Please Stop Trying to Make Sure I Don't Miss Stuff


I realize this is a hard one to swallow as a dev but please… stop trying to make sure players don’t miss certain experiences, it cheats them out of their own unique ones.

Case in point:

I was playing the Mission Story where the Constant meets with Sophia Washington in “The Ark Society”.
Listening in on their conversation I made an observation.

The building on the opposite side of the bridge from this tower has a pretty good sniper spot for this scenario.

Already disappointed by the fact that this meeting can’t be triggered in any other way (there is no fallback), I begrudgingly did the St. Claire thing, and then dashed to the sniper spot. It’s pretty damned sweet.

Only one problem. Unless this is a bug… the conversation between the Constant and Sophia is triggered based on proximity, to make sure the players don’t “miss” the conversation.
They just stand around nodding their heads for a really long time, and instead of the Constant leaving while Sophia makes a phone call, they just both “cancel” the meeting and head back at the same time (!!!)

I managed to save this with a well placed sniper shot to delay Sophia, but this is some bullshit. Once the Constant calls Sophia they should be on a timed script. I might be OK with some slight pauses to wait for a straggling player, but this is not cool in the slightest



Yeah I really strongly agree with this. In most games yeah, I don’t want the npcs to have important chats off screen that I might miss… but this is different.

Hitman for me is at its best when everything in the level is a constant, except for the one variable which is me as 47, which creates a different experience each time.

The conversation should happen when I trigger the parameters for it to happen, regardless of if I stay around and watch it or not.


It’s the same with Sapienza, the guards in the attic won’t talk about the combination code unless you’re really close to them and most of the time,when I try to use their conversation as an advantage (because when they finish it, they leave) I do other stuff but most of the time, they haven’t even said a single word, and I have to wait for them all over again. :unamused:


Because of thing like this Sgail just seems so shallow to me.


So, maybe I just ran into a bunch of bad luck / timing, but I don’t think so.

Let me explain:

The only challenge I have left on Sgail is the “poison the constant 3 times” one. I decided to follow him around to try and spot the different possibilities.

I found him on the floor where the meeting where Jebadiah Block and the rest takes place. He’s on the phone, standing next to a glass of wine. So I wait.
He never leaves.
I can only assume the devs wanted me to hear all of his phone calls, because he just keeps cycling them.

Finally I give up and head down stairs. I figure I can trigger him to get down to the bar area by grabbing the blue prints for his neck-bomb.
It works. The moment I grab the blue prints he starts moving.
But he only ever moves back and forth between the room with the half-spheres and the rooftop where Jebadiah Block usually resides. He never stops doing this.
I’m assuming, so that a player who grabbed the blue prints doesn’t have to wait for him to come to the area where the Architects reside.

I’m sure I could break this up by having the meeting with him about the blue prints, but honestly I just gave up at this point (for now). I was just too annoyed.

These triggers are infuriating to me, because they make following NPCs around almost impossible. Waiting nearby until someone leaves may very well turn into infinite waiting because of some god damn trigger.

Again, maybe I was just unlucky, but it definitely feels like these experiences are due to really bad triggers put in there in order to make sure I don’t “miss stuff”.


I don’t think this is a general game problem (re: topic title). It seems very Constant-specific. The character has got unique AI and routing built into him.


Maybe it is just a Constant problem. It certainly is an annoying one.

Either way this should be avoided. It’'s not a good experience.


I got the feeling his location is proximity based on where you are - ala when i’m around the firepit, he’s drinking on the overlooking balcony, when i’m in the tower, he will start to walk there, when i’m around the rooftop, he will start walking there the same. So when i want him to go back onto the balcony overlooking the firepit and drink from his glass there, i just need to wait there and he will eventually show up. Same with his glass in the tower, i just need to get there and he will follow.

I did this challege a while ago like this, but dunno, if this behaviour changed since then.


I also believe he has a unique route or rather 3 routes that depend on where the player is. He also seems to finish his route before moving over to the new area. This part actually makes sense to me. When I go to his tower, he doesn’t immediately head my way. It takes just a bit of time. So I assume he’s finishing the other loop or perhaps you have to be in a new area for a little bit of time before he moves over << that would keep him from constant directional changes. Bad pun intended.


Yeah, exactly with the route finishing.
I quite like how it’s done, i noticed him following me with a delay like this right on my first playthrought and i loved it. It felt kinda eerie, like he knew that i’m here for him and was mocking me by being always so close.


it would be fun to have a target with similar logic only perhaps he’s always avoiding you. It would mean you’d have to do a bit of pre planning and then move quick.