Playstation Hitman 3 Cloud Save Question

Good afternoon first time poster, long time fan of the forum and series. So i know alot about the carry over progression system (that all your progress in hitman 3 would be wiped out etc) i was curious if anyone has uploaded their saved data in hitman 3 to sonys cloud system carried over all 3 hitman games then redownloaded there progress to the console. i was wondering if anyone has tried this and if it has worked as i reall ydont want to lose all my progress. any help would be much appreciated. thank you in advance

Won’t work. There’s no way around it, that’s why ioi was up front and clear about doing the progress transfer BEFORE playing Hitman 3 too much because all that H3 progress gets erased once the transfer’s complete.

If there was a way around it (like what you’re suggesting) players (and ioi) would’ve mentioned it by now.


fair enough , i guess i have a tough decision to make then.

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How deep are you into Hitman 3?

pretty deep i got all the trophies/platinum so its jsut a few challenges here and there in all 6 locations (except ambrose island)

You know you don’t actually have to do a progress carry over unless you have suits/items from H1 & H2 that you want and can’t re-obtain in H3.

very true will definatly think on it

You won’t lose your trophies when you do the progress carryover, only your ingame achievements (the challenges and unlocks you completed). Not sure if that was your worry here.

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