Pointy is new here, so he started an AMA

Hey everyone,

My name’s Pointy, I’m new around here. AMA. <3

EDIT: Just thought I’d drop some of my links here for anyone that wants to see any of my other random stuff:

Thanks, I appreciate it :heart:

Didn’t quite catch that, thanks! Still open to any questions however.

Fan of crypto stuff, huh. Nice, do you work in this field or just general interest?

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@Urben I just have a general interest in the technology field, I’m currently studying IT at college.

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Good luck at that. :smiley: Depending on where you live it is a safe job.


Well the UK is pretty good for IT, so hopefully I get somewhere!

Yeah, good IT people are high in demand anywhere :+1:t2:

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@Club47 Lovin that profile picture, and thanks <3

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As a little kid I wanted to develop video games. While that ridiculous dream is far-fetched I still want to consider something like IT.

Is it a demanding job? (jobs)


IT is a wide variety of different jobs and professions, from hardware repair to software engineering. When it comes down to it (get it? ha. ha.), the demand that is put on you depends on the work you are actually willing to do. IT is an artform in some senses, it shouldn’t be rushed.

Would you touch a poop for £20?


how bout no chief, i aint that grim

are you happy that there’s IT workers in the upcoming Bank map

Honestly yes, I can’t wait to see what the new bank map has in store, especially for those workers.

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Maybe for £30, idk it’s a tough decision.

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“Pointy”… What’s the story behind that name? (if any?)

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@TheChicken I get asked this a lot, so I’ll answer it once and only once so it’s on the record (get your notebooks out kids).

Once upon a time, I had a really cringy and outright awful Steam name, that I shall not reveal to save me (some of) my dignity. One day I was feeling extra edgy, so I decided to change it, and from that eventful day of doing nothing but change my pseudonym, I was known as Pointlessness.

I was a regular on a TF2 Jailbreak server for over 2 years, while also being an admin on other servers within that community, and as such I gained a reputation among the players. One of the admins of said jailbreak server happened to be a (self-declared) brony, and with my prominence within the playerbase, memes between the two of us occured.

One day this guy was singing the MLP:FiM intro song, and then someone realised that the pon in pony could be replaced with point. For the rest of the day, this melody was repeated until basically all of the regulars had it ingrained into their skulls.

The next day, I was beginning to be referred to as Pointy, as part of the ongoing joke (because jailbreak players be like that ya feel me fam). Over the course of a few weeks, the MLP joke finally died down, however the nickname stuck and seemingly became unrelated to its origin. That’s the story of how my nickname turned from something cringy into a joke about My Little Pony.

Hope you’re satisfied. <3


Very satisfied. Cool story, thanks.

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