Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


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I’m a longtime Hitman fine (been at it since C47). I’d rank the series as one of my favourites of all time, with Blood Money being my personal highlight.

Until now, that is. I think the new Hitman is a huge success. It takes all the things that made Blood Money so good - chiefly the intricate level-design and multiple approaches, and dials it right up. The level design in this is seriously impressive and means the meagre-sounding 6 maps actually have hours and hours of replay value, actually improving over time the more intimately you get to know them.

And that’s without even taking into account Contracts, Elusives, Escalations and bonus missions. I don’t like Escalations (having to replay the earlier objectives each time kills it for me), but the Elusives are a superb addition and one of the best examples of making a game ‘live’ that I’ve yet seen. I’ve not even had a chance to get into Contracts mode yet, or even the bonus missions, as there’s so much else to do.

The ‘Mastery’ progression system is perfect and there’s a good selection of challenges to tick off to get those lovely unlocks. This is a great example of taking what works about the previous games in the series and making it an integral part of the game.

I don’t know the real reason why the game went episodic - something forced on IO by SE? - but, whatever, it turns out it’s a perfect fit for the game. Back when Blood Money came out, it was the only game I ever really wanted DLC for. Now we’ve got a Hitman game built entirely around this model and it works superbly. Long may it continue.

Here are some things I’ve love to see in Season 2:

  • Sniper briefcase (adding my voice to the chorus - it’s still the most glaring omission)

  • Human shield (not sure why this was removed. A balancing thing by IO? Whatever the reason, I really miss it from BM and Absolution)

  • Weapon upgrade system (worked so well in BM, and it would seem the perfect way to keep adding mastery rewards and unlocks. I can’t understand why IO didn’t go with it. Perhaps it could work on a currency system with Mastery levels giving money that can be used as you wish).

  • Regional voice acting (in the end I found the Barry Shitpeas voices that keep cropping up in exotic locations funny, but really it’d be much better if the voices matched the NPCs. Still, I’d rather have a variety of vocal reactions to your actions than none at all).

  • Make ‘witnesses’ important (in BM it was important to kill witnesses, even those you’d incapacitated, as it affected your profile in subsequent missions. In Hitman 2016 witnesses don’t even affect scoring I don’t think. It’d be great if there was some mechanic which made dispatching living witnesses an important facet of the game beyond just their ability to ID you within the current session. At the very least I’d like ‘living witnesses’ to replace ‘spotted’ as a scoring attribute. Much more Hitman-ny).

  • ‘Request agency drop’. Sometimes you get an idea on the fly, or you need to rescue a situation that’s gone bad but just don’t have the right tool for the job. I’d love some kind of ability, item or unlockable that allowed you to request an ICA drop of one of your items in an ICA crate of your choosing. Like I might have fluffed my main plan for an Elusive and am left with the opportunity to snipe them, but I didn’t bring a sniper rifle so I can’t do it.

  • Tweaks to sniping so enemies can’t immediately triangulate my position. Perhaps make the sniper rifle an ‘illegal’ item if a sniper kill has been witnessed.

  • Let me unstick from cover while aiming!


I waited patiently for it to be released as a whole in a disc form in my ps4. Having followed since hitman 2 from ps2, I would like to share my opinion. I finished the main story in like 1 and a half week.


  • definitely a huge improvement since absolution because the stealth freedom of roaming around is back.
  • lots of unique way to kill targets
  • different start out option and/or with different disguises are very neat idea that should stay with the game
  • interesting dialogue when listening to other AI
  • very big maps and lots of venturing around
  • awesome graphic
  • very good creative and beautiful stage in hokaido


  • too many areas to hide bodies (there are like freaking closets everywhere in the bathroom and all you need to do is open facets to bait the guards) it makes the game too easy in that area.
  • all disguises are too powerful. so powerful that as long as you use your instinct to check exactly which AI you need to watch out for. All guards should have slightly better awareness.
  • guns are pretty much useless to me as I realize throwing things and choking people are way more effective
  • what is the point of the fiber wire if you can just choke everyone like crazy? they should make choke less effective in some way
  • AI shoot so darn well with a range and accuracy of a sniper rife. I can never do a mass murder run without saving tons of times
  • Other than the mini contracts and Hokkaido stage, I felt like other missions are too blend. They should have some out in the open contract instead of always indoor or maps with sort of similar pattern of lay out (such as the last level in hitman 2, killing 17 the other hitman, the stages in middle east in hitman 2, neighborhood stage in blood money). There also need to be multiple objectives other than just killing your targets.
  • Limited items to carry to mission.
  • I really hate the challenge tips, so I had to turn it off. It is so much more fun to try to figure out what everything does in the old games. If only i could turn on the intel sign popping up every time i pick something up.

This is all I can think of so far on top of my head. Let me know if you agree or disagree.


While I seem to rate this game higher than you do, I also deactivated alot of stuff in my first 15min in this game. Like instinct and some HUD things. I would like it to be harder, but thats easy to say now that I am fluent in every level without having to fear something. I guess it would be a whole different thing if I deactivated the minimap and dont know where NPCs are.


This problem can be easily solved by turning off NPC icons, minimap and instinct.


maybe i will turn off instinct, but i am not that good, so i still need npc icons and minimap.


Season 1 is great 9/10 - if you don’t wish to use instinct then you can role play and not use it to suit the feel you like. For those complaining murder runs are too hard, this is the point to encourage stealth - maybe COD is more for you?
More inventory space but limiting to a item ‘type’ might feel less restrictive. Eg) 1 pistol slot, 1 melee slot, 1 gadget slot (eg lock pick, door charge) and 1 utility slot (poison powder, syringe, etc)

Game would get 10/10 if:

  • Fibre Wire uses no inventory space and 47 never leaves home without it (it’s an underpowered gimmick weapon - let us have it for free like every other game! currently this signature weapon is never used)
  • Sniper Briefcase option returns
  • Dual pistols are back but with option to draw a single pistol at a time.
  • Shooting any non-target (non fatally) currently still allows you to get silent assassin… this needs fixing
  • Throwing weapons are maybe a tad overpowered
  • Accident kills are awarded too easily - drowning in a toilet, being blown up by a random fuel drum or sticking someone with a poison syringe in the open should not count as accidents

Other than that the best hitman since Blood Money and a great return to form!!


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