Poll: Would you like to see a graphically improved version of Codename 47?

  • Yes
  • No

I’m making this poll on @Seamus447’s behalf. He/she was talking about the prospect of fans or IO Interactive improving the graphics of Codename 47 and releasing it as a new game. He/she thinks that there is an audience for this sort of game. I’d like to know what Hitmanforum thinks of it.


Do you mean a remake or a remaster? If the former one then NO, but if the latter one then YES!


What do you mean by those two words?


Well if by remake you mean Codename 47 re-built up from scratch, in the same ways a Half-Life was remade as Black Mesa in the Source engine or in the same way Halo HD collection was remade. Well both yes and no, i would not mind if it was done as long as the game was true to the Original game. But only if it would not harm the production of Hitman 6/7/8 and so on. And i don’t mind a remastered version of the game either.

As long as both “versions” would be available on PC as well.


I can’t see the point. The best missions from Codename 47 were remade in Contracts. Codename 47 is still perfectly playable with some config tweaks for compatibility with modern hardware.


Halo CE Anniversary style redo


Thank you. I was lost.


Yes that’s what i meant. I Can’t believe some people can’t tell a difference between the two.


Well, I am not sure its no and then again yes but I would definitely love a game like Hitman Blood Money. The exact Hitman Blood Money type and not like Absolution.


Something about C47 put me off when I tried playing it. I don’t know, maybe it’s too archaic for me, but tbh I don’t really think I missed anything major, since I’ve played all the other Hitman games.


Off topic. I just want to know whether you want a graphically improved version of Codename 47 or not, and why.


We already have a graphically improved version of C47. It’s called Contracts.


But Seamus447 is saying he/she wants a Codename 47 release with just the graphics improved. Hitman: Contracts remade the levels rather than just improving the graphics.


If you want to improve the graphics, you’ll need to start from scratch. That is, if we’re talking about something on the scale of Black Mesa Source, where freelancers re-constructed the original Half-Life game.


The graphics are not that important to me, they are good enough for me to play it again if the mood strikes me. However, I do like the story of C47, so it would be nice for it to have wider recognition. But the same game with only graphical overhaul? Not necessary to me. And a complete remake? It wouldn’t be right, any changes would make it invariably a different experience.

Leave it be as it is, not everything needs to be remade.


Then I would say “No”. Going back to the archaic play style of the first game would just be frustrating, no matter how pretty the graphics. I would want the levels redesigned to take into account all the improvements made to the series since it was released.


I feel that would lead to something similar to Contracts, so no.


No. I would like to see a complete remake of C47 for next-gen hardware.


Some of C47 textures are too blurry. I love the first game. It would be cool to see a remaster, with general graphic improvments, AI fixes and bug fixes. Some bugs would be like the glitched knife in the 3rd Hong Kong mission, 3d weapon models not showing up in weapon select, and many others.

Anyways it seems like the majority of people do not interested in a remaster, but I would really enjoy one!


If they never release the original on console i guess it would be the next best thing.