Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


To be fair - Summer Bonus patch added headturning (an awful mechanic) and removed pistol distractions (a great mechanic). It also completely broke footsteps, I believe.


I shall always defend head turning personally. I think people should look at the suspicous bald guy setting up explosives in the coffee machine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that would be fine, but it seems like you don’t want to express or come with any reasonable arguments other then post a few everything is shit, without being constructive. Which makes it pretty hard to have reasonable discussion about what you don’t like.

See here is an example of a way to voice ones reason without letting bullshit be the most detailed and constructive criticisms. However like wise, i rather have a discussion then just reading word vomit.

@Spodey and that is fair, something i personally have noticed. But i can see the problem with the change of these mechanics.


[quote=BogdanM]When millions of dollars are at stake, they can’t just pursue their
vision and hope for the best, listening to the people who played their
games for over a decade is a smart thing to do.[/quote]

Agreed, it is a smart thing to do. However I expect them to do research and analyse feedback on their own. Quality control and testing isn’t the player’s responsibility.

[quote=BogdanM]How can you fix a game in a couple of months if new content is
released constantly which brings new feedback and demands new changes?[/quote]

Perhaps this is exactly what’s wrong with it. Schedule is too tight.

[quote=BogdanM]Asking for a bug free game on release is a tall order, especially given
how many moving parts there are in any HITMAN mission, I can’t think of
any other game that allows for so many alternative ways to complete a

That’s not really the consumers concern, if it’s not properly tested you don’t release it. If you release it flawed, you make sure you fix it as soon as possible. They are still improving the game, in my opinion the only thing that should be added by this stage is content.

[quote=BogdanM]Until there’s something better on the market, I’ll give IOI a
break if their game ins’t flawless from a technical standpoint.[/quote]

I really enjoy this game, in terms of playtime the purchase was fine.
My only issue is, I’m paying full price for something that feels like early access. If they provide an incentive for early adopters or lower the price for those who put their trust into this game, I wouldn’t criticise it as severely.

I won’t buy the second season before it will be fully released. Of course you can disagree and support them on the first episode of season 2, but I don’t think making this game episodic in its current approach has been beneficial.

BTW how do I quote properly, I can’t seem to find the button for it?

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They do this through surveys and through the online connection to their servers, all the data they gather straight from out accounts are taken into consideration whenever they make a change to the game, but some things might seem right from their pov yet the player might disapprove and in such case there isn’t a lack of quality, just something that could be tweaked to the player’s preference.

[quote=“IbrahimLafayette, post:45, topic:12010”]
Perhaps this is exactly what’s wrong with it. Schedule is too tight.[/quote]

That’s not what I meant. There will always be something to fix/change after each new episode. If the entire game would be released at once, they could address all the issues at once, but with the episodic model they have to react to player feedback for each episode individually.

Here I agree, the game was released too early but I’m guessing IOI didn’t really have a say, they maybe promised SE they’ll have a working title in Spring 2016 and when the deadline arrived, SE didn’t really want to hear about development setbacks and demanded they stick to their schedule.

I only wish most EA games could stick to their release schedule like IO did, I have 5-6 EA games that are progressing at snail pace with no end in sight. I would give up that 25% off the price to have the complete game in a year than put my money into a project I have no assurance it will be finished in a reasonable amount of time.


To me, this game it’s so good that I regret not getting full / upgrade version.
Still need lots of improvements, but overall really good game.
Hope SE greenlit season 2


Pistol and footstep distraction are not mechanics.
They are exploits.


[quote=“Mads47, post:1, topic:12010”]
What do you think of the final product?[/quote]

To me it is HITMAN’s back to the roots.
The game feels fresh, but does not screw with the HITMAN formula that much.
I am more than happy with the final product and how it all played out over the course of the year.

It definately lived up to my expectations. Although my interest decreased a bit after Marrakesh and Bangkok, I was totally onboard again after Colorado was released.

I like the big open levels that give you a sense of exploration that I rarely see in action games today.
Even other stealth games like Metal Gear Solid V do not offer that much exploration even though the map is bigger.
The world building is excellent, as well as the characterization of your targets (mostly).

The connection issues when the game was initially released.
Bangkok was not that good a level in retrospect. I thought Marrakesh was the worst, but after playing it for a while it grew on me.


what you mean they remove the pistol distraction?
i still use it on Hokkaido… i shot near the feet of the NPC and he turned away. i put the gun in front of the guard and he distracted.


I’ve had a lot of fun with this game but I see it as a reboot rather than a sequel. After 6 episodes I got used to the new tone but when playing H2 or Contracts, I can’t help to feel a bit nostalgic. If it were up to me I would tone it down with the James Bond pastiche.

I’ve been more than satisfied with the story missions in terms of content, I would put some of them up against my favorite Hitman missions which is saying a lot. Others I didn’t particularly care for.

In regards to the episodic model, I’m satisfied with it but I would much rather they dropped the escalations altogether. That mode is a failure and is the antithesis of what Hitman is about. I’ve never had one ounce of fun playing an escalation. Focus on elusive targets, which is a fantastic idea, and working on ways to improve contract mode.

I will be on board for season 2, Hitman is still my favorite franchise, but I will expect them to do more than building beautiful sandboxes now. They need to improve the game’s mechanics, overhaul the weapon/unlock system and work on bringing back the game back to its roots in terms of story and atmosphere, a more mature and less docile tone would be welcome. Basically give me Hitman untamed.

The assassin’s creed like disclaimer that pops up every time I launch the game makes me want to puke.


