Please Fix "Contracts" Hitman Absolution PS3

Hey guys;

I really didn’t know the notice about the Hitman Absolution Contracts from PS3 were going to be closed.
Please guys, a lot to players still want to get those online trophies… I only need 2 online trophies, and I just found out just now that servers are closed.

Please let me know, will you bring back the servers? Otherwise, can you help us to earn those online trophies somehow? With a patch/update or something like that, pleaseeeee!!

We love all your games and we all really want to get your trophies at 100%.
We beg you to do something and please, let me know.

Thanks in advance and we trust you guys.

PS: Here you say that this is just temporal and you’ll find the solution for us

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Unfortunately, IO is not able to bring back those contract servers. They are Square Enix’s assets. Plus, IO has their current priority, which is polishing Hitman 2.

But they said it was just temporal… I need to read an answer for one of them. This is not fair for us.

If we’re interested on the online trophies, what’s the big deal on get a pach/update so people can earn those trophies automatically??

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Okay… they may bring back the servers one day. And if you’re looking for an official answer, Let’s tag @Travis_IOI and @Clemens_IOI. But even the PS4/Xbox One HD Collection doesn’t have Contracts mode, so it is unlikely that they will enable it again.

Thanks for your help @Yellow_ZR1 brother…

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI
Guys we just need a chance for us to get those trophies please, at least re-open the servers for a week or create a patch for those online trophies, please…

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I agree that saying the issue is only temporary then never mentioning it again isn’t great. If they had just said “this is out of our hands, sorry” I’d have a much easier time letting go of the prospect of ever achieving the platinum on Absolution…

Also, it’d be easier to accept if they’d made H2016 and H2 platinum compatible.

Friends, I guess if we all keep asking them for a solution, they will find the way to fix it…
They just need to know that many of us want this and maybe they’ll work on it.
@Travis_IOI never said it’s not possible…

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Lets stick to one thread that’s already ongoing about the contracts server. Two is not necessary.


Ugh. Who the hell cares about a meaningless award in a Sony database?

Re-evaluate your life priorities.


Each of us got different priorities (talking about video games), if you don’t care about it, that’s ok. But many players do care about it.
If you have doubts about it, please check and see how thousands of players are constantly earning those trophies.

We don’t need people to pull back our petition, we need people who support us.
After all, trophies are part of all the games, some people cares and some people doesn’t.

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You’re right, revolving my entire life around trophies was a mistake, you’re so woke. :roll_eyes: