[Poll] Do you play contracts mode regularly?


Nah it’s a re-skinned toolbox from Sports Pack.
Even not re-skinned - recolored, repainted or whatever


All this just screams desperation to me. Now instead of making the mode more appealing by adding features, customisation and money like Absolution; they lock content there to get people to play it lol. Good job the unlock are reskins.

On one hand I have The Division 2, Left Alive, Anthem, Metro etc. or in the other, a tool box. It’s just not going to cut it. Even when I am bored and pop back on Hitman, I won’t grind out 40 FCs for that lol. Effort to reward ratio off the scale boi.


I don’t feel comfortable enough with the new mechanics to seriously get into H2 contracts mode yet, and this is just a consequence of me not playing the game very much atm.


I do Featured Contracts and that’s it. Just not really my thing. On the other hand, I really like Escalations, which plenty of people seem to be dead set against.


40 contracts completed? seems like overkill, especially for another reskin


Oh it’s a briefcase reskin? :frowning:
I mean, now that you mention it, it is obvious, but when I read ‘toolbox’, naive me literally expected a toolbox that brings a multitool, or a wrench AND a screwdriver with it, for example.

Thanks, saved me grinding more featured contracts. IO’s choice isn’t my taste, so I’m at 14 finished or something.


Oh, hell yeah. Contracts mode is like the sole purpose of me turning on my Xbox. I’m just playing 2016’s for now though.In fact, I’m supposed to be starting on a paper for Art History but instead teaching some NPCs to recognize guns right in front of them, having the utmost difficulty shooting at cameras, and teaching Julian from Bangkok how to check out a coin in the bathroom rn.

Julian from Bangkok is quite pathetic.
And considering her dialogue, Jackie agrees.


Hell no.

Contracts mode just isn’t fun in Hitman 2 because the game is broken in its current state, and the contracts are starting to get boring as we haven’t gotten anything new for Contracts Mode. The community has already given great examples of more complications that can be added, but it seems IO is just ignoring us.

IO has also managed to get lazy and just add 5 featured contracts last batch, when there were several hundreds of submissions. Not to mention that the batch wasn’t that great either, more just decent or meh.

I had the same issue in Hitman 2016, but at least they added complications and the game was polished, so I actually enjoyed playing.


I’m really shocked/surprised at the amount of people who would go out of their way to play 2016 contracts instead of H2 contracts, even though they’re missing out on 5 maps and all the new features :open_mouth:

IO must already be aware of this since they have the stats of both games, which makes it that much weirder they haven’t done anything for Contracts mode since launch (Apart from add in reskin item rewards for the Featureds)

Although it sounds like people are not playing due to H2 itself, not the contracts mode (Which surely doesn’t have less features than 2016s). I really haven’t found H2 that bad on my PC, which is why I’m so surprised!


Mate, start your paper! Hitman will wait :blush:


Ah, don’t worry I am.:grin: Contracts mode is like my escapism, ya know? Just like to assassinate a wee bit before assignments.


I play most of the time contracts mode. @White-Half @helpwhite create quality contracts on PS4 like popcorn machines produce popcorn.:star_struck:. So if i want to play a good contract i just check my friends contracts…

You will also find a bunch of good contracts in the fc submission thread. Unfortunatly the contract itself (the gameplay part) has no priority for IO actually. Instead they pick up contracts where the contract title and/or briefing fits to the theme.
I don’t like these themes cause they limit the quality of contracts. In Season 1 i was always excited to play and stream the 10 new featured contracts. In Hitman 2 i don’t. I would really like to see a comeback of monthly curators which pick up 10 featured contracts.


Is that their PSN usernames?


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It doesn’t have the same geometry.


Contracts mode is brilliant! offers something completely different if your getting slightly bored of the main stream missions, and the fact the search option gives you so much variety makes it’s replay ability never ending!


I don’t have as strong faith in the search option, but I agree with everything else!


This helps a lot. I use it all the time, especially -Kill -Order as it takes away every default titled contract.


I recommend to use -“1-” to filter default titled contracts (1=PC, change it for console) because that works on other languages as well.


Oh wow, can’t believe I didn’t know this stuff! That might help a bit