Please help me about hitman legacy pack

Hello everyone. I have Ps4 hitman season 1 complete edition (digitally) and i just bought hitman 2 disk.
I redeemed legacy pack from hitman 1 and i downloaded all legacy episodes but when i want to play them on hitman 2 it says there’s no content. Also legacy pack downloads appear in hitman 1 add-on but not in hitman 2 add-on.

They should be listed in your H2 add-ons as ready to be installed.
Download the free starter pack and see if you can redeem Legacy again.

I tried with starter pack also. I uninstalled hitman 2 i downloaded free starter after i tried again i can download add-ons but they don’t come to hitman 2 add-on list

Are they from the same region?

I think no because hitman 1 is digitally and hitman 2 disk is region 2.

They have to be same region?