My own review

I remember there was a time between Blood Money and Absolutions announcement where it was dead silence about the Hitman franchise, where we instead got a couple of other titles, Kane & Lynch, Mini Ninjas and Kane & Lynch 2: Dogs days, you can say what you want about Kane & Lynch franchise, i always loved that IO stuck with having a criminal main character. Kane & Lynch is either love or hate relation ship, the same can be said with Absolution. I can’t say much about Mini Ninjas, never played it, however i do own a copy of the game. This where a time where we just waited for the next HItman game to drop, thinking back on it, it felt like the fabled Half-Life 3. Does it exist? will we ever see the franchise again? this was a 6 years gap between titles. Then the teaser finally hit, and i think a lot of Hitman exploded with expectations.

This was the first game since a fan favorit, that might only be surpassed by Silent Assassin. Blood Money sat the bar high, Absolution had a big shoe to fill out. I might not personally agree with Blood Moneys standing as a fan darling, in fact i think of it as the weakest. However i can not ignore that i got a lot of mass appeal. Absolution failed on living up to Blood Money, not because the gameplay was worse, it was improved upon, the graphics were great and the world felt very alive. However going from Blood Money and expecting big levels and a story more inline with past titles, Absolution never really hit the nail on the head. Smaller levels, to many linear levels and a messy story arch about a Cowboy that really never fitted the overall Hitman universe. At least not as a main villain, could have been a fun villain in a more traditional Hitman level, where he was a one time deal.

HITMAN 2016 as it so popularly is called among the fanbase, set to make things “right”, they set the bar higher then ever. Releasing the game as an episodic title, where we as fan could “help” shape the game to some degree. For some this journey have been hard and frustrating and for others i been easy.

But if we look at the game itself it set out to do what IO promised in their open letter.

I liked the story, even though it’s incredible similar to most Hitman games plot. But that is what i expect from Hitman in the first place. This title reminded me a lot of Silent Assassin, rather then Blood Money, the spy thriller plot was once again very present and had a lot of influence on the levels. Where Silent Assassin had a more Cold War feeling to it and took play in an now almost forgotten time, the new Hitman strives to hit some of the same notes as the more moderen version of James Bond and it does it to perfection. There have always been something very absurd and fantastic corny about the Hitman universe, like older Bond movies. Where the ridiculous is present, like evil scientist, plots for world domination.

The gameplay took what we had from Absolution and put into a more traditional Hitman experience, however i always felt there was some key mechanics missing from the game, Human shields, okay i’m going to say it. The briefcase. Yes these are not major things or in anyway game breaking, but they would have been the icing on the top. The thing i dislike most about the game is the more american accents that is very much present in most NPC’s in any country.

The amount of levels i don’t mind, seeing how much there is to in a single level is insane. And many hardcore Hitman fans already had above 30’ hours from just episode 1. That is a lot of game time on 1 real mission and 3 training missions. My own game time is not the highest but across all 6 maps and two bonus episodes and 3 training missions i got 90 hours. That is also a lot of time on a small numbers of levels, and i’m not even close to be done.

The thing i hope IO take with them, is our concerns and improve on an already great formular. Add some new mechanics into the game, they can both be never before seen or from past titles. Also next season throw 2 more levels in, gives us 8 instead of 6. Most TV shows also up their numbers of episodes between seasons, you should do the same.

Thank you IO for the ride, it’s been a blast.



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In my opinion, I wouldn’t say the whole season is worth 60 dollars. They’ve made previous games where there were much more levels for the kind of price. I just feel cheated and I kind of have to give it a 4 on how it didn’t give me enough. I love story, maybe it had the content like with the escalation missions, but I wasn’t even looking forward to that. I just wanted story, I feel let down after waiting so long for a cliffhanger in the end.


I for one just want to make my voice heard and make sure IO knows I ADORE the episodic model. I got far, faaar more playtime out of this game than I would have if it was a single release, and having something to look forward to has given the whole year that exciting feeling of an upcoming release date. I never would have bothered to play each level more than once or twice if it had released the traditional way, and in doing so would have missed out on all the incredible content Hitman has to offer. I hope every future Hitman game releases in this fashion.


I love the game, have 150 hours clocked up. But looking back, 6 episodes is pretty shocking for the price. If they were all of a Sapienza / Morocco scale, I could understand, but they really aren’t. Bangkok was weak, Colorado was pretty bland and the removal of other features from previous Hitman games is… Baffling. Also, please give some of our targets a gun! The world’s best mercenaries cowering in fear (ie. all 4 targets in Colorado), doesn’t make a lick of sense.


It isn’t a perfect game, but it is a 10/10 game if any game is.

Steam tells me I’ve played for 371 hours so far. No other game on in my Steam library even comes close. And I’m going to add to that total.


I don’t think anyone is denying that this is a massive step in the right direction after Hitman Absolution. The game isn’t perfect (tbf only a handful are) but what is there has kept me entertained and playing for over 240 hours.
The gameplay mechanics that are present work well, if not a bit questionable sometimes (all the cameras in a level can be turned off from one security station?) and the story so far has be very much intrigued.
I will be buying Season 2 and looking at doing the episodic format again. It’s been different, and IOI has not been perfect with its delivery, but with the feedback they are getting i’m hoping that season 2 will be bigger and better.


It was alright, but I must say: the more I played the game, the more I felt like I was beta testing the game for those who are going to buy it on disc. The game has changed so much since it came out. I’m probably gonna wait with Season 2 until it comes out on a disc so I have a polished experience.


I rated it a six its way too lacking in features, some really poor decisions regarding unlocks and the animations are poor. Despite this they have still made an enjoyable game with some great kill opportunities and level design. With all that in mind I think six is fair. Hopefully they will improve on this and make season two great now they have this foundation to build on.