Poll: How old Hitman players are?


50 next year. Beat that!

Got hooked immediately on the first one on my Gateway PC around 2002. Bought the rest on release day from that point on. One more on PC, the next two on PS2, Absolution on 360 and this one on XB1. So ive been all over the place platform-wise.

This one has been my only disappointment but also has the potential to be my fave all time if they can come through on fixing it.


I’ll be 23 in May, so I voted in that category. :grin:


I remember when I was 12 and Hitman Codename 47 came out for PC. I had to have it even though my computer did not support it. I bought it and spent hours at my friends house on his.

Now I just turned 28 this month and it was only natural to buy a PS4 and internet connection for the new game…Wish I knew about the exclusive requiem pack for pre-order. sigh.


28 in April. I basically grew up with IO, Hitman, and Novalogic games.


I’m 20. Grew up playing Hitman. Loving the new one, reminds me of when I picked up Blood Money on a whim and had the time of my life.


34 in June. I’d have been in on the ground floor, except CN47 was a little too state of the art for my computer. Chugged through the demo though. First one I played through was Silent Assassin.

I have since played through CN47 of course. If for no other reason, for the bona fides.


17, turning 18 in June.


I’m 26, been playing Hitman since Silent Assassin, which I think was 2002.


I’m 24 currently. I remember playing the first Hitman when it came out,but since I was about 9 at the time I used cheats to mow down everyone on the levels. :smiley:


I’m almost 26, playing since 2001, started with Codename 47 (its still my favorite :D)


25…I’ll be 26 in July. No kids yet, but I’m married :smile:


I’m also 45 and 20 chars… :slight_smile:



Started with Silent Assassin as a ‘pocket money burning a hole in my pocket’ rental from Blockbusters when I was about 13. Eventually Hitman kept me going throughout the hardest years of my life - through psychosis, depression and a suicide attempt. This damn franchise was always there, being awesome and helping to keep me going. It’s hard to overstate how much emotional attachment I have to it.

May I be playing new Hitman games when I’m old and decrepit (like some of you ancient gits)!


Great we need to get the percentage up for us older players. Lol


I’m worried What will happen if I get arthritis in my hands and can’t play hitman anymore :frowning: I’m 28 going on 68. Once you have had kids you feel so much older


Yeah that’s about what I expected.




You have joined an excellent club, congrats!


Glad you got through it, it’s awesome how Hitman helped you through it :smiley:.


58 and counting. Played every game in the series at least 3 times.