Poll: HITMAN Season 1 Review & Discussion Thread


Does someone know a justification on why each bonus mission has just one entry + pickup location? I know they are mini-missions but for example Landslide is just as big as World of Tomorrow.


As an old school Hitman fan I always wished that IO would bring that old minimalistic Hitman gameplay back (that Pre-Absolution series style), But, this new game looks no different then Absolution to me at least in regards to gameplay mechanisms and also level design, however, one thing that I’ve had liked about Absolution was the setting and locations diversity, by which I’m actually talking about “strange” location/setting in levels, in this latest game for example the level in Hokkaido is the only original-looking “Hitman level” among others IMO, you know, those unique Hitman levels with strange setting/locations and grimmy atmosphere in them, to name a few atmosphere-heavy Flatline, Crows, Mississippi, A Dance with Devil, etc levels from the Blood Money game or many others from Absolution one. For good, I hope the next season to come up with more of that original Hitman elements and more of that old unique level design with more fun/dark-themed locations.


prove me wrong?!?!?!


Well the fact is that these levels are far from the linear and limiting levels as seen in most maps of Absolution. The gameplay is simply updated in a natural progression and not limited in terms of controls like past games. They where very stiff and clunky.

The prof is literally in the two games and you can easily see how HITMAN’s level structure is a evolution on past game pre Absolution.


I’m not saying that gameplay is shit okay, referencing to older games in series I don’t like the new gameplay neither Absolution nor HITMAN, simple as that
However I think u guys agreed with the point about level locations with this HITMAN, right?


I really like that this game comes back to the root of BM. Really love the replayability, unique targets, level design, unique kills, multiple starting points, smuggling points, disguise system, etc.

My main gripe:
Shooting system is so poor, make unlocking guns no fun at all.
Some escalations are boring or annoying.
The “Never Spotted” system (I really hope witness system comes back).
No briefcase.
Unlocking system and too many reskins (I think the money system and the weapon customisation are better).
Random headturning (I still cannot understand what’s the point of that feature).

But for me, the biggest downside is that now I do a mission like I’m solving a puzzle. I don’t feel like a hitman like in previous games anymore. I will definiately try to “roleplay” someday.


The small inventory and no upgradability to 47’s tools is the biggest hit to roleplaying in this game.

47 should NEVER leave home without his (two!) silenced silver ballers, fibre wire, lockpick and coins…
This was his core base and you could upgrade all these abilitiies as well as his body armour.

Silly restrictions and unlocking new items (rather than upgrades for existing items) makes hitman feel more like a “puzzle” than a “hitman” game like it did in blood money.

They also need to REWARD being silent.

Silent assassins do NOT:

  • shoot people in the leg then punch them out (they could bleed to death and be a casualty)
  • throw fire extinguishers at people and blow them up
  • throw coins to the same NPC and have them follow you round the map forever

Please fix these AI short comings, give us a briefcase and all 47’s tools and this game would be 10/10 for me!


The idea seems good, but mandating the (two!) silverballers being on his person at all times is overkill. It becomes a problem when one chooses to do missions going through frisk zones. Then, dropping the guns becomes a forced action. Besides, 47 is not leaving his balls home, only the ballers. :wink:

This reminded me of how Sam Fisher’s whistle mechanic was handled in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. If you use the whistle multiple times with the same NPC, he becomes very suspicious and starts actively hunting for you. Similarly, a proper mechanism needs to be in place for handling coin spamming, in my opinion.


If you don’t like the mechanics just don’t use them, most players like them


That’s the point, Hitman is a puzzle game.


Hitman is my most favorite game franchise ever. I’ve played all the games so far and loved them all. Each one had its own particular atmosphere. But with Absolution I missed those huge sandbox levels that made the previous games, especially Blood Money, so extraordinary. I was afraid Blood Money was the perfect Hitman game, and would be very difficult to surpass.

However, I must say: this latest Hitman game feels like what Hitman always wanted to be and should have been, and the current hardware finally allowed this. What I like the most is the freedom of approach in planning the assassinations in the huge sandbox levels. Exploring the level, eavesdropping conversations, finding documents with useful information, knocking out NPCs to get their clothes to change disguises like a chameleon and get access to new areas and blend in in full sight, etc; all to figure out and plan a masterpiece of an ‘accidental’ assassination. Or just finding that small window of opportunity where you isolate the target and take him out, putting a bullet in his head, strangling him with Hitman’s signature fiber wire, or just stabbing him with a screwdriver. It’s all up to you. You prefer blowing him up? You can do that. You prefer the sniping approach? You can do that too. The possibilities are endless, which makes the replay value enormous.
Aside from the brilliant gameplay, I also love the storyline of Hitman. Agent 47 is just one of the coolest videogame characters ever created, with an incredible intriguing story. The cutscenes in this latest Hitman in particular are fantastic IMO.

