Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


I gave it a 5 partially due to me hating the episodic model. Had I waited for the full release I think I still wouldn’t give it higher than a 6 or maybe 7. My biggest issues besides episodic is the almost every aspect of the AI (voices, overpowered, wall hacking, etc…) and number of missions. I know, I know, there’s a lot of content and replayability but it still seems like it falls short of being a full size game. Good game but did not meet my expectations after absolutely LOVING every other game including the infamous Absolution.


Didn’t you stop playing in like May? No offense, but I don’t think you’re in a position to review the entire season :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but the things I don’t like about the game still exist and those are huge factors for me.


Ech. I mean, I understand - but the game is constantly changing so basing your opinion on an experience from months back is kinda iffy :smile:


looking at the polls, it kind of sucks that HITMAN wasn’t as well received as it should have been. this is pretty sad since we can clearly see that the only thing the developers want to do is to please the fans and make an awesome game. (i’m talking about the developers of course. the publisher can eat shit and die for online-only in HITMAN and microtransactions in deus ex, but the developers are cool :+1: )


The fact that you did not play the full season and loved Absolution says a lot about you.


Him liking Absolution has nothing to do with his dislike towards the new game or the discussion. You using it as a way judge him, only paints you as an elitist. I don’t see how you judging him adds anything to the conversation, you are welcome to disagree with him, but do it properly.


Yep it says he liked Absolution and he doesn’t like things about the new Hitman game.


Proper stealth…

When it makes no difference if you’re running or crouching with a fire extinguisher or a cot damn shovel
I’d revise that stealth entirely. Hitman2 -4 was +- proper stealth


Really for me ( besides so many good points mentioned here and above) it feels that HITMAN™ evolved into an achievement unlocker rather than a proper level based game. As enjoyable as it may be (my vote: 7/10) it lacks seriousness (vampire magician?? La cucaracha? 13 coins into a fountain? Etc.) and 47 style.
For example, Diana’s witty puns and commenting ridicule the suspense and the background story simply vanishes.

Running around axe-ing like a butcher just to
Get an achIevement cannot be associated with a silent assassin game.

And a. Big minus for me - incentive for speed runners to kill with fire extinguishers and such… I mean - at least some realistic AI behaviour, please?


You’re clearly judging my opinion based on a single post and how it conflics with your own. I played Paris and Sapienza and absolutely loved the maps but my dislikes weigh heavy in my assessment and they’ve all pretty much existed from day one and are still present.

And thanks @Mads47 and @Lucifer for having my back and having the ability to see and respect an opinion even if you may feel differently. :v::sunglasses:


You don’t know if that was Square’s idea though. IO could have decided it themselves for convenience


i doubt it

20 characters


I still think you should probably give the rest a chance if you’re going to stick to some of the criticisms and opinions you had. Sapienza was six months ago. And you can’t really deflect towards the bug thread and claim they are “objective” anymore.


As i said previously, my biggest problems with the game have nothing to do with the maps. Paris and Sap were awesome maps and even if the rest were just as good or better, there’s no way I personally would give the game more than a 7.

I hated epiodic. I’ll generously only knock off 1 point.

The AI behavior (accents, wallhacking, minigun pistols, accuracy from 1,000 yards out, spotting you from 1,000 yards out. Another point off. (Generously)

All the other little crap like online-only, bugs up the wazoo, unpolished aspects like the fiber wire, and the list continues. At least another point off.

I don’t need to play the whole season to make those judgements. And again, keep in mind, this is simply one guy’s opinion so you can’t really say it’s wrong. But you’re certainly allowed to have your own.


I’m with you on lots of those points. It’s a good game but there’s lots of little things that hold it back from being a great game.


I think a lot of us has wishes for certain changes, thankfully the guys at IO has a pretty good track record for listening to their fans/consumers compared to many other, more ‘faceless’ companies :wink: So lets be optimistic and hope that some of our wishes will come true at some point down the road :hugs: It is all within the realm of possibilities … except for the plate carrying of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you’re exaggerating


Last I knew if you snipe from across the map, the guards instantly know where it came from and have your description. Unless that’s been fixed, it’s not an exaggeration. If it is fixed, then my bad.


Last time I tried I think this was the case. I sniped from the barge in Paris ran down & hid in the tunnel at the side of the river & they came & found me. Though it is possible to snipe & not be seen.