Please help me with version query

If you own Hitman 2 (at least standard) then what you would buy is GOTY Legacy Pack ($20), not the “upgrade” (unless you were given the non-goty legacy pack free)

As I already explained the upgrade is for people who had the free basic Legacy Pack and want to convert to GOTY Legacy Pack

If you have no Legacy Pack at all, you buy GOTY Legacy Pack (which is the basic and the ugprade)

That’s for people who already have the basic Legacy Pack and wish to convert up to the GOTY Legacy Pack. It tells you that right in the description

Thank you but that isnt it. The thing this other guy is talking about isnt even available on the store. Thanks for trying mate

No reason to think you’re wrong but I don’t know as I had everything anyway and just clicked “download” or whatever on everything without paying further attention. On a more pedantic note I do think it is the item mentioned in the post to which I replied. Oh, well, no it isn’t, just saw the reply. Thought it might have helped. Maybe if I have more tea things’ll become clearer.

This is the GOTY Legacy Pack (basic + upgrade)

It is in the store, I just don’t know why your pricing is so high, it’s only $20 on PS4 or PC

It is however included for free if you simply buy the other game:

It’s really strange that you buy Hitman (2016) for only $45 and it includes the GOTY Legacy Pack for free within Hitman 2, but if you attempt to buy GOTY Legacy Pack by itself it’s priced higher

This seems like a pricing oversight, but the content I’m talking about is there

Guys it’s simple. The problem is that there is only a H2 + GOTY Legacy Pack in the store and not just the GOTY Legacy Pack.

What IO or Microsoft need to do is have the GOTY Legacy seperate from the bundle.
Microsoft should register that OP already owns H2 but it doesn’t.

It is there I just linked it, the price is simply wrong

Yeah its a balls up, but thanks for info. Maybe they will sort it, if not I will just make do with part 2

Yeah I just saw that it’s not even a bundle, just the price is way off.

Here, I’ll explain it again using links.

There used to be a Hitman (2016) season one bundle. That is no longer sold. If all you owned is Hitman (2016) season one then what you were given (free) within Hitman 2 was “The Legacy Pack” this is not sold anywhere and contains only the basic Hitman season 1 content.

What’s currently sold for Hitman (2016) is the GOTY Edition, that’s this:

If you own that you are given The GOTY Legacy Pack for Hitman 2, the GOTY Legacy Pack for Hitman 2 is this:

On any other platform (PS4, PC) this bundle is $20 (or free as explained above). The problem as I understand it is that the price at 54 makes no sense.

Confusing the issue is there are two upgrades. This one converts your Hitman (2016) season one into Hitman (2016) GOTY Edition:

While simultaneously giving you this:

Which would otherwise only be buyable for someone who had Hitman (2016) season 1 non GOTY Legacy Pack

The store needs to fix the pricing, otherwise it’s currently cheaper to buy Hitman (2016) GOTY and you get that game + the DLC for Hitman 2 of it

I have a PhD and found understanding what was going on was simpler than understanding editions of “Hitman”!!! :smiley:

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So wierd this problem. I wad allowed to download all legacy mps but they dont work, still says get access. However, under sapienza i can play the icon and landslide? Also everything under Marrakesh is available, even the main story.

Restart your xbox, that might work, i had to do that

Didnt work. I offficially give up. Thanks to all of you for trying to help. Enjoy