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Miss you too. Silverballer is on hold but the silencer is finally arriving tomorrow or after tomorrow.
I went again to the engraving villa and they didn’t made the finish of some pieces how I wanted to be so now I need to re do them and give better indications. But it can be done.
I estimate it’s maybe going to be done by summer if not september going at this rate.



They might be recoverable, try this. @Piano_Man

Clover can’t save the edits but can at least repost them. Or anyone else.



Welcome back! Now go get your shine box you prick!!!



This was slightly before my time here, but you’ve always been aces in my book @Piano_Man

Consider this… A New Life



Still a working progress I see lol but That’s great, Alex! I’m gonna have to check out your thread and brush up. It’s been so cool following your journey on creating the ultimate replica. I’m so looking forward to seeing the final product!

@Urben I’ll try that out see what happens, thanks for the info. If anything I did find most of them I saved in the past thankfully.


Nope… that still isn’t old! :joy::joy::joy: am I right @Fortheseven? You no face (avatar) bastard!? lol

@Agent.Smith thanks buddy! I haven’t known you that long, but the feeling is mutual. Even though I always gotta rescue your ass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Look at all these apologies. Im worried about you, you might fold under questioning.

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I couldn’t help but to think of this commercial. Replace “Peter” with “Clover”.

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Fair play man, takes a lot of balls for someone to come and say they were wrong and apologise so well in. Welcome back mate.

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Lmfao dude that made me laugh so hard! Hahaha thanks for that! :joy:


haha I missed our Goodfellas references. It’s good to see you again, buddy.

I Appreciate that man, thanks a lot



Welcome back! :raised_hands:

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Just to be certain everyone got a chance to see this, I am gonna bump this thread one final time.

Again, this is @AGENT4T7 Thank you all for graciously accepting me back :slightly_smiling_face: I really am touched and I’m proud to be apart of this awesome community once more. it’s great to be back, Agents!

And @Jarbinger I just want to thank you one more time for allowing me to return. You are indeed a true gentleman.

(You can close this thread when ready.)



We get it already, jeeze.

Come back when you’re Denzel Washington.





I don’t believe redemption at all and IMO showing mercy=weakness.

I was joined here after your account banned so I don’t know who are you and why you banned but I assume you are good guy since everyone is happy to see you. So I wanted to say welcome back.

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Well, I’m afraid I have to disagree with that. But you’re entitled to your own opinion. Regardless, thank you very much for the welcoming :slightly_smiling_face:

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And your type of mentality is showing arrogance, ignorance and immaturity.

Pick your poison, I guess.



I actually suspected it was you for a while, mainly for having the same avatar, also being piano man and a simmilar way to write. Welcome back!



I recently changed my avatar back to my original. Before it was something else. But thanks @Bending_Cheese67, happy to be back with you and everyone else.



Welcome back!

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i have no idea what the fuck happened lol