Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


Breaking the game more and more, and messing up AI and game mechanics? No.

I don’t recall that; I thought there were some pretty big gaps. Regardless, that’s not important.[quote=“MaKTaiL, post:10, topic:12010”]
patchs that further improved the game

Are you fucking kidding me? Improved?[quote=“Mads47, post:11, topic:12010”]
How did it get worse over time?

Summer bonus bullshit is an example. Colorado bullshit is another example.[quote=“Mads47, post:11, topic:12010”]
they didn’t remove features from the game that was there when it was released

They removed noise while running/crouch running; they removed the Lancer; they removed the KO-capability of breaching charges. They removed the ability to not be spotted unless the suspicion meter completely fills.[quote=“Mads47, post:11, topic:12010”]
They added more blood, fixed the gunshot wounds, added a search filter to contracts mode, added more time on Elusive targets

Oh, right, that definitely makes up for it.[quote=“MaKTaiL, post:12, topic:12010”]
You answer doesn’t make sense at all. If you have no fun playing the game it means you stopped playing it for a while so you can’t say the game got worse over time because you didn’t experience it.

I played it on livestream just yesterday evening. It was not a good experience.


And made them lethal - now they’re more powerful/useful.

Which was completely broken before.

Meanwhile, they’ve massively improved contracts mode, added more voice actors, added more dialogue, etc. Your criticisms are coming off as harsh and frankly pretty ridiculous since you’re not looking at the positives.


Maybe a bit overpowered?[quote=“Spodey, post:23, topic:12010”]
Which was completely broken before.

Completely broken after Summer bonus bullshit. Perfectly fine before that.


Meh. I’m 50/50 on this. OP in some contracts but a good out in contracts that require annoying explosive kills (i.e. Jordan Cross in Class Dismissed).

You mean NPCs hearing you in some disguises but not in others? No, it was pretty broken. Either make them hear footsteps in all disguises or in none - “don’t take half-measures”.


There will almost definitely be a season 2 - it’s been stated right back from March where they said the story “would be told over multiple seasons”. It wasn’t explicitly stated but was pretty much confirmed. Coupled with the open ended and frankly brief story, it’s clear they are gearing towards an expansive story, told via multiple seasons.

As for a review - mostly I love it, but back in March I really hated certain aspects. It’s been done to death but always-online Denuvo DRM bullshit was a complete slap in the face, rendering me unable to play the game for months on end. Thankfully I’ve moved house now but prior to that it was awful.

I love the ever expanding content, the elusives in particular. The level design (for the most part) is fantastic and expansive, with a multitude of different ways of taking out targets. I’m personally not a fan of timed opportunities and sometimes it can make the game feel stale to have the same thing happen every time you enter a room. Another personal gripe is the lack of animations for weapons and the same 5 american actors being in every level…ROCCOOO!

Having said that, the sound design is fantastic. Whilst the music is relatively tame compared to previous entries, the sound effects are great. Guns sound punchy, the clatter of a magazine hitting the floor to the different sounds for walking on stone or carpet (one of the few things that really impressed me about Bangkok).

Overall, for a £40 game I’ve had enormous fun and I would recommend it! However, I’ve had enormous fun in pieces. Waiting for months on end (Paris to Sapienza, Marreksh to Bangkok) left me feeling apathetic about the release schedule and the game in general. As the whole game is out now (excluding ‘Landslide’) I love the complete package, but next time I will wait until the whole season is out.


Funnily enough, they actually edited that dialogue. Now it’s pretty good :smile:


Oh really? I’ll have to go check it out, I haven’t been back on Sapienza in a while :smiley:



If SQUENIX thinks 250k copies isn’t enough, then there will be no season 2. It totally depends on them.


It’s definitely down to them, and their sales figures. That’s why I hold a smidge of anticipation - IOI have planned it to be a multi-season game, it’s just whether SQUENIX will allow another.


In my understanding, the episodic model should fully rely on a properly developed structure and with new episodes the only thing they should have added was additional content.
There shouldn’t have been any new animations, no change of AI behaviour, no change of weapon balance, no change of voice acting. The product should have been completely polished from the start.
A game that receives lots of game improving patches over a significant time is early access. If they fix all the issues in a large patch for the disc release in January, then that would further prove my point.

I’m thankful they polished the game a bit, however I really disliked how they’ve changed the AI with the release of the summer episodes.
Furthermore there is a story tied to the game - which I’m completely indifferent about. If I chose to buy episodes separately, I’m missing out on that.
The way I see it, due to funding issues they decided to release the game as they’ve worked on it.
This is alright, but for season 2 I might wait until it is fully released and all the bugs are sorted out.

As for the game/season itself:
-The restricted loadout, I shouldn’t have to choose between coins, fiberwire and a lock pick. A weight based inventory system would be a lot better than slots. It is just a bad way to make the game more difficult.
-Shooting doors open, if I can’t have a lock pick, I don’t want to run around the level until I find a crowbar. In some situations I just want to open a door quickly.
-AI should investigate blood
-Guns should be more accurate and powerful.
-Leaderboards, always on.

-proper stealth implementation
-Detail and aesthetics in the levels
-lots of opportunities to kill your target


Ok… So they shouldn’t listen to player feedback at all? They should have only released a couple bug fixes and call it mission accomplished? How would it benefit anyone, if they simply released a product and said we aren’t changing anything, the game is exactly how we envisioned it, take or leave it.


