Please help, sniper trophies

Firstly, I apologise if I don’t explain this very well.

I have 100% trophies on Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2. After doing the transfer process to Hitman 3 some of those trophies are not showing as complete. Most of those I don’t mind doing again, but the trophies for 2 of the sniper assassin missions (Hantu Port and Siberia) for getting 1,000,000 points have blanked out.

I only managed to achieve those the first time by doing the joint mission because I’m not great at sniper assassin. But there’s no option for playing on multi player mode on Hitman 3. Is there any way I can make those trophies unlock again or do I just have to accept that I’ll never get platinum?

You have to play both again with a Silent Assassin rating, this unlocks all four trophies (Silent Assassin and over 1 million Score).

Yes, just like what Chaos said, it is possible and will be even easier with the multipliers you unlock via completing challenges. Also, these Sniper Assassin trophies won’t count towards platinum, because they are DLC trophies. So you can still earn platinum even without unlocking them.

Thank you both! That’s good to know