Poor Optimization


Would this have anything to do with the removal of Directx 12 in Hitman 2? Would that have been a big culprit to the fps loss???


I used Dx11 in both examples. I updated my comparison post with DX12 and yes it makes a difference. Went to 141 FPS.

Here is marrakesh:

2016 DX11 87 FPS

2018 DX11 73 FPS

2016 DX12 105 FPS


No problem for me either, and I do not have the newest rig. Play it in 1440p high settings with quite stable 60 FPS.
So I guess it is more of an individual problem than a general problem.

i5 3570k @ 4400Mhz
GTX 1080
16 GB 1600MHz


Go to those exact same spots i was talking about and ill garantue your fps will drop. Nothing to do with an individual problem


So I guess it is more of an individual problem than a general problem.

If there’s ANYONE who would know more about Hitman than anyone - I can’t fault Fortheseven - you are talking to someone who’s probably played it more than ANYONE else on the planet.


Wouldn’t be so sure about that. All the speedrun guys have an insane amount of play time, and they all know just as much as me.

It’s a fact that this game isn’t optimized all that well for high-end pc’s though.


HITMAN 2 isn’t not stable and optimized with high-end GPU due to DX11 driver overhead. The number of draw call is limited by the CPU in a lot of areas and scenes, this is a classic case of bottleneck already seen in HITMAN (2016) with DirectX 11 API.

For exemple, in 1080p/1440p and Nvidia RTX card, game performance are skewed towards the CPU so GPU is barely used. With Maxwell card like GTX970, the game skew the load back towards the GPU and increase a lot overall performance output and stability.

Remember you want your GPU to be around 95%+ load, anything less you’ve got a CPU bottleneck, which is often the case with IOI’s Glacier 2 engine without DX12, even with a high-end CPU like i7 9700K. The only way to get to that load with DX11 API and high-end GPU is to switch the resolution to 4K (e.g. DSR).

To sum up, at the moment the game is much more stable with a GTX970 or GTX1060 than GTX108x or RTX20xx, not to mention 0x8000003 shader crash multiple times per day with this kind of GPU.

Wait for a patch and DX12 in-game implementation.

0x80000003 crash threads :

Performance :


Wait for a patch and DX12 in-game implementation.

Will Hitman get Directx 12 implementation? It took over 6 months for them to implement it into Hitman 1, so we could be stuffed about for a very long time.