly shows, Contracts certainly feels far closer to Blood Money in terms of gameplay, and overall, I am enjoying it. The Meat King’s Party is pretty gruesome, even if it is so OTT that it could actually be darkly humourous.


have fun, i wish i could play this game again for the first time! :slight_smile:

Bjarkhov Bomb is by far the worst Level in the Game…

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What are the issues you’re facing with H2?

Ehhh… uhhh… yeah… well… what the fuck? I remember that level was quite good.


Enjoy playing “Blargy Bomb”. Just kidding…
Contracts is the quintessential hitman game. The atmosphere is top notch. Just watch out for ghosts


seriously? well, tastes are different, i guess - i’m also the only one i know who loves the Jungle Levels from Codename 47 :smiley:

Done the Bjarkhov bomb, I must admit, I didn’t think it was that bad. In fact, I actually really like the atmosphere of it all, the snow effects still hold up and the way the base is designed, with the wrecked sub and battleship is nicely done.

Granted, I can see problems. For one, it does seem a bit too big, although I havn’t fully explored all the buildings, it does feel like there is a lot of running about, especially since the only escape is going back to the start, which is a little tedious.

Unlike the first “real” level of the game as well, The Meat King’s Party, Bjarkhov Bomb actually seems a little easier, since the way you’re meant to tackle it is pretty well sign posted. Kill Fuchs, take his disguise, go meet the general, kill him, take his key, get the radiation suit, get the bombs, blow the sub up, escape. Very obvious compared to the last level which is alot harder to work out how to get the coveted Silent Assassin.

Saying that though, again, can’t say I thought it was really bad atall. Be interested to hear why you guys think of it being bad. Keep in mind, I’ve only done one playthrough of it so far.

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Trouble starting it up. Same issue I had with Codename 47 actually, but I changed the full screen option in the files to fix it, but that fix doesn’t help Silent Assassin. If SA does start up, it is very unresponsive, and loading screens take a long time, compared to instantenous in C47 or Contracts.

Played Beldingford Manor and Rotterdam Rendezvous. I can see why people love Beldingford Manor, it really has a great design, and a bit of a creepy atmosphere, including the soundtrack which keeps having a girl constantly laughing in the background. Granted, it is pretty cliche of the posh English, and being a Scot myself, the names of the 2 Scot brother in The Meat King’s Party are so Scottish it is rather humourous.

I think Beldingford’s premise is a little goofy, in that they plan to hunt a man, and seeing all the people in traditional outfits, even the couple women in really old fashioned underwear is kindof funny, but it really does work when they commit to it. Love the design of the manor especially, with the hidden bookcases, the two way mirror, the trap door hidden in the hedgemaze etc. Great map.

Rotterdam Rendezvous is pretty good too, it is kindof cool seeing the outfits from Codename 47 in far better clarity, it really is cool just seeing how much of a step up the graphics have taken in just 4 years. Pretty good level, it is Holland so ofcourse there are alot of prostitutes wandering about. Like the design of it, pretty solid level I think.

Will be moving into the remake levels now, and having played Codename 47 not that long ago, will be interesting to see what kind of improvements there are.


Bjarkhov Bomb is great. I actually think Meat King’s Party is the “worst” level in the game - But it is a fan favourite because of the unique atmosphere and memorable target.

Dude, drugs, hookers,etc the darkest hitman mission. Bjarkhov bomb is probably the longest mission in hitman and admittedly the fun wears off after a few tries…:kissing:

Yeah, it’s got a unique feeling to it with the slaughterhouse club rave - But it’s actually one of the more restrictive missions in the game.

I like The Meat King’s Party, but not sure I would say I loved it, as Quinn says it is actually a bit restrictive compared to other levels. Saying that though, as great as Contracts was back when it was released, as somebody coming to it having played Blood Money and Hitman 2016, well, I think I can never really fall in love with Contracts like other fans had when it came out.

Personally, I am still enjoying it, none of the levels so far have been bad, but compared even to the improvements Blood Money would bring along like coins, body containers and other little things, I don’t think I can ever say I will love Contracts.

Saying that though, it is feeding into my belief that aside from red headed step child Absolution, every Hitman game is better than the last one.

If you mean restrictive as in ways to eliminate the targets, I do agree with that. I mean considering Sturrock is stationed to his bed, you really don’t have many options. Basically you just bring him the chicken and use the concealed weapon of your choice (meat hook, knife, cleaver, or gun) or you can snipe him from the window above and that’s about it.

The lawyer basically stays in that room smoking the pipe most of the time, only occasionally going to the bathroom. Also very limited. As a matter of fact, considering how restrictive that level is in assassinating your targets, (in a Hitman game no less) I’m amazed by how much of a fan favorite it is.

I mean I still liked the level myself and everything. I suppose the tone of that level is really what makes it stand out from most of the rest.

