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Well this is surprising but it’s good to have you back.
Despite that drama that got you banned I know you’re member that’s well capable of being civil


Thanks buddy, I appreciate that. I missed the guy who shares the same birthday as my daughter :laughing:

But really man, I missed you dude. Good to see you again.


I’m very glad to have you back. One of the best members on the forum, it was…unfortunate that you had such a violent outburst, but this forum is very forgiving, full of the nicest people and we all know how capable you are of being a valuable member. Welcome back!



Wow man, thank you! I’m honored you think that. But yes, my behavior was very inappropriate, a mistake I will NOT repeat. This forum is indeed filled with the most kind and forgiving people I’ve ever seen in any forum. Ever! Haha

But thanks again for the kind words, friend. Much appreciated. Thank you for the welcome back!


I’m pretty new to the forum but your ‘‘Real life ‘‘Custom’’ Hitman memorabilia’’ thread, was what got me into this forum. And for that im very thankfull. I’m pretty sure I still have that thread bookmarked btw.


Apologizing publicly like this is a very brave thing to do, and very mature. Welcome back



no shoutout for good ol’ Ochoa? you are dead to me :frowning:

welcome back :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks man! I’m glad you enjoyed the thread enough to make you join. That’s fantastic!

Feel free to post some ideas of your own in there, I’d love to see whatever people have “Hitman” related :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@SeanBernowicz thanks bro! I was actually extremely nervous to make this thread to be honest. I wasn’t so sure if people would forgive me. I admire everyone’s understanding and forgiveness. It truly does mean more to me than you can imagine, I just love this community and I’m so glad a lot of you are accepting me back.

@MrOchoa my apologies dude, I really did include you in the OP but only 10 max. I wanted to @ even more people. But I didn’t forget about ya buddy! :wink:


was quinn the first to call this? cuz if so it means I was first to the mark yet again :sunglasses:


I’m not sure what you mean exactly? Lol but yes, Quinn was the first to “call me out” (that I’m aware of anyway.) unless others knew too and just didn’t say anything.


@Quinn heard it from me, I picked up on it pretty early after you joined

just a humblebrag about how I’m still not losing my touch :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Oh, I see. Haha

Well, congratulations. You’re quite the “enforcer” then. Lol

But still, I wanted to come clean. I had no intentions on staying “Clover” I knew I was gonna confess eventually (why I made this thread) I was just getting up the nerve to do so.


Good to have you back!

I did notice your absence (read: ban) a few months ago, and had heard word of some outburst you had, but I never really looked into it too much. You were (and still are) a good, well meaning person when I knew you before then so it was kinda surprising to have it happen out of the blue.

Anyway, it’s good to know that you regret and offer a sincere apology to any users or mods you harmed or had an argument with. That’s just… a real nice thing to see. Kudos to the mods for letting you have a second chance at this.

P.S.: Is it wrong that in the whole time you were @Agent4T7 (and even in this brief starting period of “Clover”) I thought that your profile pic was of Kratos and not 47? I would never had known the truth had you not blown up the image here on the forum.


Welcome back agent! Is good to have you back


Well, truth be told, they gave me multiple chances on various occasions… I was just too arrogant at the time. So Kudos to them indeed.

But after my official ban and some time passed and gave me the opportunity to really think about everything. As I said before, you can all mark my words I will not step out of line again.

The fact that Jar let me back when he didn’t have to (and he had all the right in the world to NOT let me back) just made me respect him a thousand times more. And definitely DEFINITELY enough to never act like that again on this forum, ever!

I’m just so very grateful, words can’t even describe it. I’m even more touched on how
willingly everyone else is welcoming me back. It’s truly touching :heart_eyes:

(Also I have no clue who Kratos is so lol that’s pretty funny though @TheChicken)

@badeaguard my man!! I missed you so much buddy! How you been my friend? How’s the SilverBaller coming along??


@Clover Unfortunately most of the original post images are broken… :cry:


This Man from God of War.


Ah, damn! That sucks dude… I can’t do anything about it either since the op is my old account… @RotaryOliver might still have a lot of the images since most of the work was made by him. I may have a few as well. I’ll have to take a look and I’ll send you a PM


Haha holy crap, that’s pretty close! I can’t believe you thought that’s who my avatar was all this time lol funny