Please please fix the bloom

I’m already getting PTSD flashbacks when I look at the only ingame screenshot available.

Please do something for H3 to not have shiny white panels instead of windows. It was a meme in H2, but it should not be carried over to H3 at all. Revert to H1 lighting if you must.


Having an option for that is what I hope for. I don’t know why crisp contrast without light bleeding in is out of fashion. :frowning:


There are so many threads on this forum asking the devs to cut down on the bloom that I thought that it would get their attention by now… :frowning:


they’ve no doubt heard about it. i really hope it’s toned down at least :pray: pls IOI
i wanna be able to look out windows and not just see light


^ This.

However, it’s not just the bloom, there are several issues with H2’s lighting:

Auto Exposure

It was fine in Season 1, now seems like it has a delay and is too weak.
Dark areas are too dark, and bright areas are too bright.

The following two images have no color correction or mods being used:

Sapienza Lab - HITMAN 2016 (Patch 1.9.0, gamma set to 1.00)

You can see the surrounding area quite clearly, some detail lost in the shadows but not a lot.

Sapienza Lab - HITMAN 2 (Patch 2.72.0, gamma set to 1.00)

Most of the surrounding rock formations are almost impossible to tell apart, you can barely separate 47 from the environment.

Ambient Occlusion

The AO is way too dark in H2, causing everything to almost look like a comic book.
It was perfect in old Season 1, but then was made a bit too weak in GOTY.

To compensate it seems like this effect was amplified in H2 but it makes surfaces look “dirty” rather than occluded.

Sapienza Church - HITMAN 2016

Sapienza Church - HITMAN 2 (bloom/lighting effects disabled)
Also has an ugly green haze, probably a leftover from before the Februrary update.

Lens Flares and Light Decals

I think this is caused because IO had experimented with Ray Tracing, and even had advertised it (even if perhaps only as DLSS, because confusing marketing) with “RTX” before launch before later removing it from the game, and wanted to create the effect of Ray Tracing without implementing it.

Thus, “Lighting Decals” were added that create colored blobs on the screen that match the current area’s lighting and colors to create an illusion of “Ray Tracing” without it being there.

Lens Flares and Light Decals disabled
Looks quite nice actually.

Lens Flares and Light Decals enabled
Definitely going for a “faux” ray-tracing effect.

Just the lens flares on their own are also quite distracting.

Lens Flares disabled

Lens Flares enabled

I’m really hoping IO takes this criticism to heart.

The last two games have had extremely beautiful environments and art.
It’s an absolute pity that these horrible lighting/visual decisions ruin the look of those environments and hinder gameplay.


And since the issue still not fixed, a member of the forums even made an awesome tool that almost fixes all the bloom in Hitman 2 :smile: :ok_hand:

A mix between H2016 and H2016GOTY lightnings/bloom would be great i think :+1:

It’s a great tool, that’s how many of my screenshots above were captured.

However, it’s DX11 only and Hitman 2’s stability and performance on DX11 is quite abysmal and effectively makes it useless for extended play sadly.

A first party solution would be much better, and who knows if H3 will be as conducive to modding as H2 has been.


I hope so! HITMAN™ 2 being Modding-Welcome has been the light in the darkness of this sequel, such amazing creations and tools :hugs:

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Pardon my French but the bloom is fucking hideous. I still hope they turn the Sapienza skybox back to the 2016 release version and tweak the lighting a lot. Not only Sapienza, but Paris and Colorado also need some work imo. Apart from that, the lens flares and bloom are a pain in the ass eyes to look at.


Definitely a rougher delivery but pretty much what I was getting at lol.

If you mean tweak the lighting from H2, I totally agree. 2016 had very good lighting for the most part. Perfect? No, nothing is. But certainly better than the current mess.

The 2016 OG colors were a little bit muted, but literally with some gentle (to moderate) ReShade you can have a very gorgeous looking level, far beyond any version after that.

At least Sapi is pretty much universally regarded as being superior in OG 2016.
I agree about Paris and Colorado as well, but there’s plenty who don’t, making it rather subjective

After spending some time with several old patches of Season 1, the only level that actually looked a bit meh was Bangkok, was a bit washed in yellow originally.

GOTY did improve Bangkok’s lighting, that’s probably why they showcased that specific level for the lighting changes lol.

Honestly though, I would say for the most part every other level was pretty well matched with its colors.

  • Paris’ darker blue sky complimented the fireworks a lot better than red/orange, which tends to mask the effects a bit. Also made Holiday Hoarders really stand out more.
  • Sapienza is pretty obvious, the clouds (and now the bloom too) really have no place there.
  • I liked Marrakesh’s original cleaner look, they made it look a bit stereotypical with its “dirty” brown tinge.
  • Colorado looked more foreboding and terrifying originally. H2 Legacy is definitely better, a blend of OG and GOTY. Still a bit too saturated though. My heart goes to OG.
  • Hokkaido’s lighting did not change too much, but the original felt more sterile and cold, which fit Situs Inversus extremely well. Would not worry about it too much though, it’s close enough.