Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


Seasons and episodes/ isn’t this how the TV series milk their stock ?


They know where the shot came from, but don’t know who you are.


You have no idea how I feel you. I’m really bummed about this game doing poorly, like really, really bummed. All the interaction with us, the streams, the community-related easter eggs, their Travis’ and other folks activity on this forum, especially in the easter eggs thread, I mean everything, they want to make an awesome game so badly they even risk the sales with this episodic format, just to deliver a great Hitman experience. I tip my hat and if I’d really like for them to make some major dough from this game, we’ll see how it goes in next seasons, but episodic format is bound to get them less and less money.

Some time ago there were articles that 90% of gamers don’t finish games, so I’d imagine most of people dropped out after Showstopper when they saw how buggy and broken the game was, if they didn’t they were probably done with after Sapienza, after stucking with the same game for over a month. And if THAT didn’t throw them off, I’m sure the very mediocre Marrakesh did.

I predict every another episode/season will sell less and less, I just hope they can get enough to prosper as a studio, as people and finally to make more content for us.

We’re all here with you @Morten_IOI , @Torbjorn_IOI , @Travis_IOI and so on, you’re really special as a game dev studio, and you’ll have my money and gratitude anyday. Thanks again for delivering such an amazing game!

BUT not to be a total doomsayer, I noticed that more people play the game on steam since the Hakkaido release, these are surely the die hard anti-episodic players that were patient enough to wait.

Fingers crossed for what’s to come next!

PS. Please, fix the magic wire finally and occasional NPCs seeing through walls!


Personally I really liked the episodic nature. I was hesitant at first but each piece of content was enjoyable. Just think of it as one of those sixty dollar season passes that every other game seems to have. Only this delivered on the price. I feel like I probably wouldn’t have replayed it as much if they didn’t release stuff consistently.


Sniping from the barge platform in Paris is totally busted. If you silently snipe all the way across the map with the Sieger 300, say one of the two guys talking in the front hedge garden, they instantly know where you are and come running. Many other instances in Paris as well. Needs to be fixed.

I feel like since this was the first map and the sniper at the time only had a 1X scope, they figured you could not snipe from that distance, so they never made it play out properly.


Still pretty disappointed that they haven’t made unlockables offline yet. Also had hoped for personalization or customization options of sorts rather than preset weapons and gear. Overall the game is an improvement upon its predecessors in many ways but still comes in third place comparatively.


I bought the rest of the of the episodes I did not have before in the Steam Sale. I want to support the developers and congratulate them on a solid first season in terms of gameplay and mechanics that can be build on very well in the future and on excellent level design.

Minor complaints would be the slow burn on the story (game ends when things get interesting), various mechanics and elements that are still missing, difficulty levels as well as soundtrack. Not a bad soundtrack mind you, just not very special in comparison to the ones in the older games. Then there is the score system that needs a serious overhaul IMO. Oh and Contracts mode that is still a little sparse in some aspects. And last but not least, please, less hand holding if possible (that already improved in SOME episodes).

I also found that 6 levels was a little bit very short. Yes, we had enough targets but I was hoping for at least 8 maps/missions. I would have even accepted one of them maps being half as big as they are and having an additional mission instead, or - much like the summer episode - having another mission on the same map chronologically shortly set after the first mission on said map.

But they can build on all that if you ask me.

Main complaint is and will remain from my side the always online component and the fact that unlockables in singleplayermode are not offline. I understand leaderboard scores, temporary challenges, illusive targets and so on have to be online, that is absolutely okay. But there is no reason to force any progress to be only happening when you are connected to the servers, and if they continue that in season 2 I will just not buy the season. If anything I might wait until it’s 50 - 70% reduced again, but just if I see enough improvements in other fields. I just do and will not understand why the always online component has to be this way and I expect it to change in the next season or I will not buy.

PS: Curious btw. that both Hitman (2016) AS WELL AS Deus Ex Mankind Divided had slow stories that started to pick up pace towards the end just to end when it got interesting… :thinking:

(I gave the game an 8/10 btw. Like I said, solid, some flaws, and one major complaint)


What do you mean by hand holding or at least how was the new Hitman holding hands with the player?


Mainly opportunities were a bit handholdy. I know you could turn them down but they really felt less like scripted cinematic variable ways to dispose of people creatively and more like scripted textbook manuals for dummies to follow so they would actually pull off the hits.

I would have liked more “opportunities” that would actually have been somewhere in-between the free gameplay kills of the game and the highly scripted opportunities presented. It would be nice to have 1 or 2 gameplay systems implemented that logically acknowledge manual (mostly) unscripted kills that can be counted or framed as accidents or framed on another person.

There have been some very creative and good ideas here on this forum in the past posted by various members that could fit that bill quite well and might be technically/mechanically possible to pull off with current technology.


HITMAN Season 1 is great, not perfect, but the series has definitely returned to it’s roots.

We all have our own personal perceptions on what a Hitman game SHOULD be, so don’t assume that I speak for everyone when I say this. I think aside from the heavy storyline (at least it was well written) Hitman 2 had the right ideas for a Hitman game. When I think of Hitman I think of 47 going to various different locations all over the world and assassinating high profile targets. I’m so happy it has come back to that.

