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Remember You Better Watch Out from Hitman Blood Money?

Remember De Havillands Playboy knockoff POPQURN??

Inspired by the Blood Money newspapers, I thought in this thread we could make our own
POPQURN MAGAZINE using the characters, making Easter eggs, creating our own layouts and stories. Whatever… just like a real magazine.

Currently I’m without a pc and did this on my phone, so excuse the layout lol I’m probably gonna give this a shot once I get my computer going again. But this is what I mean, basically… like this would be “the cover.”


Exclusive Interview with Founder of “Popqurn” Magazine; Lorne De Havilland!

Inside look behind Chad Bingham Jr!
Are the rumors true…? (p.6)

Who is she?
Where did she come from?
And where did she go…?
Inside interviews with Havillands guests on this mysterious model.

Popqurns centerfold “Tiffany Fallon” shows all!!

Yes, she was named miss December in 2004 (same year of “you better watch out…” for “Playboy” little Easter egg haha


This is a really cool idea! Let me know if you need help with something!



And yeah, absolutely man. Go for it, let’s see what ya got I’d like to see it. As I said I’m without a computer right now so I can’t really arrange everything how I’d like. However, I could start to make the “stories” for some of the photos.

I thought maybe we could get some screenshots from the mission itself to use in the magazine, like the photographer for example the bartender and guests. Maybe the “photo shoot” and create an “interview” type thing



What do you think?? I may edit it sometime in the future, but for now… ya know? :hugs:

Maybe you could try a similar story, but with Havilland? Maybe make it like it’s an “interview” with a reporter or something? Or maybe something with the “female assassin?”



Chad enjoying himself in a jacuzzi at De Havillands “Pink Mansion”

Chad Jr. had become the black sheep of the Bingham family in recent years. The youngest son of Colorado’s Senator Bingham, who had high hopes that his son Chad Jr. would follow his fathers footsteps. But after high school he often hung out in local bars or sleazy strip joints. He was rapidly becoming a political liability for his father.

Friends of Chad Jr’s say, it was actually admiration for his father that drove the young man to such excess.

*“He wasn’t like his old man and he knew it.” Says one friend. “He felt like a total disappointment whatever he did. So he just kind of gave up on things, you know?”

Rumor has it, during one of his usual benders, he wound up in the back of one of Lorne de Havilland’s clubs with a lap dancer. Allegedly, one thing led to another and the dancer “supposedly” wound up bound, gagged and dead.

Bingham Sr. dismisses it all as slander and claims it’s just a ploy set out by the press, in the hopes to prevent Senator Bingham from ever becoming US President; as he has had his sights set on the White House for quite some time. In Senator Bingham’s own words

“The sad truth is that when you run for high elected office, your whole family becomes fair game for these sleazeball journalists. It’s disgusting.”

However, there has been many unsubstantiated reports in the past about Chad Bingham Jr’s. extremely short temper with people and also worked up a reputation for remorselessly slapping up strippers, sometimes beyond recognition.

Even local tabloids frequently running unflattering photographs of the young man, engaged in morally dubious behavior. At one point in time, even several Denver prostitutes told the tabloids they were physically abused by Bingham Jr. Although, that was never proven as fact, nor were any other allegations towards him. The rumors of his involvement in the death of that popular stripper still continue to circulate, however…


(February 17th 2005)

Sorry Fellas… She said YES! The beautiful Marguex Leblanc is getting married


An interview seems really cool!


Who is she…?
Where did she come from…?
And where did she go…?

During De Havillands Christmas Eve party, several guests have reported a mysterious woman on the premises. Even after talking to De Havilland himself, he claimed he didn’t see anyone out of the ordinary at the party.

“I know my girls. On a personal level too… if you, know what I mean.” says De Havilland.

A male guest claimed to have been making out with this mysterious model. This is what he had to say.
I was having a great time at this party, it was nice to get away from work and come up here to the Rocky Mountains and just relax. I felt like I was eighteen again, hahaha. But yeah, I’m a huge fan of Popqurn Magazine and know ALL of Havilland’s models. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this raven haired beauty.

I walked up to her, introduced myself and asked if I could buy her a drink. She refused. She also didn’t tell me her name. Not that I cared haha just trying to get some action, ya know?

But yeah. I don’t know, she looked a bit… distracted. Barley responding to me, scanning the room continually. I was about to just give up on this lady and she grabbed my shoulder as I went to walk away. “wanna have a little fun back at the grattos?” She said… Hell yeah! I responded haha.

As we walked back at the grattos, I noticed she had a skull and crossbones tattoo on her left buttock. I was able to sneak a shot while she was walking in front of me hahaha quite hot!
Once we got there, she wasted no time at all. We were making out for quite some time. After a while, she pushed me away. I was a bit confused at first, but that’s when I saw she was eying up this bald dude that came through the door. She then told me to get lost.

I was a bit jealous of this guy at the time, but not gonna lie… he was a handsome dude. Dressed to kill too it seemed! Nice black suit, crisp white shirt and a sharp looking red tie. The leather gloves were a bit weird, but hey, we’re in the Rockys! Haha.

That’s basically it… After all that, I just walked away, I didn’t care much… plenty of other girls at the party. Haven’t seen that woman since then. Not once. Haven’t seen that man either for the remainder of that evening, now that I really think about it."

Nobody at this party seemed to know who this mysterious woman was. It was also odd when one of Havillands models was found by security; unconscious behind a sofa in one of the grattos.
She don’t remember much or seeing anyone at the time. She thought maybe she just had too much to drink as she said she had a really bad headache. She just wondered how she got behind the sofa. She did however report on finding a pink nail file with “Popqurn’s” logo on it. Nobody at the party claimed it to be theirs.
Mysterious Nail File found in the same room of the unconscious model

We don’t know who this woman was, but whoever she was she is gone and hasn’t been seen ever since."




A ten-year-old photo of Lorne De Havilland. As we all know, Mr. Havilland is known to be camera-shy.

Hello fellow Popqurn readers, David Bateson, here! Do I have a rare treat for all of you! I was able to get myself an interview with the playboy himself, Lorne De Havilland!

Lorne De Havilland Interview

Interviewer: Mr. Havilland, it’s an honor to finally meet you in person! I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of yours! Thank you so much for taking time away from your party to speak with me, your readers really appreciate it, and so do I!

IMG_9047H: Oh, well thank you very much. It’s my pleasure.

I: Mr. Havilland, I had a few questions for your fans. I’d like to start off with those if you don’t mind, then we can get to more personal matters. First question from one of your fans is; How much has sex changed since you started Popqurn?

IMG_9047H: Sex in America has changed men behavior. Has changed, dramatically! When I first published Popqurn Magazine and certainly when I grew up and when I was in college. Having a baby out of wedlock for example, was a scandal. A scandal that drove some people to suicide. Abortion was illegal. Uhh- oral sex was a major felony. Even oral sex inside of marriage was illegal and very few people know that. Popqurn played a major part in changing all those laws.

I: oh wow, I did not know that. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Another one of your fans asked; Has Popqurn lifestyle fallen out of favor due to current recession and the change in cultural value?

IMG_9047H: I see no evidence haha that Popqurn’s lifestyle has fallen out of favor. People may or may not be spending as much money, but I don’t think the spending money has much to do with Popqurn lifestyle. I think a Popqurn lifestyle really has to do with attitude towards life. I was raised in a very puritan home - a prohibitionist home - a very repressive home. A home on which there was not a lot of hugging or kissing. Uhh… The Popqurn philosophies makes the case for-life as a celebration. The suggestion that there is more to life than simply a veil of tears. That life should be lived with a little style. Uhh… and you can do that if you are wealthy, or if you’re working on relatively lesser means, I think it more has to do with attitude on life.

I: I see… Another reader asks; Your industry is often accused of being damaging to women, yet you assert that you are an active feminist. Could you clarify this position?

IMG_9047H: I think that the start with the notion of by industry, if you’re talking about the magazine. The magazine never, EVER has been anything even remotely related to pornography. Uhh- If you think that-and if you label pinup pictures. Pictures of nude ladies or semi nude as pornography-- then there is nothing that is erotic and that is just a matter of-of labeling.

I: Are you an active feminist?

IMG_9047H: I’m not an active feminist, I’m a active humanist. I separated ways from the American Feminist Movement when they became anti sexual. I believe that embracing sexuality is a part of what it means to be free. Women have been historically the ones who paid the greatest price for our very irrational attitude historically related to sex. If women will been held in the place of bondage as second-class citizens and all that is changing and I’m very much in favor of that.

I: How can you justify the objectification of women for monetary gain?

IMG_9047H: I don’t even know what it means because it’s-
That’s a question that is so loaded with the language that you have to separate it into it’s real meaning. Umm- what is wrong with the celebrating women as sex objects? Isn’t that a part of what we’re doing? And isn’t that a part of what life is about? If women were not sex objects there wouldn’t be another second generation. Women are sex objects, that doesn’t mean their not human beings. To be a sex object and-and to be desired, it gives a woman a tremendous amount of power. It makes the world go around. Sex and the attraction between the sexes does make the world go round.

I: Hmm… I see… that is certainly a very interesting way to look at it. Moving on… Another one of your readers asked; Do you ever feel like a dirty old man?

IMG_9047H: Not for a moment. I’m on the side of the Angels and always have been. I consider myself, on a serious note, a very moral man and always have and morality is always been very very important to me.

I: Fair enough… Next question… a reader says; Really now, how often do you have sex these days?

IMG_9047H: Well, uhh… more often than in the recent past because I have a bunch of new girlfriends. I would say on average-- 3 or 4 times a week. The busiest time is the weekend haha everybody’s here.

I: Hahaha lucky man! Next question here, a reader was curious to know; Is sex at the age of 71 as good as it was at 33?

IMG_9047H: I wish I remembered more clearly exactly what sex was like when I was 33 haha. I would say that sex is better now, but of course… I know a few more tricks than I knew back then. So it’s a different kind of sex and you know, it’s no secret that I have more than one girlfriend and that makes things a lot more interesting hahaha.

I: Oh yes, hahaha I’m certainly sure that it would Mr. Havilland! Do you ever grow tired of the “Popqurn Lifestyle” and/or regret not settling down?

IMG_9047H: I tried it both ways… I have been married multiple times hahaha the only time I weren’t having a lot of sex was while I was married-- and I also express on more than one occasion that it is easier to deal with several girlfriends, than one wife. I Think there is no single answer to happiness and I think that the expression ‘different strokes for different folks’ is really true, you know? This is right now! And the happy a time as I’ve ever had enjoyed, but I look back over the years, the happiest time for me were the times in the early stages of romantic love. It keeps you young. Young love, new love keeps you young.

I: Well… I certainly cannot argue with you there. Mr. Havilland, I want to thank you and I’m sure your readers thank you as well, but I think that’s gonna do it for fan questions for now. If you don’t mind sir, I was hoping maybe we could get into a more serious topic regarding Colorado’s Senator’s Son; Chad Bingham Jr. How you allegedly have hidden cameras in the back of your strip clubs across the country and use these to blackmail celebrities, politicians and other high ranking people.

IMG_9047H: Ha ha ha ha- mmm…ah yes, THIS again…
Look, I’ve heard these ridiculous rumors time and time again. And if I may speak freely, it is complete and utter bullshit, Dave…

I am a business man. Founder of “Popqurn” Magazine and the “Pink Mansion Adventures” I’m a well known and respected man. Not to mention; filthy rich! I got girls, cars, junk, Real estate I got it all. I’m the guy who knows the guys who know! Hmhmhm… No, I don’t need to “blackmail” men who wish they were me!

I: I see. Well, I can’t argue with that. One more question on that subject, if you don’t mind, sir; a rumor has also surfaced that you have a videotape in your possession, with none other than Chad Jr; Senator Bingham Sr’s. Son. Claiming that video has proof of Chad Jr. accidentally killing a stripper in one of your clubs and that you are using that tape to blackmail him for financial gain. How do you respond to that?

IMG_9047**H: Well… that is certainly a new one for me haha… again, I’m a successful businessman. I don’t know how or why such rumors would even come about. I always admired Senator Bingham and had nothing but respect for him. I suppose people just like gossip. Plus, I don’t need to “blackmail” anyone. I got more money than I know what to do with, Dave and it’s all thanks to “Popqurn” **

**Also, I can assure you that I have never had any cameras installed behind mirrors of any of my clubs, that is just absurd. Of course I have cameras inside my establishments for security purposes, but definitely not in private rooms. **

Furthermore, if I in fact, did have videotape evidence such as that, I would most definitely be turning that into the local authorities and not for financial gain and I would accept any consequences that would come my way. But that is simply not the case. I always have and will put principles before profit in any situation. I’m a “born again Christian” for Gods sake.

I: Of course, sir. I definitely understand. And for the record, please keep in mind, this is not coming from me, I don’t believe any of those rumors myself. I’m just asking the questions raised by the press. Nothing more.

IMG_9047H: Oh, absolutely, I totally understand. I know you better than that, David.

I: Thank you, sir… Okay, moving on to a more positive subject, I thought maybe you could explain to your fans, just how Mr. Havilland got to where he is today?

Ehh… I got writers block hahaha I don’t know, I’ll finish this some time later when I can, I gotta get going now anyway. To be continued lol

@Bending_Cheese67 maybe want to take a crack at this one? I’d like others to get involved with this as well. Get other people’s point of view on it. (I personally like to try and find Easter eggs and references though out the level itself “you better watch out” and try to use them or make them fit somewhere in the “magazine”)

And @Markie you’re good at making stories I noticed, so if you wanna give it a shot too, that’d be awesome!

Also, @AlyMar1994 when you get the opportunity, could you please get me a few screenshots from this level?

I need the photographer on the top floor. (Maybe a few of him taking pics of the models, too)

A good close up of the guy that the female assassin (?) is making out with.

The Drunkin’ Santa and the bartender and just a bunch of random shots of the models and guests around the party. Nothing in particular, just some good group shots. And anything else you may find significant to add in this “magazine” I’m open to suggestions so don’t hold back!

Oh, and the actual newspaper that appears after you finish “You better watch out…” I was gonna add some of the stories they show in that newspaper, along with the other images on it that show “advertisements” so basically a clear shot of everything on that particular newspaper.

Thank you very much man! :slightly_smiling_face:

And to anybody…

If you could make the word “POPQURN” IMG_4865

in the same font that “Playboy” has, that would be great if anyone knows.


@Bending_Cheese67 you said if I needed anything to just let you know?

Well if you could, please. I was hoping you could maybe make a quick cover for the magazine?

Basically I wanted to just keep it simple, I was thinking the cover would simply look like this…
( 8x11 standard size)

However, if you could please add the word POPQURN centered in the Black area with the logo? (In white letters)
writing POPQURN in “Playboy’s” font

Thanks if you could do that man! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure, just give me some more info


More info?

Okay, well basically just POPQURN (all Caps in white letters, in Playboys font. With the Popqurn logo right next to it also white, just as I have shown.) in the black area of the cover. Just doing that would be a big help. Maybe just make a blank cover, only doing what I described above.

Then maybe a second one only this time, maybe adding what I shown in the OP to put on the cover? Maybe you could add 47’s barcode to put on the lower right of the cover? Like an actual magazine. Little Easter egg haha


oke, you want me to add some images too?


Well if you could just make the font and logo on it first that would be great!

Then if you want to make a second one doing the same thing but with adding images, that would also be great! :slightly_smiling_face:

But just the cover with the font and logo how I described would be a huge help.


@AGENT4T7 Hope you enjoy it


Nice!! This is awesome man, great work. I like it a lot, thank you! :grinning:


I think we should keep making issues for this, what do you think?


That would be great! My original idea was to base it solely off “You better watch out” but now that you mention it, that’s a fantastic idea! Maybe we could do a second issue, one AFTER the events of You better watch out. Maybe talking about the murders. I mean after all Havilland was the publisher of this magazine. Maybe call another one “The Pink Mansion Adventures”

Possible logos for The Pink Mansion Adventures??


Hello, readers! David Bateson here. I wasn’t able to get an actual interview with Chad Bingham Jr. However, I was able to get a few responses out of him while he was hanging out in the Pink Mansion’s jacuzzi.

D: Hello Mr. Bingham I was wondering if I could possibly…

IMG_9085C: Hold it! Stop right there… Can’t you see that I am busy here?

D: Of course sir, my apologies! I was just hoping maybe I could ask you a few questions.

IMG_9085C: A few questions about what? Who the hell are you anyway?

D: I’m sorry sir, how rude of me. My name is David Bateson, I’m an interviewer for Popqurn Magazine. I was hoping I could ask you a few questions regarding the rumors against you involving a dancer at one of Havilland’s adult night clubs.

IMG_9085C: How dare you!! Do you know who I am, penguin? Do you know who my father is? Do you!!?

D: Uh, why yes sir. Your father is the Senator of Colorado and…

IMG_9085C: Shut the hell up! How dare you come to me with that ridiculous rumor! Can’t you see I’m busy? Tell your stupid magazine that all that is bullshit! Everyone is just jealous and trying to ruin my life! I haven’t done shit at that old mans club! His girls ain’t even that good anyway, I threw better out of my bed!

D: Sir if I could just…

IMG_9085C: No! We’re done here! Now get the hell out of my sight! Go tell the bartender to hurry up with my goddamn drink! You think you’re so tough? I could kick your ass! I better not see you again, got that!!?

D: of course sir, my apologies. Sorry for disturbing you. Thank you for your time.

Well, readers… as you can see-- I didn’t really get much out of him as I hoped. But at least we have learned that his reputation for a bad temper is indeed true haha

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