However, there are a few things that I don’t like as much:

  1. The soundtracks. I think the in-game soundtracks don’t express the distinct Hitman atmosphere that Jesper Kyd could bring so masterfully. Sometimes it sounds more like a James Bond game instead of a Hitman game. Silent Assassin, Contracts, and especially Blood Money had one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard in any videogame. I don’t know why Jesper Kyd isn’t on board anymore since Absolution, but Hitman feels somehow less like Hitman without their music. Please IOI, bring them back in the future.

  2. People who buy the disc version of the game, like me, or any late adopters of the game, missed many Elusive targets. I think it’s a real shame and a waste to miss out on that much quality content, even though paying the same price as early adopters of the game. I fully agree with the one-time opportunity to take out the Elusive targets though, which brings an unparalleled tension to the game, which is awesome. But I really wish there is a chance in the future to play the Elusive targets you missed and just didn’t get to play at all.

  3. Very few kill animations per melee weapon. For example Blood Money and Contracts had a few different kill animations for the fiber wire, kitchen knife, etc. which were awesome. I’m sure IOI had their reasons to drop this to focus on other stuff, but for a game that’s essentially about killing, a few extra different kill animations would be great, especially for the fiber wire. And maybe more and cooler blood animations too, like leaving blood traces when dragging bodies. (Blood Money had this, it even had brain splatters!).

  • No sniper briefcase

  • Shooting with silenced handgun sounds dull, and the bullet impact-sound comes noticeably late after firing. It’s like your bullets go slow-motion, very strange.

  • Too few voice actors

  • 6 main maps should have been 7 or 8.

There, that’s my opinion of the game. I’m sorry for the long text, but being such a huge fan of the series since the very first game, I wanted to share my opinion with you. This game is just fantastic. Keep up the great work IOI! Can’t wait for Season 2!


What I like most about HITMAN 2016 is the atmosphere and immersion, which becomes more apparent when you get more accustomed to this game. The first experiences is in getting used to the level design, and how to work around checkpoints between areas. You learn how you need different disguises and other game mechanics to get from place to place. Once you have exhausted the basic content and repeat missions and contracts, you become more aware of the intricate details of the level design, all the different NPCs and their scripted movements, and the 1,000s of pieces of interesting dialogue amongst NPCs. All the level of detail of the different moving parts in each episode is amazing.
There is considerable fuss over the episodic and an always online format. This is a choice that suits the game designer. Everyone in an always online format is a live beta tester of the product. They have accumulated analytics on what every players is doing during the game, so they can adjust the game mechanics as it warrants changing. The game designers care about the player experience and care to improve the game, with a long term visions for the game over many years. With an open sandbox, and so many possible choices for emergent gameplay, the devil is in the details. They have to effectively meld the near infinite player choice and the responses to the player choice in the behavior of 600-700 scripted NPCs. It is bound to happen that some players test the limits of the game, subverting essential game play, which then has to be fine-tuned.
With an episodic and online format, the game designers have the ability to add content piece meal, every month, and build a community which serves to help advertise the product beyond the initial launch date. They receive free monthly advertising by players of the new content. Future seasons of HITMAN, will include new content that will build upon what the game designers have learned from the gameplay of Season 1 players, which will produce a better game for Season 2. Their design team are more able to focus on developing new and interesting content, with less energy focused on tuning the game mechanics. IO interactive produced a first season that focused on working out the game mechanics of their World of Assassination with a loosely held overarching story in short cut scenes at the end of each episode. I suspect that they can interweave a deeper and more interesting story with combined new and old locations for a second and third year of HITMAN releases.


The other thread got locked and this is basically a review.


I think the girl is horizontal because she’s dead.


Absolutely agreed, I’ve just come back to the forum after many months away to post this on a fb news article but it was removed before I could post it so ill put it here, much briefer but is exactly what your saying too. I love Hitman and wasso hyped up. I paid for the whole seasom in advance and totally lost interest after the 3rd mission.

“The truth is the new Hitman game was a poor charecatiou of blood money which involved false advertising (breifcase) aweful voice acting (with the exception of bateson) and an embarrassingly lazy soundtrack compared to previous titles that provided no atmosphere. The gameplay is simply a hand hold excersise through steps that would be impossible to work out or improvise with without the guides provided. Blood momey gave players a set of tools and actions for every sandbox mission and a clock work of AI routines that were incredibly fun to play with. Can’t say I was really too thrilled with the disguise system in “Hitman” either.”


What? This is simply false. Unless you’re unable to visit the options menu and disable the opportunities.


If you read what I said properly you will see I addressed that, “impossible to work out or improvise with without the guides provided”. I am saying that when the “opportunities” are disabled you can’t really complete a mission in an expert manner because the AI is triggered by you instead of being a blood money system where the AI is in a Clockwork which allows you to observe and interfere. I’m not saying it’s impossible to do that in "hitman " but I am saying it’s no where near as user friendly or consistent as blood money was. While I’m at it I will add that the maps were too big for the rinse and repeat gameplay system of unlocking items instead of the earn and purchase items from blood money also. I’m not actually saying it was a terrible game by itself (neither was absolution) but as a HITMAN game they were both aweful.


I flat out disagree with everything you just typed.


So do I.


Of course you’re entitled to your own opinion, but I can’t agree with anything you just said and keep my conscience intact.