Please IO-I let us be able to lower supersampling to less than 1.0

it was possible in the beta!!! My pc will run well with it being under 1.0. Right now I’m playing at 22 fps or so. Very tiring after a while due to the little delay after every input.

I tried tweaking this… This doesn’t work… I would agree with the OP that SUper Sampling should have an option to be reduced uptill 0.50. just like in the beta.

I tried setting both (separately) supersampling and resolution lower in GFXSettings and regedit. While they let you enter lower values, once you launch the game, it just defaults it back up. Doesn’t matter if you disable the launcher in Steam. So far no solution to this AFAIK.

If you want 0.50 supersampling I guess using half of your resolution exactly and setting it to stretch would function the same way.

You can just lower the resolution

That’s not really how SS works. SS allows you to retain the same UI size, but show a higher/lower resolution for the actual game visuals itself.

So you mean my method will fuck up the UI but SS won’t?

What are your talking about? SS 1.0 equals your normal resolution. 0.5 would be under-sampling (so to speak).

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The resolution change will not effect the fps as much as SS would. SS gives a very high boost to Fps for underpowered PCs such as mine. I had no problems with the beta whatsoever.

Yes you can say that… In the Beta you could go to 0.5… I adjusted it differently according to the situation. sometime 0.8,0.9 or 1.0 depending on the location.
Right now at 1.0 locked I get 22-29 fps which is playable but sometimes it drops to 18-20.
If I had the sampler I would be at 45-50 and when it goes down it would never go down below 30.

If you actually know how to lower resolution below those provided, please share.

Do you really want to play at a resolution lower than 720p?

I might want to try. You offered it as a solution.

Still, the problem I see lies more in the performance rather than the SS.

Okay, for people who are struggling with lower end specs, there’s a way to get a lower resolution than you are presented in the game settings.

Go to your AMD/Nvidia control panel, and there you should find your display settings. It likely has some kind of autodetection enabled on to find your display’s maximum resolution. If it has, disable it, and manually type in (or select from a list if your control panel does that) the resolution you want as your display’s maximum resolution.

Now that you launch the game, it should have that resolution and it has probably unlocked further lower resolutions to choose from if you want.

Using this has a few drawbacks:

-Everything outside of HItman is limited to this max resolution as well
-The cutscenes/story cinematics are zoomed a bit in

Obviously graphics take a hit, but if there are people who would kill for that extra 10 FPS, this might help a bit. Depending on the resolution, you might even be able to smuggle in a bit of antialiasing or anisotropic filtering to console you. And mucking about a bit, the graphics were totally playable.

Just being able to slide that supersampling below zero would be more user friendly and slightly more effective too I would bet. On the upside, however, this method doesn’t look as blurry.

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I will give this a try thank you.

Sorry if this a necro, but it’s the top result on google that implies there may be a solution contained within. I’ve been mucking around with the game for 20 minutes or so, then I noticed the EngineBenchmark.bat file in the game’s root directory. Looking through this, it appears that subsampling (fractional supersampling) is very easily attainable while keeping the UI nice and crisp like in you monitor’s native resolution.

For Steam, simply add this to the game’s “Launch Options” from within in the game’s properties menu “ConsoleCmd settings_SetSuperSampling 1.0” (without the quotes) and change 1.0 to whatever fraction you’d like.

Game’s running at 1080p with all its crisp glory, except for the render window, which is at 1440x810 thanks to “ConsoleCmd settings_SetSuperSampling 0.75”

There’s probably a way to make this happen in real time while in-game if the console was exposed.


This was something people were asking about after launch, but I haven’t seen this solution being offered anywhere before. Thanks for signing up and sharing!

Thanks for that ill check this out
Ok so i did and it didnt work.

This also doesn’t work for me.
Regedit on the other hand does.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER>SOFTWARE>IO Interactive>Hitman>SuperSampling

Double click SuperSampling, change the Base to Decimal, change 1000 to 750 (or whatever number you want).