Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


Recently, we saw the release of this seasons final episode, this was journey that began on March 11th 2016. All most every episode got their own review thread, but now where we are at the end of season one and waiting for the next season to be announced, while we speculate on targets, locations and where the plot will take us. What do you think of the final product? did it live up to your expectations? What did you like? what didn’t you like?

I’m working on my own review and i will post in later on.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the first season of HITMAN?

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IO did an amazing job! That’s for sure. They could take a look at our critics abd take that in mind for season 2.


More pros than cons. Extremely rocky road but the constant updates and contact between player base and developers is amazing. Something other studios need to accomplish instead of a “support” group that have no clue what the issues are.

Gameplay - Yes
Content - Meh
Replayibility - Yes
Fine details - Somewhat yes
Level Design - Yes
Graphical Fidelity - Yes
Mechanics - Meh

  • Brilliant level design
  • Many way to kill targets
  • Side stories throughout dialogue
  • Somewhat enticement to get mastery
  • Easter Eggs


  • Lack of original mechanics
  • No Platinum Trophy
  • VA breaks immersion
  • Many issues throughout the game restricting gameplay


My second favorite Hitman game​:slight_smile::+1:


This game gets a 4/10 from me for how IO handled the episodic model.


Well the idea where is to judge the game as a hole and not the episodic model. Like if the game was released in one chunk and this is what you had only experienced.


But that’s not a complete review of the game. I have no fun playing anymore, and that’s because the game got worse over time. If I were to review the game as if it were released all at once now, I would not be taking that into consideration.


Relative to how much I enjoyed every single game at the point of release, I will say its even to silent assassin. I beg IOI to add any mechanics changes in season 2 to season 1 as well.


I missed the photographer.


Of all the companies using episodic model, IO did the best. I play a lot of episodic games so I’m used them by now. Telltale for instance sometimes takes 2-4 months to release a new episode that you play for 2h and never again. IO kept their promisse of 1 episode per month and even released new stuff for us to do while we waited for the new one. During that time they also released lots of patchs that further improved the game in many ways as well as fine tuning the previous episodes in some areas (new costumes and lines).

So it’s one thing not liking episodic games (so you shouldn’t have bought HITMAN in the first place), another is saying IO handled the episodic model poorly which they SURELY DIDN’T.


How did it get worse over time? IO frequently released patches, fixed a lot of the performance issues, they didn’t remove features from the game that was there when it was released. They added more blood, fixed the gunshot wounds, added a search filter to contracts mode, added more time on Elusive targets. The game is in a lot better state then when episode 1 came out in April. I don’t mind you not liking the game, but your claims that the game got worse with time, when the game got a lot more polished as time progressed.


I had a whole lot of fun but the lack of voice actors in the earlier episodes and the way a lot of the dialogs were scripted really pissed me off. Like I heard some dude say that I have been possess by the devil. And the voice of the dude was the voice that I’ve been hearing for hours becasue there were very few actors anyway.

Not to mention the absurdity of saying such a thing. Also I hated when people talk to me when I walk around. 9 out of 10 people tell me that I have a nice suit in my face and 10/10 people tell me hello mr. bodyguard. And they happen to be having the same fucking voice which drives me crazy

I just can’t stand the music after a little while aswell. Please just please bring back Jesper Kyd for season 2. The music for Hitman 2 for example was on an entirely next level.

Didn’t really like the loadout system either. The fact that you can carry two things only in a level isn’t really nice but fine I dealt with it. But having to unlock essential items for an assassin like 47 wasn’t good. It limited my creativity and not to mention ruined my immersion. I think blood money had the perfect system of unlock. You had everything at the start but you could make them better and more useful.

It’s just sad that we didn’t have the WA2000 at the start. Not to mention the briefcase…

Also the fiber wire seriously needs redoing in the next game. It was basically the same trash from absolution with the invisible wire and all that. It’s also way too fast so it doesn’t give any satisfaction. I’d rather shoot them in the head instead of that trash.

Also I’ve said this before and even made a thread about it. Who the fuck cares if my target sees me with a big nig Katana that is about get shoved in his face 1 second before it happens?? I shouldn’t lose ratings like that.

I also don’t like how the main menu is designed. Neither from an aesthetic stand point nor functional. Especially aesthetic becasue I can deal with the functionality. I’d say the alpha had a better main menu. Nothing beat Hitman Contracts in terms of aesthetics though. I’d go that far and say the post mission menu in Hitman 2 and Contracts also looked better than what we have now.

There is also one missing feature in the game that used to be in absolution. When you turned the camera around 47’s head would also turn in that direction. It’s not like it’s a big deal but I just don’t understand why they would remove that neat little feature.

And I don’t like the atmosphere of the game which gives off they spy vibe. The music is a part of it too.

That all that comes to mind


Sounds like you didn’t like the game at all. I advise you to not buy the next season.


I don’t think it’s 100% certain there will be a season 2.


I agree with you, that is not set in stone. I don’t think it’s unlikely they will continue the story in a more traditional videogame. But there will be more, or else IO wouldn’t move their studio to a new building in Copenhagen.


Here you go.
Why the girl is horizontal though. Is than due to lens?

I feel that, originally Jordan cross was meant to be photographer. But who knows, he is just waiting for season 2.


I think he’s leaning in over her, she dead and laying on a bed.


Hannah Highmoore?


I did like the game and I enjoyed it. It’s just that I didn’t bother writing out what I enjoyed about this game.

Just becasue I realize this game has flaws doesn’t mean I can’t have fun playing it.


Well it’s a review thread, so it doesn’t make much sense to paint half a picture. But fair is fair.