Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


I’d really like to see a tranq gun, blow darts (both sedate and poison) etc. as well as a more detailed stats screen with pacification counts, bodies destroyed (acid, dropped in water, etc.). I also think that 47 should ALWAYS have fiberwire rather than wasting a loadout slot for it. 47 should be able to turn off the sinks after turning them on too. p.s. How bout letting us drag people while subduing them?



I agree. The lab could also be a seperate mission if it was bigger and different.


I know this is a really late reply… but you most likely will miss out on ETs if Season 2 has those.


I actually like the escalations, but not all of them, some are like the featured contract by Mrfridge1199: What Just happened ?
They’re crazy in restrictions

What I hate are the sheer amount of glitches and bugs in the game
Sometimes I just hate the unlocks Like the new one

But I gave the game a 9, defenitely my favorite game of all time


Tell them not to worry; size doesn’t matter :smirk:


Suggestion: I think there needs to be a “Story Mode,” where you can play each main story mission one after the other.

Maybe it’s a stupid idea, but I think it would help make the episodic storyline feel more connected.


No i actually think this is a great idea, one of my friends was turned off by the game and it’s clunky menu. He found it confusing that there wasn’t an option to just play and after each level proceed to the next, like you normally do in games with levels.

I actually talked about this issue as well before, i do think IO is doing the game a disservice by not including a normal story mode after the release of all the levels.


I really like this idea too. I find the Hitman fanbase generally undervalues the importance of a story in a sandbox game about assassination. However, HITMAN 2016 definitely feels disconnected, despite the story linking missions together in the background. Silent Assassin is arguably the greatest game in the series, and it was story-driven more so than HITMAN 2016. Just because Absolution’s story was lacklustre and ridden with plot-holes doesn’t mean we haven’t already seen a great Hitman story work in game. I hope io make the story feel more important in Season 2 now that they’ve set up the bones of it in Season 1.


The Hitman franchise is one of my favorite game franchises, with the exception of Absolution.

Blood Money was my favorite game and when I learned the latest Hitman would be very similar (sandbox, free choices…) I was in awe.

I bought a copy last week, as I got a PS4. I must say I was not disappointed. The amount of different challenges and opportunities for eliminating your targets are astonishing. The maps are very well designed, with my favorite being Sapienza. Open shops and buildings, people sitting in cafés, taking photos of the landscape… Everything seems so lively and realistic.

I do think some features could be improved and here’s a list of the things I’d like to see in season 2.

Accents. Most NPCs in the game, from the bartenders in Sapienza to the hotel staff in Bangkok have flawless American accents. The maps would have an ever better feeling to them if the NPCs spoke English with foreign accents.

At least one sniper rifle should be made available for suitcase carry.

Weapon costumization, a least on unique weapons, like the silverballer.

Picked up weapons could be transferred to your inventory like in Blood Money. Using desert eagles, six shooters and elephant hunting rifles wasn’t practical, but it sure was fun. And I’d love to see more weapons, I think the game lacked variety when it came to guns.

More animations for meelee kills. For example, kitchen and combat knives could have a different animation.

More ways to distract NPCs. For example, you could approach a guard and tell him there’s someone lying on the ground somewhere, then lead him there and take care of him. This should be random, maybe the NPC would follow you, or become suspicious of you or simply refuse to follow.

Some maps that would be cool: a cruise ship. Shopping mall. A small rural town. Airport.

I can’t wait for the extra missions coming on November 7th!


Was my first hitman game, and I definitely regret that now. What a game. Did a full review of the game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3DQIKL-0lo


Not sure if anyone ever posted this, but I thought I’d put it here and in the Hitman video thread, I definitely think the devs should see this:

Analysing Every Episode of Hitman’s First Season


I wouldn’t put too much into a video from Jan ‘17 with a noob who talks about the issues of hitman and the disguise system and the map designs when not once (watched all the way up to Bangkok), I did not see any Silent Assassin play or hear him talk about getting SA. The goof even shows video of killing non targets like it’s part of the game.

Sure hitman is about playing it your own way, but not understanding the very premise of the game where it tells you in the tutorial not to get collateral damage, how can anyone take this guy seriously?

These are the casual players that pick up the game, throw a duck at Novikov, explode it, killing him and many innocents around him and think “I did good”, then move on to the next level as if they achieved something. Then they make these stupid videos causing misinformation to spread and causing actual damage to game sales all because of some noob who really doesn’t know shit about how this game works.


Not sure who exactly you are talking about. If you mean the video I linked, the guy praises Hitman on all ends. He also seems to have a similar opinion that most of the community here has when it comes to the quality of the Marakesh level for example.

He seems to make sound arguments for the quality or lack thereof in various parts of the game including mechanics, map/level design, immersion, possibilities of killing, etc.

I am a huge Hitman fan, but sometimes I get pissed off about people watching half a video and getting triggered by the guy just SHOWING video footage of killing non-targets. Well, I did that too sometimes when I felt like it. Sure I have my Silent Assassin or suit-only runs, I have my perect in- and out in disguise runs. But creativity is all about straying from the beaten path and discovering what happens when you detail the system and stray away from the “intended” playstyles and actions.

Don’t be such a goddamn elitist. Get that stick out of your ass.


The first Hitman game I ever played, and was a lot of fun. Colorado was the worst of the six missions, but even then it was still pretty good. I’d have to say that overall, HITMAN 2016 would probably rank in my personal top three games of 2016/17. Good job IOI.