I think a game developer should pursue its vision of the product and see if it appeals to the customers.
Of course it’s always good when a developer listens to feedback, that the majority of players demand, but that should be fixed in one or two months after release of the first episode. They shouldn’t wait until disc release or do it step by step along with the following episodes.

I didn’t say they shouldn’t fix the bugs, I said they shouldn’t have been there in the first place and it shouldn’t have taken so long to fix them. Bug fixing should have a higher and more immediate priority than releasing content.


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Overall I really liked it. I was a full supporter from the beginning when Paris proved that the game was fun. It had it’s ups and down like when the nerfed the security cameras for no reason I was with you complaining about that. But what I liked about it, I really loved. Things like the level design was top notch and more or less consistent in quality, I couldn’t point to my favorite level because I enjoyed them all for different reasons.

It kept me anticipated as well, I started out just buying Episode 1 on it’s own and planned to buy them as they came. But after Sapienza I found myself already enthralled and bought the full season while it was still early days, knowing already that I got my monies worth.

It wasn’t perfect though, I still think Paris came out too early with many features missing most notable for me basic functions for contracts mode. Plus the updates were more prone to break things rather than fix them which made me question IOI’s proceedures somewhat. The unlocks were pretty boring as well, it became a bit of a joke guessing what variant of an explosive mine we would get next. On top of that it took a long time for requested features to actually come into the game with many still not here despite promises. This is my biggest complaint as well, IOI have broken promises that were made at the start of the season. Some might be minor annoyances, I don’t really give a damn about a suit case or dual wielding etc, and I’m sure if I voiced my real opinion about those moaning about it I would get booed out of here faster than 47 killing Rocco. But that isn’t the point, such features were still promised and were never delivered.

Overall the game was great fun and I look forward to season 2, I am already sold on it. I hope IOI take all the feedback to heart and improve Season 2. I would like to see the money system return as I have mentioned that the unlocks were mostly useless. So the upgrade system would be more entertaining. Money could be tied to contracts mode to give a bigger incentive to play them, and a rethink on escalations could go a long way as well.


couldnt agree more.
i like all the various weapons, gears, and suits… but don’t make them as rewards for mastery. Make them come with a price and we have to get money from doing story and custom contract missions to buy them. This is more addictive.


Whilethere are some levels that are way better than others, I loved the game. I was one of many worried about the episodic format, but no more. This allows room for improvement, to listen to the players, to keep polishing, to add some easter eggs (lol) and to enjoy the game in a gradual manner, exploring a piece each month.

If it had been released in full most players would have forgotten about it after a week for sure. Here we had the option to buy the next one if we liked the mechanics, which I did.

Thank you so much IOI! I’ll buy Season 2, and this time I’ll probably buy the whole pack instead of one by one.

**Jus one tiny little small thing… Where is The Icon and A House Built on Sand?!?!


When the game first released I was hyped as hell for it. Played Paris to death, as the months went on though I found myself playing the game less and less.

I only played escalation mode for about the first week before boredom set in and Elusive’s only happen every so often.

A mission would come out and it would be a couple weeks minimum before I got to play because I was either too busy with work or had no motivation to jump on.

The summer bonus episodes I still haven’t even gotten around to playing. I only finished Colorado mission last week due to work constraints.

If anything I got back into it the closer the season drew to a close. I finished Hokkaido last night and found that really enjoyable.

My review I’d give the season a solid 8/10, I will gladly pay for another season aswell.


Okay, how did the summer bonus ruin already existing levels? they didn’t break anything existing inside the game. It seems like you judge the game based on two bonus level and holds it against the real levels. Also i have no idea what you mean with Bullshit this and that? it seems more like a word vomit without any thoughts behind it.

You still draw attention while running, i gotten caught in Japan by running right behind the guy in the shower, crouch and running don’t draw attention this is right. The rest is a question about tweaking mechanics they are not features. Some of them where overpowered. A feature in game is not no noise running, or no KO from breaching charges.

A feature is something like, looking through keyholes, subdue, weapons upgrades, things that are core parts of the gameplay and how things work with them. Running is a feature, silent Running is not.

It doesn’t if you want to be frustrated with the game, but there is a point where IO can do no right. This is a very common behavior and view on this forum. You choose to get into a game that would evolve as time progressed, knowing it was a release format you didn’t like, IO even stated the game would change underway. You can’t expect it to only live up to your exerations, because they are tied to a matter of opinion. I respect you don’t like the game, but sorry it’s kinda falling on deaf ears. It seems like you could have saved yourself a lot of frustration by playing the long game, instead of just getting a fix.


When millions of dollars are at stake, they can’t just pursue their vision and hope for the best, listening to the people who played their games for over a decade is a smart thing to do. Of course this isn’t a fairy tale and both sides will have to compromise and find common ground, but it’s not my way or the highway for either one.

How can you fix a game in a couple of months if new content is released constantly which brings new feedback and demands new changes? Asking for a bug free game on release is a tall order, especially given how many moving parts there are in any HITMAN mission, I can’t think of any other game that allows for so many alternative ways to complete a mission. Until there’s something better on the market, I’ll give IOI a break if their game ins’t flawless from a technical standpoint.


Sorry, I can’t take you seriously.