[Poll] Do you play contracts mode regularly?


I just have a theory that if it wasn’t for contracts mode, I would’ve stopped playing H2 a month or so ago, and I wonder who else is the same. If it turns out a lot of people are like this, it’s probably proof IO should be improving Contracts Mode, rather than just leaving it the same since 2016 launched.

So, do you play contracts mode with any regularity (More than just monthly featured ones)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • No, though I still have plenty of other stuff in the game I haven’t done yet
  • No, because I’ve stopped playing the game in general

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I play contracts but seldom in HITMAN 2. Very seldom.
In HITMAN 2016 I’ve been playing them every single day for a months.
But I don’t like HITMAN 2 mechanics and luring system. It’s hard for me with current system to play contracts in H2


i really had fun with contracts in hitman season 1.

but same conditions really made bored about this.
also themed featured contracts are bored af too.


I must say I’m very surprised! You must feel pretty strongly to miss out on all the H2 levels, and Featured Contracts


Well, I played and intend to play further the featured contracts, but not more at this point of time.
As I said, I’d rather go to HITMAN 2016 for a dose of some contracts :slight_smile:


I’ve played all the Featured ones up to this point, and a few for some of the challenges in various Missions. I still have quite a bit more to do though.

I did make a few contracts back when I had 2016 installed, but wasn’t really someone to habitually play 'em. But now I can’t say I’ve felt too inspired to make or play anymore.

I do plan on making a contract for the Murphy’s Luck featured contracts.

So… No. Nowhere near like I used to.


Started playing featured contracts for the unlocks. Also created one lol.


this forum used to have daily contracts where everyone would play them (not only speedrunners), me personally i was always hesitated for the Featureds because most of my favourites are from other platforms (Xbox, PS).

but needless to say, state of the game doesn’t help with this, so a lot of people are not playing nor creating contracts for the community to have content. Featureds are the worst they ever been, not only is it like 1 time per month, sometimes they only pick 5 contracts like l0l, as if there’s not more to pick? I was even expecting to be increased to 15 or something like that.

so yea, i don’t play it and none of the ones i know play contracts mode either.


I voted for Yes because I regularly played them and at least 50% of my playtime were contracts.

I’m not playing much Hitman anymore for some time now since it feels played out by now.

Featured contracts are a disappointment to me but that may be related to my general H2 oversaturation.


I do. Most of the times at creating ones but recently some good one got me hooked. But the SA issue is killing some fun of it. Always have to add the “Never Spotted” complication to fix it.


I play contracts from time to time, but mostly the ones where we can use any disguise or any method.

I hate those runs where you can’t be spotted, can’t shoot a single bullet off the NPC or straight to the head, or again those contracts requiring a specific disguise or a kill method to be able to complete them :confused:

Also, broken H2 mechanics also made me less enthusiastic about playing contracts mode.


I agree with those restrictions, but in some contracts they even don’t interfere the run.
Just because the creator wanted the players do the contract in the way he planned and the plan was just perfect, so these restrictions even unnoticable.
Of course if the plan was thoughtful carefully.
And hate tose timers…


True that. But if you don’t complete contracts the EXACT SAME WAY and disguises as the creator you don’t get the SA rating (objectives completed).

But now i tend to care less about that restriction now :smile:

Oh yeah sigh, forgot about timers… :sweat_smile:


I 100% agree OP. I’m not the type of player who has to unlock everything, or complete every challenge. I am not a completionist, so I have little incentive to go back and replay the story missions after I’ve completed them. What keeps me coming back to the game are the latest contracts added, and the elusive targets. And I have to be honest, I actually prefer those to the actual story missions, simply because they are more straight forward, and to me, feel like an actual assignment, like it’s just another Tuesday for 47, so to speak.


I bought Hitman 2 at launch, and contracts mode has been probably 90% of my play time since December. Finding new quirks or aspects in each level to build puzzles off of is really satisfying to me.

That said, I haven’t played a whole lot of what other people have made. Outside of what gets posted to here, it can be hard to wade through and find quality contracts.



When there’s a point for it, I’ll actually play it.


You can unlock items, including a wrench!

Now that I’ve beaten the story I probably will! I want more items.


I’m sorry but a wrench isn’t going to warrant me to go play Contracts Mode. lol


Also a Briefcase reskin:


We all laugh and stuff about it but boy will we grind when it turns out being able to hold two weapons. :stuck_out_tongue: