Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


The difference from Xbox One and PS4 is the player made contracts and the Sarajevo Six targets.
The elusive targets, escalations and featured contracts is the same for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

If it’s worth it or not is up to you, but the Sarajevo Six have 12 challenges, 6 silent assassins challenges and 6 kill method challenges and you will get the steelbook :smiley:.

Hahaha sorry… i forgot the 6 Sarajevo Six targets :flushed:.


Nice. yeah I think i’ll get it on ps4.
I enjoy doing community made contracts to see what people come up with.
Plus those Sarajevo Six targets interest me.


I think they are:

Scott Sarno
Gary Lunne
Walter Menard
John Stubbs
Patrick Morgan
Taheji Koyama

(Edit: thanks @Spodey)


And the steelbook, with this in mind i would say it’s worth it :smiley:.


Looking forward to putting that Steelbook with my small Hitman collection.


Looking forward to putting that Steelbook with my big Hitman collection.


Yeah I got the collectors edition for xbone and they didnt give me the requiem stuff so that was dumb. But I feel i need that steelbook for the collections lol.


:flushed: That’s the second thing i forgot, you are getting the requiem gear as well if you buy the steelbook edition :smiley:.


I haven’t gotten the game yet due to not having a platform to play it on, but what’s the general consensus around here? It really surprised me seeing the game be on so many goty lists! Are the IOI guys happy?


Not enough time played to give an opinion yet.
Need the physical release, and a way better PC :stuck_out_tongue:

But be sure that


Why a retail version?

–> I like having, touching a box, and the book with it (fetish from good old gamers)
—> I want to have it in my hands, physically (same argument twice)
----> Some people don’t have good internet, so it makes the install quicker (not me but still)

Good points tho for digital version:

–> Good offers (cheaper prices + we choose what we buy (divided content)
—> No need to wait, you download and play
----> More efficient updates (almost instantly in 2017)
------> Developers can listen to feedbacks and modify the game quickly

Best deal:

–> Digital release first, updating the game
----> Releasing the completed game on disc version + extra stuff

What actually IOI did, and i gotta admit it worked well.


About the disc release:

Many fans have been waiting for that physical version…thanks so much IOI for making it better than a simple plastic box!!



I thought IO did a good job with this game and my favorite part about season 1 are the elusive targets. It was a new concept to the hitman series and I thought it was a great idea. some parts of the game were not enjoyable for example the elusive targets that don’t move. I thought these were very annoying and less creative than others. All the main missions of the game were all enjoyable and never gave me a problem. My least favorite mission of the game was probably Marrakesh or Bangkok because I thought these had a uncreative map and the mission its self was just boring. overall everything else was very creative and intresting including the story. I think this is the best hitman game so far and hoping the next one will be better.


The graphics and levels(excluding Marrakesh) are excellent, unfortunately that’s where the good ends. Angles in which NPC’s spot you through walls, horrible shooting mechanics, no elevators or metal detectors, overly tedious unlock system, poor weapon variety(too much novelty crap), and NO BRIEFCASE. What a disappointment.


My major complaints are that there are no where near enough animations. Also, I think the blunt weapons should have the option of being used in a lethal way, like the hammer in Blood Money. Also NPC variety really needs to be worked on. You’ll see the same NPCs on almost every map with few variation. And lastly… the blood. What in the hell did this latest update do to the blood? WHERE IS IT? ):


Hi, so i brought the steelbook edition of hitman and i have to say I’m loving it so far but I’m having an issue with one of the escalation contracts called ‘The Adrian Eclipse’. Basically the timer for having your pistol equipped is extremely buggy and keeps causing to fail consecutively.

It functions incorrectly in a couple of ways:

  • The timer sometimes doesn’t appear when i don’t have my pistol out.
  • The timer carries on going even when my pistol is out causing me to fail.

As you can imagine this is incredibly frustrating as its not my fault, is this going to be patched at some point?


