Poor Optimization


Hi , im directly entering the problem. I was thinking to buy hitman 2 but im really confused about the performance i played the hitman 2016’s paris and marrakesh episodes but performances was not good enough. I don’t know where but i read something about hitman 2’s new optimization improvements and i wanted to test it. So i played the prologue and paris episode thanks to holiday hoarders event but my performance is far worse than the previous game. No matter what setting i play on low or high, fps is around 30-50 in some areas its 100 fps some areas like sanguine bar its 30 fps i tried to lower my resolution but i get the same the same fps can someone help me about this ?

Intel® Core™ i7 7700HQ CPU @ 2.80 GHz
16 gb ram
nvidia gtx 1050 4 gb

i know its not the best spec but it can play this game at least 60 fps


HITMAN does not need high fps.
It is perfectly playable at 25 fps.
But again if you think 40 fps is unplayable then it is your personal opinion.


The optimization isn’t the best but I play at around 60 FPS all the time. I recommend to tweak the settings a bit.
I’ll upload mine so you can try to copy them, probably lower them a bit. Tell me if you see improvements!
I use a GTX 970 (OC) and 4690K (4.2 OC) + 8 GB of RAM. Anisotropic 4X.

Everything else is medium/untouched.


well you are right i played hitman absoulition around 20 fps but my problem is fps goes from 40 to 100


thank you i’ll try it :smiley:


On my computer shadows were a big hit on performance, try to put them at low, maybe…


True, the game is a framerate mess, sure it needs further optimization and map polishing tasks. Anyway, there are other worse unfixed issues like the well-known Crash To Desktop. :angry:


It is perfectly playable at 25 fps

No it’s not. Don’t even joke about that. Hitman is NOT playable at 25fps.


I am not joking.
I play it at 25 fps. It’s alright. It’s playable.


optimization is great idk what you talking about, but the game is very ram eating.Dual Channel is a must for good fps. Problem in your rig could be your cpu, so depending on location you will get different fps.In very crowded locations it may drop more because of that and there isn’t much you can do about it except getting bit better cpu or downgrading graphics.


Optimization for this game is poor,


I got a very good rig, still cant get stable 60 fps on some places in the legacy pack


well ok i didn’t get that feeling,for me it’s same as in hitman 1.


No. H2 fps is slightly lower than H1.


It’s pretty significant I would say:

2016 124 FPS DX11

2018 102 FPS DX11

2016 141 FPS DX12


The new graphic options helped me increase fps in some areas. The training facility ie. before the patch I got 50fps looking at the crowd, now I get 60fps when turning some of those options down. And I don’t really see any visual difference.

Well taken shot. You had to stand exactly at the same spot in both games, not bad.
I think 2018 has better shadows and other fancy stuff that tanks the fps. 2018 seems slightly too dark, but I prefer 2018 looks overall.


Mind you, it’s specific spots in sapi and marrakesh, and only in the legacy pack. In 2016 it’s fine.

Weird part is, on mumbai (on 1440p, all maxed settings, supersampling maxed!) i still get a very stable fps everywhere on the map, it never drops below 70. But those specific spots (on top of the church tower in sapi, looking to the square, and some spots in marrakesh markets) i drop below 60 in the legacy pack


I tested the church tower looking more to the mansion and 2016 gets 96 fps while 2018 gets 67 fps LMAO.


Check down towards jingles and witness a massive dorp hue


I play it at 25 fps. It’s alright. It’s playable.

Nothing in that sentence was true… except for the fact that ‘you play it at 25fps’.