Poll: Hitman Contracts best mission?

Vote for your favorote missions from the game Hitman: Contracts

  • Asylum Aftermath
  • The Meat Kings Party
  • The Bjarkhov Bomb
  • Beldingford Manor
  • Rendezvous in Rotterdam
  • Deadly Cargo
  • Traditions of the Trade
  • Slaying a Dragon
  • The Wang Fou Incident
  • The Seafood Massacre
  • Lee Hong Assassination
  • Hunter and Hunted

I’m a bit torn, since a lot of these levels suffer from one major flaw or the other. Too many of them are lazy rehashes of Codename 47 levels, and they also suffer from the problem of too much empty space and ridiculous methods of killing targets, although not as bad as Blood Money. There were a few levels that had good level design though, and the atmosphere in many levels was good.

For me, it’s a toss up between The Meat King’s Party, Beldingford Manor and Rendezvous in Rotterdam. Deadly Cargo would count if it weren’t so schizophrenic a mission.

It’s gonna be hilarious when Beldingford loses this poll.


I’ll stick with the Beldingford Manor. The atmosphere really sold that dark and twisted feel to it. There’s plenty of alternate routes and ways to go about the inside and outside of the manor. There were even some fairly solid options on how you go about killing your targets like the memorable pillow suffocation, and neat touches like shooting shooting through a pillow.

Honorable Mentions: Traditions of the Trade, Rendezvous in Rotterdam, The Meat King’s Party.


This poll won’t be closed ever. And even if it’s closed, people with superpowers can do one thing… :wink:

yeah, blood money is a “paragon” of the level design and a falling chandelier is a way to go for the word “hit man”

No wonder that devs picked out the best among this mess for the demo.

This is a though one - It’s a tie for me between Beldingford Manor, The Seafood Massacre (yes I prefer it over the original!), The Meat King’s Party and Rendezvous in Rotterdam - I’ll pick The Meat King’s Party since I consider it a very original and thrilling mission, but it’s a close call.

My least favourites would be Asylum Aftermath and The Bjharkov Bomb (too long + bugs on PC) - I used to hate Deadly Cargo, however I think it’s a good mission, it’s just a mission I particularly suck at.

Bjarkhov Bomb is really good imo.

My favorote misson has to be Lee Hong’s assassination.

Beldingford Manor is my fav. Never heard of shooting through pillow. Gonna try it today.

Beldingford Manor…


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Traditions of the Trade or Beldingford manor

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