Poll: Is Concealing your Firearm a Useless Feature?

I think so. Why can’t you ACTUALLY conceal your weapon behind your back? You’re seen as armed even though your gun is clearly out of sight. At least don’t give me the illusion I am hiding it if I can’t do so. I’d like to see a full return to form myself - like how it was in Blood Money.

Is this feature currently useless?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (explain below)

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Would you like to see any changes to this feature?

  • Suspicion meter fills really slowly + combat
  • Suspicion meter fills really slowly + AI investigation (gives time to unequip)
  • Line of sight changes to allow full concealment based on your direction from the AI
  • Other (explain below)

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It looks really cool but is basically useless. Changing it so that if line of sight is correct then it remains concealed makes the most sense. If I’m standing in a room with only one other person with a gun behind my back how could they possibly know?

When i concealed my pistol behind my back Dalia did not notice it. So i would say it’s definitely useful, since it seems to work.


I don’t think I have ever tried this while in a disguise not permitting firearms will have to try it out. Personally I would never pull out a gun in a disguise not allowing guns unless I’m about to kill someone on a rampage but they shouldn’t be able to see it.

How do you conceal your firearm? I think it might have been in the tutorial but I can’t remember. I’m on the PS4

47 does it by default, when some one is coming near from the front.


Well you must not have been classed as a civilian right? If you are wearing a disguise permitted to wield a weapon, your gun doesn’t need concealing anyway.

I was in the tux and standing in Dalia’s bathroom, apparently she don’t care if you are there.

It looks cool, but I’d never risk anyone seeing my gun when I can just keep it holstered, Would only make sense if drawing you gun would take longer or if you could not holster some guns (1911 longslide with silencer…) at all in some disguises.

This way, you’d have to decide of you carry a smaller gun (s&w J-Frame or pocket auto) you could conceal easily or a full size, tricked-out weapon of mass destruction with scope, silencer and extended magazine (if they’ll ever bring back modifications).

I sure hope they do bring it back that used to be the whole point of earning lots of money on missions so you could buy upgrades.

I was gonna go with line of sight but i don’t think it will work with the new game because maps are full of people now. I want to suggest a “weapon ready mode” mechanic instead.(I don’t know if thats a thing but it would be cool)

When you press (or hold. There should be an option to select between) the assigned button, 47 will put his hand on his gun and rest there but also people are near and who sees him(from a logical distance) starting to get suspicious slowly. While you’re in this mode if you press “shoot” button, 47 will pull out his gun and shoot where you are aiming at(unlike “mark and shoot” mechanic game won’t go slow motion, no marking, no multiple kills or different camera angles. It will be a position like he conceals his weapon behind but toggleable).

Let’s say you changed your mind but before you get out off the mode someone get suspicious. He will come to you (if he’s a guard his weapon will be out and ready) and start saying things like" What are you hiding, let me see your hands sir,… " etc. If you get out off the mode before you make him angry then you gonna be ok. If you don’t then arrest phase starts.

While i just talk about arresting we need “HUMAN SHIELD!!!” back! Fake surrender is so stupid right now. I mean do you think 47 would beat a guard that comes to arrest him while there are 5 more guards pointing their guns at him? Besides being useless it also breaks the immersion so bad. Only benefit it has right now is giving you some time to think about which way to run.

Good day and happy hunting 47s.

But the feature was useless in Blood Money, it didn’t do anything, just like now.


I don’t really mind that it’s just cosmetic but it’s stupid when 47 hides the pistol even though he doesn’t need to, like when wearing a guard disguise that’s allowed to carry guns.

It’s useful is some cases, mainly when you want to feel cool

It can be exploited to know if an NPC is around nearby.

The situation that comes to mind is when climbing down the balcony after eliminating Jordan Cross in Bangkok. When on the balcony on Cross’s floor, 47 “hides” his gun if there’s an NPC in the balcony directly below him, and returns to normal stance after the NPC leaves the balcony indicating you’re good to climb down. :slight_smile:


Not only that, he’s been doing it since HITMAN 2: SILENT ASSASSIN. :wink:

But isn’t this just a visual gimmick without real impact on the visibility of the weapon?

Unsure about HITMAN. But, it was not a visual gimmick in Hitman: Blood Money. You could walk up close to a person with the gun held behind your back. If you turned to face away from the NPC, 47 held the gun in the front.

Yes I remember that from BM, I just noticed that this effect is atleast a whole lot weaker in HITMAN if even existant.

Concealment in HITMAN 2: SILENT ASSASSIN seemed to work when using the PSM .54.

I remember distinctly bringing it to “Invitation to a Party” and I pulled out the PSM a tad early when someone is walking by, and 47 put it behind his back and a couple of NPC’s walk past in front of him without alarms.

I recall thinking: “So THAT’s what it does!” But I also recall thinking that: “Maybe it only works because it’s a small gun…”

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