[Poll] Thoughts on cosmetic paid DLC for the game?

There is no suggestion IO is going to do it, nor am I personally saying it’s a wonderful idea, but what are your thoughts on paid DLC which give new suits and skins of weapons (or items that are new but have the exact same function as existing items, so no gameplay advantage)

  • I’d be okay with IO releasing paid cosmetic-only DLC to the game
  • I’d be okay with that + paid items that have unique functions not in base game
  • I would not be okay with IO releasing any paid DLC item packs

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Presuming they did, would you personally consider buying any?

  • I would seriously consider buying cosmetic DLC
  • I would seriously consider buying item/suit pack DLC only if it had a unique feature/ability not found in base game
  • I would be very unlikely to buy any DLC item packs

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I am a sucker for dumb suits. I just don’t want others to be at any real disadvantage if they don’t want to buy anything. I’d want them to just count as suits as well for custom contract purposes.

Once I saw thread’s name, I thought it would be about paid DLC which brings fixes and improvements to the game, read the paid patch :slight_smile:
Maybe this subject is very painful to me - I’m not satisfied with the current state of the game with leftover bugs and glitches.
I think I would have paid for such a thing

I just wanna throw money at IO to support them so they don’t go bust.

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If it would be the one cosmetic I would use frequently I would get it. But there it would end for me.

Useful items as DLCs are making it harder to create contracts. If you intend them to be used, you force people to buy it. If you ignore it it can happen owners can easily beat the carefully setup contract.


We just finally need the option for forced loadouts in contracts. Sorry for being a little off topic :wink:

75% of HMF are ok with microtransactions in their game.

what the fuck.

we have enough of that garbage in the rest of the industry, we don’t need that shit in hitman! it’s gotten so bad, i refuse to accept microtransactions even if they are “JuSt cOsMeTiC”


Who said these were microtransations?

Cosmetic items are just that - cosmetic. They’re aren’t a requirement to buy and even if they did the game industry would be watered down to a mundane, dull environment. With cosmetic items, people are free to buy at their own will. You even said that you refuse to accept them. Who cares about how other people spend their money?


you aren’t forced to buy items that directly alter gameplay either. that doesn’t mean that companies like EA and activision/blizzard won’t be predatory and design their game in order to manipulate you into giving them more money.

you say it’s just cosmetic, but people care deeply about how their characters look. if 47’s signature suit was locked behind a paywall and the only starting suit you could wear is the florida fit, a lot of people would be furious, myself included. i’ve already criticized IOI for locking the sig suit with gloves behind ETs, but at least with ET unlocks there’s a sense of progression and priestige. locking it behind a paywall is way worse.

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I voted no on both polls as I am afraid that such items would intentionally be cut out of the base game to then be sold as seperate cosmetic DLC.

“Buy the legacy suits DLC”
“Buy the rubber duck DLC”
you get the idea.

I actually am guilty of buying that one pack which got me the clown and cowboy suit, and I bought it mainly for those 2 suits back then, so if I’d be honest I should have voted the middle option of “would you buy it”.

The main argument against it for me is the danger of intentionally cutting maingame content, even if it is just suit rewards, to sell it as DLC.
Just look how many items (useful or not) we got in H2. It is tempting as a company to make additional money with these.

Yes but that was not the premise of the poll.


Then it’s as simple as not clicking buy in-game.

Obviously there are great games out there (if it isn’t great then I ain’t playing it). But EA and Activision are big pointers for designing their games as cash walls, that doesn’t mean that every other company is bad. I’m personally of the belief that every company is bad, but we can’t stop them from making money.

However, you pointed out that they’re microtransations, which they’re not. The topic of this poll is asking us if people are ok with IOI releasing paid cosmetic DLC, not microtransations.

That much is true, but at the same token it’s their lost of buying cosmetics. And honestly people seem to have mixed feelings about it. It really shouldn’t bother you that much if they can spend as much money as they please if you don’t like them.

I think for most of HFM members cosmetic DLC would simply be a virtual tip jar. It is a way to support IOI directly and the stuff you get from it is just a bonus. But this forum is a somewhat special place. Most of us dread the prospect of living in the world where IOI went under and Hitman is no longer a thing, and we got really close to that world. So it is only natural that most of us would be willing to throw some extra cash at our mutual drug dealer just to make sure that we get another fix down the line.


I’m only willing to buy bonus missions (and everything that comes with it). No way I’m spending money on a suit or extra weapons.


I would for 2 reasons. One, I miss the mid-2000’s trend of sending my characters into super serious missions with the tackiest, most blinged out weapons possible and two, the games have kept me entertained for 4 years now. That’s more than a fair return on my investment.

Particularly if we get a wigs pack :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t buy individual suits but I’d certainly would buy something like a season pass kind of thing.
Those are relatively inexpensive and the concept of unlocking skins in those is pretty spot-on for a Hitman, I think.

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I’d buy DLC to access stuff like bonus missions, new features in Contracts mode, maybe even an “escalations pack” of 5-10 really well designed escalations if they offered it. I don’t think paying for suits should be the norm. IO make enough money as is, anything more would be gouging us. And if they did do cosmetic packs then I’d like there to be a trade off that’s positive, like maybe suit sales will extend the lifespan of the game and have more people working on it fixing bugs, releasing free content like holiday missions or Special Assignments, creating escalations, updating Contracts mode and making bonus missions


Paying for cosmetic suits NO.
Paying for an extra special level mission (remaster for example) maybe.