Poll: Would you like to see a graphically improved version of Codename 47?


Would love a remake or remaster!


some classic maps redesigned for hitman 2 / hitman 3 dlc’s yes. but tbh i don’t need a codename 47 remake or remaster.


Yes. But as content pack for HITMAN 2 or 3.


Yeah. If they just remade the levels in Hitman 2 I’d be even happier with that but if they were going to remake levels from older games in H2 then maybe I’d prefer levels from Blood Money or Contracts to be honest.


That looks great. I have to ask : If you were designing an actual mini campaign like this , what would each individual level be like ?


If it was me, i would just make 1 big location with 4 different missions, then they could do different times of day, i’ve not played them for a while and i’ve only played the contracts verion


The reimagining would be quite extensive. Lee Hong would be more like real life high profile supposed gangsters like Stanley Ho.

This frees up the selection of the four locations to Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, the Philippines, etc.

The main idea would be the same: 47 is tasked with collecting on smaller contracts that the ICA will help manipulate in the media to cause problems for Lee Hong to force the reclusive kingpin to come out in the open - in a meeting probably in a glitzy Macau palace/resort/hotel/casino with the vengeful heirs of the Blue Lotus.

In keeping with the modern HITMAN, each of the lesser Targets would be named targets with unique personalities. Maybe with wives…bodyguards of course. One of them might be in a park in Singapore instead of Hong Kong and so on.

Bonus: two of the Mission Stories of the last mission would be called “A Better Tomorrow” and “Hardboiled”. Both involve 47 manipulating the meeting so that both sides end up eliminating each other to the last man. “Hardboiled” is if the Red Dragon gang start the melee, “A Better Tomorrow” is if the Blue Lotus start the melee. Both are titles of Chow Yun Fat crime films.