Played Deadly Cargo and Traditions of the Trade, so it is pretty cool seeing how the levels from Codename 47 have been redesigned for Contracts. Deadly Cargo essentially crams both C47 Rotterdam levels together, and is probably the remake level most removed from the originals.

You can find my thoughts on the C47 levels in the thread I made about it, but basically: I liked the first Rotterdam level, really hated the second level, to the point that it was probably my least favourite level, even worse than the jungle levels.

I don’t think it surprises me that they decided to cram in elements of both levels into one, and make it really borderline a new level altogether. What I hated about the second level was just how long and arduous it took just getting to the ship, especially without a save system back in C47.

I like how Deadly Cargo reuses the strip club and car guard scenario from the first Rotterdam level, and brings back the ship and nuclear device from the second level, but redesigns the ship so it isn’t confusing to navigate and that finding the bomb is far better. Plus the fact that there is no timer for the bomb’s detonation, instead with it only blowing up if you kill Boris before defusing it which is even better.

I also really like how you can either get onto the ship disguised as a crewmember or join the SWAT team when they assault the ship, the SWAT approach is really alot of fun, love to see a future Hitman level use something like that. My only complaint is that it doesn’t feel like there any real ways in killing Boris, unless I’ve missed something it seems like the only to kill him is to try to murder him in his room when he is alone, or try to snipe him, but sniping him doesn’t feel one of the “main” ways to kill him.

Traditions of the Trade is pretty great too, it really is just a straight up recreation of the original, just with a slightly bigger and more detailed hotel, and that both Fuchs are offical targets, which works really well. Definetly the quinntesential Hitman level I think, just a very good, well designed place to go through and explore. Also wandered across the ghost easter egg, that is pretty neat.


It’s cool to see someone’s first impressions of these games now – thanks for sharing. I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you get SA up and running.

As for Contracts, I have mixed feelings on it. Its music and atmosphere are top-notch. For me, it’s the music and lighting used in Meatking’s that makes the bizarre fetish rave work so well - better than the Hell party in BM, imo (though as far as the missions themselves, Dance w/ Devil does slightly more for me).

I really liked the Deadly Cargo remake, for the same reasons you mention. And TotT is - exactly as you say - arguably the most quintessential “Hitman” mission in the entire series so seeing it a 2nd time was totally fine by me even though I don’t think much at all is improved outside of the atmosphere and music.

But then you get to the Hong Kong remakes, and that’s where the game falls apart for me. When it came out, I loved the first 2/3 of Contracts and slogged through the HK remakes (the finale, after the HK remakes, is great fun in its own way). Every time I revisit it as a whole package, I have the exact same experience.

And for that reason, I can’t agree with your earlier observation that (other than H:A) each Hitman has been better than the last. I otherwise agree, but SA > Contracts for me because the HK remakes drag Contracts down, and SA has some brilliant missions and is responsible for the single biggest leap from C47’s unrefined potential to what we know and understand Hitman to be now.

But don’t let me color your experience – give the HK remakes the benefit of the doubt as you play them and let us know what you think!

To be honest, the only Hong Kong remake I liked was Seafood Massacre. It’s small, but really well executed. The rest just strike me as dull and uninteresting. The Lee Hong Assassination is particularly disappointing.

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I think Slaying a Dragon is also interesting. Three major options to take out the Red Dragon member including the sniping.

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Yes I agree those two are the best of the four. Slaying a Dragon is maybe the most expanded of the HK remakes and, as the first one you come across while playing sequentially through the game, drags the least.

As bitty of a level as it was in C47, I’ve always had a real fondness for C47’s Seafood Massacre – on my first playthrough of the game way back in 2000 that was the level that just made the whole Hitman concept click for me. I had already played the pre-release demo (Wang Fou incident) 100 times but the Godfather-esque gun hidden in bathroom move and the alternative ways of achieving that was a more satisfying, more intimate murder-puzzle for me than the carbomb. The Contracts version of Seafood is actually pretty good as a stand-alone level, but by this point in the game we’re in the same setting, with the same music for the third level in a row and it starts to grate. And since I have such nostalgic love for the C47 Seafood, I have a harder time getting excited for Contracts’ version.

And then there’s Lee Hong Assassination which in my mind is definitively worse in Contracts than in C47.

The biggest problem with it all though is how similar even the more changed of the levels are to the C47 originals, and the fact that they make up the END of the game when they made up the beginning of C47. You don’t get that same sense of building towards something that you did in C47… you literally feel like you’re going backwards from where you just were (TotT). If they had been consolidated (like how Deadly Cargo was) into 2 or even 3 missions and placed at the beginning of the “remake run” that alone would have helped the entire game tremendously in my view.


The Lee Hong Assassination was pretty dull along with The Wang Fou Incident. Still, The Seafood Massacre is my favourite level from Honk Kong saga. Sniping, poisoning, “I have to use the bathroom”, quickly wiring all the targets before they arrive, etc. Just a lot of options.