Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


You’re fucking higher than Kurt Cobain if you think that this was an “awful” Hitman game, you’re focusing too much on negatives and not looking at everything that was accomplished with Hitman 2016.


You’re just oozing with witt and cunning to grace me with such a colourful response. I will happily hear you out and am open minded to your conclusion on the game. Here is your opportunity to list all the “accomplishments”, I’m waiting.


I’m genuinely interested to hear why you disagree. I love hitman and am passionate about the series which is why I felt so strongly about this one letting me down. Tell me why you disagree


What it accomplished was reviving the sandbox-puzzle formula in a Hitman game, that had been completely dead since 2006. Are proximity triggers and large map size really getting in your way of enjoying everything in this game? I know this game has flaws, I’ve played so much of it that it would take me absolutely forever to go over every single issue that I have with it. But just… it’s amazing, I don’t understand how you don’t see it. Injecting Francesca on the pier after hitting one of her guards with an emetic, shooting Clause Strandberg through the front of the consulate with a sniper, in general just how open ended and free it all is. I don’t get how a Hitman fan couldn’t get past their issues and enjoy this, I know that’s really close-minded of me to say but it makes no sense to me.


At the moment the whole season is going for £28 as a Steelbook on Amazon with all content plus soundtrack, documentary & Blood Money Items. At the price I paid for it, definitely worth it.


Not to mention non stop content released every month since the beginning :slight_smile:


I didn’t know the newest Hitman game were “seasons”!?!? So, they are just going to add more maps and such? Hopefully new weapons / technology as well! I just hope they don’t go too far as where the Battlefield games did.


Does anyone else think HITMAN is too easy? It’s a great Hitman game, but it doesn’t give me that rush of adrenaline when I was playing Hitman 2 or Contracts. It might be because I know every map of HITMAN, but I think the game is probably the easiest one in the franchise.


I think BM is much easier than this. But if you feel that way you can change to professional mode. :^D


It’s mainly due to the introduction of proper cover system and seamless gameplay from Absolution onwards, when compared to older games. Imagine screwing up after walking at a snail’s pace behind an NPC for a while in Hitman 2.


Don’t get me wrong coz Season 1 has been brilliant but I think we can all agree that its had its ups and downs. If Season 2 is gonna go down then there is a bunch of stuff IO are going to have to make up for


Sure it has had its ups and downs. But the ups were far greater than the downs. For example, 1 down was equal to 5 ups. So whenever it went down 1, it went up 5. Or whenever it went up 5, it went down 1. Either way.

So even though wallhacking is still alive and kicking, remember how bad it was back then? It has gotten much MUCH better.


Imo the game was alot better a year ago, which is a troubling thought


Perfect response ^^ it was agony waiting but for each episode, it was always worth the wait though :slight_smile: being an independent studio now, io is gonna smash it with season 2 in my opinion :smiley:


I love the game, it’s one a handfull of the only games i will preorder because i know i will get my monies worth


I prefer the episode format. It allows me time to take care of life without forgetting too much of the plot along the way. ~ mother of 2 boys


I bought this game ~40 days ago and I’ve already sunk 150+ hours into it. I’ve never fallen in love with a game so hard and so quickly as Hitman (2016). The levels are beautiful, the voice acting is hilarious, the story is intriguing, the sound design is phenomenal, and the sandbox nature of the game really shines through.

I truly don’t mind the Episodic release of the game. My only real issue is the “Always Online” feature. I wouldn’t have this issue if “Always Online” also meant “Always Working,” but any problems in server connection (client-side or provider-side) opens too many doors to frustration and confusion. I truly don’t see the need to put 65% of the game’s content (and the only thing that makes it re-playable) behind an arbitrary wall. I can understand wanting to maintain the integrity and fluidity of speed runs, but I can’t imagine that hosting the game “Always Online” is convenient for anyone. It costs more money to keep the servers up, increases load times for everyone, and can cause debilitating problems mid-game if anything goes awry.

To offer a suggestion on fixing this issue: I would be completely fine with a separate menu/ button for “World Record Attempts.” In fact, the game would benefit from a more integrated community system as a whole! The ability to comment on or rate contracts in-game would be amazing. Maybe add an in-game spectator mode, possibly even some form of multiplayer; I think a “Handler Mode” would be interesting (where you direct another player on what to do). The only reason I make these suggestions is to offer any excuse for even having the game “Always Online.” It’s understandable why a multi-player community-driven game (i.e. Overwatch) would require a constant internet connection. However, when you have a single-player game that lacks an integrated community and fails to even add benefits for being “Always Online,” one can only wonder why it’s such a integral part of the experience.

That being said: I still love Hitman (2016). I feel like the core game itself is damn near perfect; it’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s challenging. It offers variety and re-playabilty that most modern titles wish they could achieve. My greatest fear is where this game will be in 5 years. Or 10 years. When support for the servers finally dies, you have to wonder if IOI will allow the game to be played “Fully Offline,” or if they will let the majority of its content die with it. Is it worth buying the game at all when your purchase comes with an expiration date?


Can we get a little gore and bring back newspaper or police report detailing what type of assassin you where throuh the run every does not play for score some like the kill everyone challenge it would be awesome to see a stat or nickname for all Npc 's you murdered example psycho killer professional of course silent assassin, regular assassin, mass murdered hitman crazy one bullet man silent killer serial killer anarchist stuff for immersion like Npcshould see blood more blood splatter you could add nlc seeing blood in professional mode or something not should see blood since devs are discouraging non target kills it would make the Game more fun especially if devs keep the hardcore bleeding to vital organs slit someone’s throat Npc sees blood snap neck you are good to go. You also would get more people to use the garotte because not see blood . Also if there where to see blood the create a crime scene with yellow tape take some guards away from initial post would a good bad thing


I love it. I’m more than willing to ignore the few minor quibbles I have (I miss Jesper, I don’t like 47’s more youthful and lanky appearance, inability to grab human shields, etc) because they brought back the trial and error method to game play.

You CAN play this game almost however you want to and aside from the leaderboards, there is no punishment for going off script.

One of my favorite moments so far was when I somehow managed to miss Dahlia Margolis with the chandelier during the auction, so I just threw a kitchen knife at her, dodged gunfire on my way to the balcony, jumped over the railing with bullets impacting all around me, slid down a pipe to the ground and sneaked around the parking area to the exit. It wasn’t clean but man it was an awesome exit.

I haven’t had moments like that in a game since Blood Money.

And quite honestly, this game is superior to Blood Money in most ways. And prior to playing the new game, I was convinced that Blood Money was lightning in a bottle, unable to be replicated. But by god they did it, and they made it better in so many ways.

I love this game, it is a true and worthy successor to Blood Money, and now that IOI has full creative control I am beyond excited to see what Season 2 may bring.


This is my first experience in the world’s of Hitman and I have to say that I really enjoy it. Season 1 had me hooked and looking forward to new episodes to come.