First, I want to say that I’m an “old” fan of the series. “Codename 47” is the only game I didn’t play but I really enjoyed Contracts (my favourite), Silent Assassin and, of course, Blood Money while I really hated Absolution.
Therefore, I would be lying If I said I didn’t love HITMAN, it’s great, a welcome return to the series roots
but it isn’t perfect.
There are things that actually disappointend me such as:

  1. the remove of the Human Shield feature which I always liked in every game (The Last Of Us, Hitman Absolution etc…)
  2. there is no suitcase, and it has, it really has, to come back in season 2. They have to work on it.
  3. QTE are shit, when they’re to arrest you and they punch you (while their gun, of course, disappears) I feel sick. I don’t say I don’t like the QTEs in general, and I can’t think of another way to put down NPCs, but in this game it’s bad, it’s really bad.
  4. “subdue” feature should work better
  5. Fiber Wire shouldn’t disappear and the garrotte animation should be reconsidered.

I loved everything else.
I really enjoyed Marrakesh, unlike most people, and I didn’t really like Colorado, unlike most people.
I like the professional difficulty but I think they should let you save twice instead of once.



  • The design of the levels. It’s interesting, full of life and opportunities aplenty. Sapienza being the highlight in my opinion.
  • Elusive targets keep you coming back and looking forward. Even though they can be a little buggy from time to time.
  • Huge replay value.
  • Easter eggs and the general humor in the levels.
  • Clever dialogue/story elements that you can pick up from conversations in all locations.
  • The cutscenes at the end of levels are really good and look amazing.
  • The gameplay overall feels smooth enough.


  • Too big of a difference in quality betweens locations/levels in my opinion. Colorado was not to my liking. There was no joy no fun elements to play that level. Too gritty and grey to be enjoyable for me. Disliked Morocco even more especially the school area.
  • Voice-acting decreases the atmosphere of the cities. Also the need to talk to 47 when he walkes by almost every npc is annoying.
  • Fixed animations that cannot be stopped like poisening and lockpicking. Just make it so you have to hold down triangle to perform these actions and as soon as you let go it stops. Blood Money had it I think.
  • Bugs that have been around to long like facepunching when you want to subdue and xray-vision of guards and npc’s.
  • Sniping: I feel sniping is being discouraged. The lack of suitcase makes it you can only carry it if you’re a guard. The autofocus from guards to your location after the shot even if it’s a huge distance. Does it count as silent assassin if bodies are found even if you snipe them flawlessly without being spotted? All these things make sniping not worth while when it used to be an ‘‘artform’’ to quote IO. Sniping needs to be encouraged and not discouraged.
  • Something like a binocular should be standard equipment for 47. Should I resort to a sniper rifle to scope out a building or area from a distance?
  • That npc’s go to areas that are restricted after there has been an explosion or panic. Going through locked doors and keycard doors for some reason. Hiding in the directors office in Japan when I was doing a kill everyone run. Took me 15 minutes to locate the director and his clothes in order to get in the room that he apparently was able to enter.

Overall for me this is the best Hitman I’ve ever played and certainly the one I’ve had the most fun with. For sure way more positives than negative. It’s just that the negatives need more explaining :slight_smile:. The suitcase, the punch/subdue, the xray vision and the fixed animation lockpick/poisening really need attention though.


France: 10

Italy: 10

Marocco: 7
(I dont like third world mood and atmosphre, with stone ruins and overpopulation everywhere, but thats just my personal taste. The mission itself was well done at the beginning, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many guards in the Swedish embassy and school - at least one guard in every single room was able to uncover 47`s disguises in the second half of this mission and that was no fun to play at all anymore, the balancing of the last part of this mission was very bad.)

Colorado: 9
(Not as crowded with guys that can look through 47`s disguise like the embassy in the previous mission, and therefore a well-balanced and very interesting and enjoyable mission. Beautyful graphics and interesting high-tech-military approach with lots of military machinery on that old farm area. Beautyful and interesting mission.
Only 9 out of 10 because Hitman was not leaving the mission area with this quad bike. I wanted to see him drive this ATV through mud and dirt.)

Hokkaido: ?
(I have finished the Colorado mission tonight and 47 hasn`t arrived in Japan yet, I cannot rate Hokkaido yet but I am sure it will be AWESOME and stunning like the rest of this game!).


Where is bangkok? Didn’t play that one?


Will there be like an complete edition which includes requiem pack and everything?


That’s technically the steelbook version, the full experience is as big as it gets without buying the steelbook.