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Hello everyone. I was gonna “introduce” myself in the appropriate thread, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone here got a chance to see this post. @Jarbinger if you could just leave this thread open for just a few days (so pretty much everyone has a chance to see it that would be great.)

Okay, so…

As some of you may remember, I went off “Chris Farley style” a few months back, mainly involving me, @Quinn & Jarbinger

(Just trying to lighten the mood lol)

I wanted to keep this brief but really wanted to make a sincere apology to all of you. I already spoke with both Quinn and Jarbinger within the past couple days and to my appreciation, they have both forgiven me and agreed to let by gones be by gones and start fresh. Clean slate.

In case some of you haven’t figured it out yet, this is @AGENT4T7

I just wanted everything to be out in the open now and let everyone know I sincerely apologize to each of you for my behavior in which got me banned and I’m sorry if I hurt or offended anyone else in the process. That honestly wasn’t me… it isn’t me!

The reason I took on “Clover” was an attempt to prove to Jar that I really did/can change. The fact that Jarbinger allowed me back (even after everything I said and done) just shows how big of a person he is. And I honestly respect that deeply. I know he didn’t have to let me back, but he was kind enough to do so, and with that alone, I vow to never step out of line again, and you can all mark my words on that.

Bottom line is, I’m sorry. I had a lot of time to think about what I’ve done, and I just wanted to make amends. Jar and Quinn were extremely kind and understanding which I appreciate dearly. I just hope I can gain the respect back that I probably lost from quite a few of you.

I’m ready to start fresh and be a better member. I hope all of you can forgive me. The Piano man really missed a lot of you! It’s great to be back

A few shout outs!



Clover came to me on his knees, begging for forgiveness. Saying ‘Oh I’m so sorry for my past behaviour, I’ve changed’. I decided to forgive the guy. I did. Because I’m a good guy. I’m letting bygones be bygones, and letting him get himself back together. Next question.

-Trump, 2019


I freakin knew it :smile: It did feel a bit similar talking to you man. All I can say is that i have really been missing you around here. You have been a great inspiration to me and the hole thing about joining this forum. You have made a very good impression on this forum (apart from the whole thing back there) and helped alot of people!

But hey man I really love your company on this forum and looking forward to share more creative ideas with you. (Dont leave me again :wink: )

"Good to have you back" [}-----------{]


I don’t accept your apology, i wasn’t on the forum then, but that doesn’t change anything… just kidding :smile:


Haha you and Trump, bro :joy:

@H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F thank you for your very kind words. Yeah I had a feeling you knew it was me haha

Don’t worry, “I never left” -47
Seriously though, I plan on sticking around :blush:


Haha you had me :sweat_smile: Yeah I don’t believe we met prior. Good to see new faces though.


Although I have no idea what exactly it is, but it doesn’t matter…nice to meet you and have a lot of fun here in the forum :slight_smile:


Yeah, its all in the past now. I don’t believe we met, either lol I was apart of the forum for 2 years before my ban. Don’t recall seeing you around. But thank you dude, it’s nice to meet you as well. Enjoy your stay too!


No, we have never met before, but I just wanted to express my welcome. I am relatively new since the beginning of the year. Thank you, wish you a good time too.


I think you did good as Clover, and we certainly forgave worse things. :+1:

You pretty much have no issue if you just learn to stop posting in certain situations, in certain threads. I mean you said at many arguments with Quinn you won’t reply anymore. It was a step into the right direction, you just have to stick to that. :grin:


i was pretty shocked to learn how you got banned, because i saw you as one of the most polite members on this forum.

but it’s better to leave that in the past. good to have you back my man :slight_smile:


I knew that use of emojis was quite familiar.


im glad to have you back. definitely one of the most polite members to get banned, apart from that one outburst you had once. good luck to the future


Made a quick announces vid of your return in hitman style of course :smile:


I honestly forgot even what happen or what this is even in reference to.
but from the people mentioned, well person really, I can piece together what happened and probably what was said.

yeah they really are a forgiving bunch.


Most definitely. I mainly joined because I love Hitman and wanted to discuss it with fellow fans. Along the way, I forgot that and stared to discuss with more personal topics. I understand fully now that some things are just best kept unsaid.

However, I don’t wish for that to keep me and @Quinn from discussing Hitman or other non political topics in the future (which I don’t think it will) but yes, from here on out it’s all Hitman talk lol

Now is that to say I won’t have future debates/arguments at times with people? No. This is a forum. People discuss. People have different views and opinions. Occasional Arguments are inevitable. But I certainly learned now how to do that in a way more healthy manner. That’s for damn certain!

@Niobium thank you very much, bro. I agree. I hope you and others don’t view me differently. How I lashed out certainly was not me. I mean I was part of the forum for two years before my ban and I only ever acted out like that once within that time (definitely not an excuse for my previous behavior, I know!) but we all have bad days, I just went about it in a very unhealthy way that I’m actually embarrassed about tbh…

But yeah. Just wanted to get all that out and thanks for the welcoming! :slightly_smiling_face:


@H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F haha thanks for that man! Yeah… the line at the bathroom was pretty long :joy: But it’s so great to be back!


I miss your creativity bro. Mind sharing some of those beautiful fiberwire shots you used to make?


It’s good to see you made amends with Quinn and Jarbinger. I was wondering if you’d be alright after the ban, and it looks like the time off did some good I think. Welcome back.


I also wanted to add for everyone…

I’m sorry I deceived some of you as “Clover” I only did it to try and convince Jar that I was serious and capable of being a better member here. But that’s also one of the reasons I’m making this thread. I really respect a lot of you here and just wanted to come clean and let you know it was ME you’d be talking to in the future (AGENT4T7) it wouldn’t have felt “right” otherwise…

@Danger_dog_guy_7 thanks bro! Yeah I think I can find some… here is Mark Faba…

@Nazareth so am I! The time off really let me reflect. But thanks a bunch, it truly is good to be back, bro!