Poll: ET Reward, Hat or No Hat?

I hope this is okay to make a new/separate topic regarding the apparently missing or removed ‘Trilby’ hat that would’ve came with the Casual Tourist suit as a reward for the ET kill in Santa Fortuna.

My reason for making this poll? If we recall how in Season 1, you couldn’t get the Tactical gear w/ Hat until you had an ET in Colorado. And that took a while until we had an ET in Colorado (after they restarted). With the current one, The Revolutionary (had we gotten the hat) it would’ve been an early chance to get one.

I’m aware that some people didn’t care for or like the hat that came with the Tactical Gear suit. And maybe that’s what made IO decide to scrap this hat. But what do YOU think? Please vote below. :cowboy_hat_face:

If a mod feels this would be better being merged with the current ET topic, that’s okay.

  • Yes, I would like to have had the hat
  • No, I wouldn’t want a hat
  • I don’t care either way

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Without the hat it feels like the knockoff casual suit from Bangkok, but it’s a only a cosmetic unlock that doesn’t affect gameplay, so I could take it or leave it.

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I gotta say, I hated the Colorado gear with Hat. I love that outfit without one.


47 doesn’t rock cowboy hats dude. Not for him


I picked that icon since that was the only one I seen with a hat. And have you forgotten about the cowboy suit? :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that comes to my mind is suit customization. :thinking:

eta: Wait. Now that the Casual Tourist suit is unlocked… (I’m at work, can’t test/check) does that mean in the planning stage for Santa Fortuna we have the default starting suit, and this unlocked suit is (also) available?


Sometimes they could just give us the suit without changing it (Suburban Suit from the level is a good example because the gloves are much better than the driving gloves)


I just unlocked the Columbia Suit (didn’t get SA cause some guard saw his snapped-neck corpse) and the description says that it should have a trilby hat.

@Travis_IOI Which way is the mistake supposed to be?

Probably the text in the suit-description is wrong because we were shown the one with the gloves on the elusive target rewards-picture a few weeks ago. I assume IOI whould have changed it by now if it was a mistake.

yeah imma stop you right there homes.

the only suit that matters is 47’s iconic suit, with some exceptions.

I hate the driving gloves, especially for outfits like this. It can work with outfits like Sapienza’s or Miam’s but seeing every unlock only have lazy driving gloves is disheartening. The hat was something unique, and I would have used it a lot, especially since my precious tactical gear with hat is missing. But as is, I’ll never use this because it looks ugly with driving gloves.

I’m just glad season 1 didn’t give us a VIP Patient outfit with driving gloves instead.

A little anal about it but yes haha