Please help me with version query

Hi guys, firstly, LOVE the series.

Ok, now for the issue. I bought and played the first Hitman on PS4.

I then bought an Xbox One X and love the elite controller.

I bought Hitman 2 on Xbox.

Now I want to play Hitman levels through Hitman 2.

If I select a tile for a Hitman 1 map, it says I need to get access, I click the tile and it takes me to the store, to buy LEGACY UPGRADE PACK for 7.99. It doesnt say this includes Hitman 1 levels in the description.

What do I need to buy please?

Hi, Freeman. Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, free legacy pack can only be claimed on the same platform you previously played. That means if you wish to play these old levels on another platform, you need to purchase the Legacy Upgrade Pack you mentioned. It does include all levels (Paris - Hokkaido, bonus missions, Patient Zero campaign, etc). Check the link below to see more details. Cheers!

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I am.happy to pay £7.99 for the levels on Xbox, but I was told that legacy upgrade pack was only for people who own the first game, and that I would need to buy the Legacy GOTY pack which includes all Hitman 1 levels, but that is £54.99 which I am not willing to pay. Sorry for so many questions but I dont want to waste £7.99 and not get access to the first games levels, it only lists the extra missions and not the main maps.

Could you share a link to the Xbox store page of GOTY legacy pack? Because I am pretty sure it should only cost you about £15.40. You don’t need to pay a full game price to own it.

And yes, the upgrade pack is for those who previously only purchased the complete first season, but without the GOTY upgrade. That means, they only need to pay extra £7.99 to own the GOTY contents.

But still, for you, if you wish to play all old locations in the new game, the only option is the £15.40 GOTY legacy pack.

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That is the Hitman 2+Goty Legacy Pack bundle so ignore that since you already have Hitman 2 :slight_smile:

As Yellow is saying. The only thing you need to purschase is GOTY Legacy Pack.

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Ok this is very weird. Both ps4 and steam has listed the GOTY Legacy pack as $20 but xbox has only the bundle?

i think he means this, i was baffled by it when i bought it on my brothers account, but it was on ‘offer’ then for 17.99 the price it should be, the GOTY legacy upgrade is 7.99 bit i assume you need the base legacy pack, which it says is unavailable for purchase


Yeah that is the bundle Hitman 2 + GOTY Legacy Pack.

I assume the price drops down to $20 when the store knows that you already own Hitman 2 because why would you buy that when you already own Hitman 2.

OP. Check the store from within your xbox and look if there is only GOTY Legacy Pack, and not the bundle with Hitman 2.
GOTY Legacy Pack should cost $20, thats the pricing it always has been.

And reply back to us so we know what the matter is, if the price drops down to $20 when it knows that you already own Hitman 2.

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Unfortunately the price doesnt drop down, so it seems the only option I can find in the store is 54.99

What if you login to the Microsoft website. Is it still only the bundle price?

I’ve Just checked, on my brothers account and he doesn’t have access to the HITMAN 2 missions only Miami as i got the Miami pack on there for the ET, so it isn’t HITMAN 2 + Legacy, just Legacy, maybe IO got price mistake

Yes still the same mate. Very wierd

Yeah that must be it then, very unfortunate.
It should be $20 as the ps and steam store.

I dont know if you should contact xbox or IOI

OP. What if you go in Hitman 2 menu > Store and select GOTY Legacy? Where does it redirect you?

That takes me to the 54.99 version as well :slight_smile:

I did some digging around in the store and went into the GOTY bundle to see all listed items. I found that all the original maps ie Legacy: Paris are available to download. Ive queued them all up, but havent bought anything so who knows if they will work. Thanks guys

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Good luck :+1:

It didnt work. I give up :frowning:

The Legacy Pack is free for owners of Hitman (2016) on the platform they previously owned it on. It contains all of the Hitman (2016) locations (and bonus missions). It does not contain the GOTY content (patient zero, suits, escalations w/ unlocks). The (basic) Legacy Pack can not be purchased, it’s only available to people who have the basic Hitman (2016) season 1 content.

The GOTY Legacy Pack is free to owners of Hitman GOTY Bundle (2016). To get this free you don’t just need to own Hitman (2016) season 1 you need to own the actual GOTY Edition of the game. The GOTY Legacy Pack is all of The Legacy Pack (listed above) plus the additional GOTY content (patient zero campaign, suits, escalation missions with weapon unlocks)

The Legacy Pack Upgrade is for people who only own the (free) Legacy Pack and want to convert it into the GOTY Legacy Pack.

If you never had the (basic) Legacy Pack you can not buy just the upgrade, that would be pointless and they don’t let you buy the basic Legacy Pack. What’s available to you for purchase is the GOTY Legacy Pack (which is both the Legacy Pack and the upgrade together)

However, GOTY Legacy Pack purchase requires you own the actual game Hitman 2, that’s standard edition (or silver or gold), you can not purchase DLC if all you own is a starter edition (starter editions are: The Starter Pack, The Miami Pack or the Santa Fortuna Pack)

If all you own is a starter edition you need to first buy at least Standard edition then the GOTY Legacy Pack is buyable

I own the physical disc version of Hitman 2, but the Legacy upgrade you mention isnt something I can find anywhere on the store.

Is this it? To be fair, I owned everything from H1 anyway so maybe I can only see that because . . . no, that can’t be right as it shows a price . . . although I might not have bought it. Anyway, I think it’s the thing you’re looking for but then it does depend on what you already own as to whether you can buy it.