I know a lot of people feel that the game could use a little more darkness (like from Contracts) and I agree to an extent, but I don’t think it needs to be extremely dark. But what I really mean by darkness is, giving 47 some more darkness. I don’t like how he’s portrayed as a hero rather than a contract killer.

I liked every mission except for Marrakesh & Colorado. The other missions were all fantastic and kept me replaying over and over.

I think the planning system works well, although I think we should have an extra inventory slot in season 2.

The graphics look good to me, I know a lot of people like to point out that Absolution supposedly has better graphics but it’s just not a big deal to me. The look of 47 is perfect in this game, definitely the best he has looked out of all the games. It looks like they did away with the Absolution look and went for more of a Silent Assassin / Contracts look which I’m completely fine with.

Escalation mode is the stupidest mode they have ever tried creating.

Always online is disappointing but luckily I don’t have to go without internet too often.

I don’t mind the episodic release, in fact I prefer it not only because I purchase digitally but because it feels like a never ending game

The music is good, definitely nothing compared to Jesper’s music but it’s not bad at all.

The open letter IO gave to us a while ago definitely holds up. They listened to us after Absolution.

Overall 8/10


Game looks amazing, gameplay as well. Maps are all very good and some are masterpieces - like Paris, Sapienza and Hokkaido. The game is addictive, well balanced and is up there with my favorite games.

I love the attention to detail, the amount of work put into the small things. I’ve voted for this game to win GOTY and I think it deserves it. It could have been easily the best Hitman game to date, had it not been for the inconsistency in mechanics and lack of a bit more content.

It’s a shame, though, that we lost so many good things, such as human shielding, dual wielding - you know the rest; it’s a shame we only got 6 maps (not counting the training) and I do feel that some maps could be slightly smaller if it means we’ll get more maps. It can get a bit boring to replay the same 6 maps, after a while. I’ll trade a few “square meters” in the maps for more maps in a heartbeat.

Not a fan of the always online requirement and the sad joke that the offline mode turned out to be. To this day, I still haven’t found an official explanation to this decision - other than “HITMAN™ is a truly live experience…escalations…keep reading and pretend I’m actually addressing the issue”. It has certainly put a lot of players off (not always for good reasons, but still…).

Not a fan of the constant changes being made with little to no explanation. Refer to headturning poll thread where I’ve laid out my beef with this.

Not a fan of gamebreaking patches and this game has been plagued by these.

Definitely not a fan of the unlock system and how the game prevents us from taking weapons/items with us when we exit the level; nor was I a fan of getting blue guns after seeing cool guns in trailers. Lord knows I’ve tried to come up with explanations for this - but, sadly, it all remains speculation.

Enjoyed the idea of elusive targets but this takes me back to the issue with lack of more mechanics and maps: no matter what the target may be (ok, Busey was an exception), it gets tiring of killing any npc in the same limited ways (more so than others, depending on maps) on the same maps. So I’ve been playing elusives exclusively for the unlocks for the past 3 months or so.

Don’t play escalations because I simply don’t enjoy them and I would trade all elusive targets and escalations for one more map or more kills/content within each map (looking at you, Bangkok).


Hell to the yes on escalations. Especially the way it was designed to just 1-up every previous level was very tedious and exhausting after the first 2 levels of any given escalation mission. It’s just a bad idea no offense.

And agreed on pretty much everything else. Especially this:

In regards to this:

Yeah, it is great over the season and also a great way to extend the livespan of the game beyond the season and into the gap between season 1 and 2, but I just feel like dozens of elusive targets on the same 6 maps do not replace a well done middle-sized additional map. The summer episode for example was great, because it gave you 1 new mission on an already used map. That was okay. One re-use. Hell, I don’t mind occasional elusive targets that reuse already used maps. But at some point it looses the charm.

So instead of making 30 elusive targets (I am making up numbers here to elaborate my point, those are not real numbers), why not make 15 elusive targets and 1 more mission on a completely new map. It takes time to make up those elusive contracts, and that is great. There is story in there, new guard routines, new NPCs and targets and that is fantastic and should be done this way. But use half the resources to make half the elusive targets and use the other half of the resources (and time) to make at least 1 new map. That would definitely be better from MY POV. Don’t know about you guys.


The full season is £25 on PSN.

Will it contain every mission that comes with the physical edition? I’m talking about the “3 Bonus Missions from the Summer Bonus Episode, which includes ‘The Icon’ and ‘A House Built on Sand’ missions, plus the brand new upcoming ‘Landslide’ mission”.


Yes it will.


I’m having a hard time settling on a score particularly since it’s clear there are aspects of the game which we’re still waiting for IOI to tweak/implement.

I gave Absolution a 7/10 back in 2012 with particular praise towards it’s new engine, which made controlling 47 an entirety new experience. With H6, the obviously welcome change is a return to ‘map-levels’ and the elimination of checkpoints, which form most of the fun. While the story is generic, it’s still better than the “personal” one we had previously. Nevertheless, Absolution is more polished technically than H6, which seems to struggle a bit more. Not to mention the voice acting, which is one of the game’s most noticeable weaknesses.

