Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


Io wisely embraced the episodic model. (Spoke too soon hehe)
However, if only the game was moddable, perhaps then we’ll see some truly awesome Hitman ideas being spawned. The solitary developers can only do so much from their own often limited ideas than a Hitman game made openly together by a community of enthusiasts


They also made up for it with the challenges to get mastery which some were actually really fun to do.


I can stand the gameplay, but the atmosphere isn’t something i demand from the Hitman. Saying “getting back to the roots” is rather half true, half commercial catchphrase.


Strong 8/10 because the game itself was pretty impressive. It immersed me into the game with its mastery level and unlocks as well as easter eggs AND adding humour to the game. :clap: Well done IO. Well done indeed…


Just realised I haven’t voted yet. 9/10, it is an amazing game which I have sunk hours and hours in to but some glaring flaws just stop it from getting the 10.


For this game to beat Firewatch, it would have to be a 10 - and it is.

Hell, it’d be an 11 if that fucking headturning was gone.


I was skeptical at first of the episodic model, but I have been thoroughly impressed with the game. IOI have done an excellent job with actively engaged the gamers with content and providing so many great ways to enjoy the game. I know that opinions will always vary, but I think this is the best Hitman game in the series. I thought the franchise would never top Blood Money, especially after Absolution was released. Plus, the team at IOI seem to be so much more engaged with the players and actively seeking advice to make the game better. Exciting times in the Hitman World of Assassination. Can’t wait for more content and Season 2 to arrive!:thumbsup:


I give it a perfect 10


This. This a thousand times. I have clocked more hours into this game than any other I have played in the last 20 years except for perhaps Fallout 3. While off to a rocky start with connectivity issues which plagued me until late July, IOI did the right thing by bringing Hitman back to its roots from that linear atrocity that was Absolution. I only played that thing one time through and dropped it, thinking one of my favorite game series finally kicked the bucket. But this new one is like a phoenix rising from the ashes, complete with elusive contracts (which I will plan my week around if necessary lol) and escalations. We even got some bonus levels that might never have seen the light of day had the game been released all at once. I payed over $100 for the special edition and it was worth every red cent. I am eagerly anticipating season 2. Don’t let us down, Square Enix!


Only 10% of people voted 5 or less. That’s only 16/17 people, which is pretty good.


Hitman season 1 turned into my favourite game of 2016. Only disappointing aspect was the shooting and sniping but made up for it elsewhere. I gave it 10/10. I posted a comment on a YouTube video back in September or October saying a Xmas theme fashion show in Paris episode for bonus content was like how Marrakesh and sapienza got transformed in the summer. Made sense for a full circle finale (kinda disappointed at how predictable I thought that was) Then they throw in the targets harry and Marv from home alone & santa :joy: Worth the 10 alone itself for being the most festive level ever in a game. Loads of content, didn’t feel disappointed with it being released episodically. Buying from the beginning was worth every penny. Not played a game in so long where it slowly became too addictive to realise your hooked. Who didn’t go back and shiruken your way through every level lol. I felt like I was playing hitman 2 back in the old days. That was the game that hooked me


As a huge fan of previous games, my expectations were quite high. I’ve bought Full Experience quite recently, and I already played for around 85 hours. It’s good. It’s really all I have ever wanted from Hitman, although there is a lot room for improvements.

[quote=“Mads47, post:1, topic:12010”]
What did you like? [/quote]

I like almost each map, especially Colorado, Sapienza and Hokkaido. Bangkok is really great for social stealth, but SASO run ruined it for me, it was tedious and not very fun. Paris is nice, but for some reason, I’m not very excited about this level. Making game some sort of sandbox really fits Hitman and replaying levels is fun. As well, this is the second game in my life in which I really enjoy improving my runs, getting better times and compete in the rankings (The first one was Mark of the Ninja, I highly recommend this game!).

Marrakesh, when I first read about this level, I was excited about the concept, but this level was just simple, I’ve killed first target SASO in ~5 minutes after launching this map for the first time. However, embassy is cool, but overally this is my least favourite map. It’s interesting, I’ve read people complaining about Colorado and saying it’s the worst episode (when I’ve liked it) and saying that Marrakesh is great. Maybe it’s all about taste. To each their own.

Escalations and Contracts - these modes have really huge potential, but it’s untapped. Most of Escalations are unnecessary long, force you to complete the same thing few times for no apparent reason. They should be shorter. Contracts - lack of “latest contracts”, lack of rating system, no option to change names of targets, contracts’ names and descriptions and so on.

I haven’t played much Escalations (two), so I won’t rate it for now.


contract search > select every map > search

not sure what you mean by that - you can change them.


I didn’t know about the first one! However, it’s a little hidden, can be missed easily. In my opinion It should be more visible to everyone, maybe even the first thing they see after entering Contracts mode.

Sorry, I wasn’t precise. I meant changing them after creating contracts. It sucks if you accidentally make some typos etc. Also, you can’t simply delete them. My first contract was made just to test how the Contract mode works, it’s bad - it’s only spoiling the Contracts’ base.


Yeah, editing contracts would be a nice feature.

There actually was a latest contracts tab for a while but it got removed in favour of other tabs huehue


Imo, they should just remove the ‘Contract ID’ tab and add contract ID as a function in the search tab, then latest contracts can be a tab again.


I bought the game when the digital “full package” came out so I’m late to the party and have missed some Elusive contracts (the Angel of Death was my 1st) but overall I like the game and I’m still enjoying it. I’m glad I bought it as a whole cos I think waiting may have annoyed me (I’m VERY impatient…:joy:)

Good well thought out expansive levels
Plenty of imaginative ways to assassinate
Good frequency of Elusives
Good stealth dynamics

Limited loadout
Timed opportunities (I like to take my time)
Guns not as powerful as I’d like
Having to always be online

I know many will think this daft but I would like the option to highlight the Elusive target red as with the others because, and please don’t laugh at me :joy: but I couldn’t bloody find the Angel of Death :see_no_evil:, in fact I NEVER found her and ended up really frustrated then dying whilst trying to hide in a crate. An option to highlight as a last resort if your frustrated would be great for me.


I bought the game when it came out on sale on PSN and even though I have missed first 15 elusive targets I found the game to be great.

Lack of Platinum trophy for such a great game is a big minus and there should be more bonuses for completing the challanges or feats.

As for episodic gaming I wait until the whole thing is released to play. Telltale Games’ Walking Dead The Final Frontier is waiting to be played until all five episodes are released


Hahaha i know how it feels, i made a contract for a challenge, but it should be 5 targets and i made 4, so you couldn’t do the challenge with this contract, i made a new one and reported the other so it could be deleted, but it’s not deleted yet, almost 6 months after :flushed:.


Hey guys, I own Hitman digitally for the Xbone but im thinking of getting the physical copy for PS4 to play the community made contracts, exclusive targets and not gonna lie that steelbook. I just wanna know if anyone has any feedback on the exclusive targets and stuff. Just wondering if its worth the money to buy it again.