Poison all the council in Sgail

In total there are 4 council member, the chairman and you. You would need 5 lethal poisons in total but you can only get 4 (3 by loadout and 1 in the level). The suggestion is to add one or more two lethal poisons to the level so we can poison the entire council.

It would also require that while they are choking the others keep drinking instead of staring at the one choking.

Edit: Im aware you can emetic poison them, but i want to LETHAL poison them all.

Block never goes to the chamber as far as I am aware, is there a way of getting him up there?

You don’t have to use lethal poison, take 1 or 2 lethal/emetic posion with you and gather 4 or 3 emetic poison from around the map, but I think you can find 5 emetic poison around this map.

You need Block’s disguise to do this challenge, so no, he will not be there.

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My interpretation of the post is that it would be cool to get them all in the room and have lethal poison waiting for the lot of them - but Block doesn’t go there.

There are six rat poisons noted on hitman2maps on that level.


I would have thought Sgail was full of lethal poisons. It’s that sort of place. Have you counted the stuff you can get from Jason Portman?

I don’t think there are any lethal poisons on the isle except for Portman’s but maybe other NPCs might carry one. It’s the only one on hitman2maps with the (correct) notes that Portman carries it and that it’s the most lethal toxin known.

One that front, a suggestion is that a single botulinum molecule kills one cell and less than 50 grammes is needed to wipe out all humans. People inject this stuff into themselves.

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I think no. If I understood the story of Sgail, he protests against sisters’ offer and will never go up there, that’s why you have to do it for him