So at the moment, I feel it’s above Absolution score-wise if only for the mission structure alone; but there’s potential for a near-flawless Hitman experience. Maps like Sapienza and Hokkaido being examples.

TL;DR: Just gimmie the suitcase!


I think overall this really is a return to what made the series great in the first place. I have a lot more praise than criticism for this game, so instead of saying all the things I think it does right, I’ll list the things that would, if changed, make this the absolute (heh) best game in the series for me.

Here goes:

  • deleting security footage in one monitoring room shouldn’t delete it for the entire level
  • you should start every mission with the coins and the two item slots in the load-out should be reserved for illegal items only
  • the briefcase should make a return
  • NPCs should react to pools of blood on the floor
  • there should be levels with elevators
  • it shouldn’t be always online, or at the very least we should be given an offline option with the ability yo use our unlocks before IO decide to take the servers down
  • there should be light weapon customization elements
  • human shields should be in the game
  • peeking through keyholes should return

These are in order of importance to me. If the first few items on the list were fixed I could easily forgive the rest. As it is, I rate it a very solid 8/10.


Only however in cases however where the footage deletion seems “out of place” (example coffee shop). In other cases (like for example the footage WITHIN the undeground lab) where it makes sense that the security room is responsible for the whole facility that all belongs to the target and/or their organization it should stay that way because obviously then it makes sense.


I agree with all your points, but I scored the game much lower, personally. Had I waited and bought the complete experience when it was all released, and spent maybe £20 on it, I probably would have given it a 7 or 8 out of 10.

As someone who preordered the game back before SE changed their mind about the model, and lived through the beta and all the initial teething problems with the ‘always online’ disconnects and framerate issues, Never before have I spent so much time with such an underwhelming drip-fed package: it gets a 4/10 from me.

For me, it was the lack of valuable content. Elusive contracts have been a big disappointment for me, and Escalation contracts compound what was wrong with the release schedule: forcing me to replay a section or level over and over and I end up feeling like I’ve played the game to death. And for what? A new SMG with a camo skin that I’ll never use?

I recently tried playing through the game from start to finish and I got as far as the final bit of Sapienza. I couldn’t finish the level; I was just so bored of it.

I thought Showstopper was the high point of the season. Sapienza could have been great but there is so much wasted space. Marrakesh is just terrible. Bangkok was ok. Colorado had some great moments, and Hokkaido was pretty good.

I’ve seen some people fawning over the release model because it ‘gives the player the chance to really explore each level’ - I did that anyway when I had access to the full game with BM/SA/Contracts, but I at least had the freedom to move on to new content if I wanted to.

Hitman 2016 really was too little at a time though and just meant that I frequently had a month or two with a lacklustre level: I spent most of the last year with Hitman hoping that each subsequent episode would be truly great but never really got what I wanted.

Little things which were missing from previous titles weighed heavy on me. Not being able to carry poisoned food to targets, or hide weapons in crates, or have access to a briefcase, or be able to use npcs are human shields… Or even survive a gun fight if things went wrong, actually. It felt much less flexible than Hitman at the height of its powers, which I still believe was Blood Money.

On the plus side: the game looks fantastic. I thought the story had a lot of potential (ultimately I was annoyed that they didn’t resolve anything or indeed really advance the narrative. What is Providence and why should I care? I wanted to see more of the Shadow Client - I thought he’d end up being everything Mark Parchezi should have been in BM). Some of the scripted sequences were truly great, and I loved walking the runway as Helmut.

I won’t be preordering season 2 if it happens. I’ll wait until the full thing is out and then judge it accordingly.


A number doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a number.

I’ll just list what’s wrong with the game, since most people here will praise it.


Elusives are actually okay, but kinda pointless in the end. Escalations are so bad that out of the 30+ they made, there’s only 3 that are “okay” and even that is generous. Escalations is something they shouldn’t stop making for season 2 and 3, they’re such a waste of time and are not quality content.


Contracts they do feature aren’t that good, while there’s literally a thousand being made every day. The mode is great, but nobody plays it, due to IO not bringing attention to it enough.


No human shields, no sniper suitcase, no weapon upgrading and so on.

  1. BUGS

X-ray vision enemies aren’t fun


This just sucks. Every other Hitman game covers a guns blazing playstyle well, but this one doesn’t for no reason.


The cover system in this game is awful. Shooting around the corner with it is suicide, anyone smart will stay out of it.

There’s a few more things, but that’s most of it
I still think the main issue is badly made side content.
Elusives are a strange and pointless endevour, while Escalations are awful.


To me, complaining about the episodic model is tantamount to complaining about the development cycle. So, it’s really a matter of either “wait another year” for the whole thing to come out, vs “take the content a piece at a time starting now”. Given these options I like the episodic model. On top of that I think IO did a great job of releasing the content at good intervals, and each time they released something it was solid high quality stuff.